Charity Collection Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On November 27, 2020, the fifth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Charity Collection Service Team for 2020-2021 was helfifth怎么读d in Dahu Fish House, Yongan Hotel, Luohu District. More than 10 people attended the meeting, including Ycharity是什么意思u Xiaoping, chairman of the second division of The Shenzhcollectionsen Lioheld中文ns Club, Chen Jinming, captain of the charity collection service team, Li Wei,teams手机版 former captain Luo Junping, Zheng Xigen, secretary Xiong Jun, financial chteambitioneng Yan and picket Li Jie. Dai Tongxin, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club, attended the meeting. Thteamworke meeting was chfifth翻译airecharity的动词dheld的意思是什么 by Chen Jinming.

Wechat picture _20201202114940.jpg

The participants dteamsischarity和love区别cussed issues sumeeting是什么中文意思ch as holding chongqinfifth什么意思g and Guizhou education aid programs, co-organizing the third “The Most Beautiful Stage” Disabled spcollection翻译eech Contest, coheld-organfifth什么意思izing the “Retrace the Long March Road” projmeetingect of Chinese business Service Teamregular什么意思, co-organizing the “Treasure Hunt competition for disabled People” project of Hualing Service Team, and co-organizing the disaster relief project of Enshi city, Hucollection翻译bei Province.

The participants maregularde wonderful speeches anservice怎么读d rteamseached preliminary consensus in a relaxed atmosphere.

After the meeting, the participants prepared a warm and unique birthday party for Dai Tongxin and the lion friends’ birthdays in November and December. Charity collection, sailing for love!


Article/servicephoto Contributed by charity Colservice是什么故障灯lectioteams会议n Service team

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