Shenzhen Lions Club held the second “Angels in White” caring activity

March 4-8, 2021,three,eightInternational Women’s DayOn the occasion of arrival, sponsored by shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen MedicalhealthOrganactivity工作流ized by the Committee,Hongya, Shecaring怎么读ll, Long range, central district,Oct, Yantian, Hualin, Huayuan, Gaoxin, Zhuhui, Hongli,clubs Huanggang, bagua lingEtc.19theserviceCo-organized the second“Angels in White” Caring activityWalk intoPeheld过去式和过去分词kiactivity工作流ng University ShenzhenThe hospital,University of Hong Kong ShenzhenThe hospital,shenzhenThe First People’s Hospital,sh深证指数enzhenThe Third People’s HospitalforAngel in WhiteSeason’swhite是什么意思 greetings.

In thicaring是什么意思中文s event, 300 items of towel gift boxes, stainlescaring和careful区别s steel thermos cups, disinfection scaring是什么意思英语pray, flowers and underwear were donated to Shenzhen Hospital of THE Unicaring是什么意思versity of Hong Kong, and the service funds were 15,000 YUAN. 50 shoulder and neck massage machi深圳市最新疫情nes, 3,000 pieces of underwear, daily necessities and eplions翻译中文idemic preventioactivityn supplies wereangels简谱 donated to the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, with a service fund of 463,000 yuan. Donatheld的原型ed 500 pieces of underwear, disinfectant, flowers and 90 cans of protein powder to Peking University Shenzsecond缩写hen Hospital, with a service funsecondscreen下载d of 15,000 yuan; Donated disinfectant, flowers, underwear for pregnant women, porcelain cups and other materials to The First People’s Hospital of Shenzhen, with a service fund of 150,000 yuan. The totalhelden servicecaring funds amounted to 494,500 yuan.


Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Xiao Xingping, Chief Suangels音乐pervisor, Peng Daojian,held是hold的什么形式 second Vice President, Tan Fei, Deputy Chief Supervisor, Nie Xclubmed官网预订iangdong, Chief Finanlions翻译中文cial Officer, Li Li, chairman of The third Zone, Zhao Hui, chairman of the fourth深圳 Zone, Tang Quanhui, cha深圳大学irman of the Medical and Healtactivity的动词h Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club and representatives of various service theldeamseconds attended the event.

At the scene of the activity, the leaders of the hospital, President Lu Zhiqiang and other rwhite是什么意思epresentati深圳疫情ves of lilions翻译on friends distributed donated materials to the深圳疫情 “Angels iactivity的形容词n White”. The leaders of the hospital expressed sincere thanks and high respect to the lion friends who participated iclub用英语怎么说n the activcaring是什么意思英语iactivity生命周期ty in the way of thasecond的基数词nk you letter!

Every littleangels摄影集james bit of power will converge into thewhite怎么读 ocean. We pay higclubmedh tribute to female medical workers, thanangels翻译k them for their responsisecond怎么读bility for life, and wish the patients an early recovery andclub翻译 the flowers of life.


Artic深圳疫情le/phoactivity的四种启动模式to Contributed by the Medical and Health Commission

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