Notice | about lions club international 103th annual meeting of the second batch of additional notice registration

Dear Lion friend,

Due to the continuing global impact of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the 103rd Lions Internatinotice同义词onal Convention will be held in virtual form online from 2second缩写5 to 29 June 2021 for security reasons. This is the first virtual lions Convention ever, and this new model giveabout-faces every lion in the world the opthinportunity to participate in the wond桃花源记翻译erful activities of lion褪黑素s International conotice用法nvention.annualized

In accordance with the spirit of the notice on orinternationalworkers’day怎么读ganizing and participating in the 103rd Lions Club International Convention issued by lions Club of China (hereinafter referred to as lions Club), we hereby organize lions club memsecondlybers to participate in the 103rd Lions Club International Convention to experience the culture of lions club. The registlions是什么意思ration matters are hereby notified as follows:


The 103rd Lions Club International Convention

Visit the virtuabout怎么读al Exhibition Hmeetingsall

Virtual international parade and virtual flagannual是什么意思-raising ceremony

Vmeeting是什么意思irtual voting

Listenotice翻译n to leaders and keynote speakers

Liaise and network with colleagues of lion frienotice的固定搭配nds

Enjoy world-class entertainment


2. Registration fee

The registration is organized by the federation. Registration is required for all lions attending the 103rd international Convention.

The latest regnotice过去式ulatiinternational是什么意思ons of lions Club International organizing Committee on registration fee are as follows:

Registratioabout后面动词什么形式n by April 22, 2021 is $50 / person, non-refundable. The registration fee will be reduced by 10% for all participants when the number of registrants reacheabout-faces 500 or more.

Cib provnoticeableides two rounds of collection and payment serlions是什么意思vice during the registration fee discouinternational labour day翻译nt period. The first rouninternational是什么意思d of collection and payment has ended, and the requirements of the sethoughcond round are asinternational缩写 followsabout翻译:

Seinternationalworkers’day怎么读condsecondary batch of registrations (before 15:00 Thursday, 22 April 2club用英语怎么说021), the registration fee is $50 per person (equivalent to 337 YUAN)

Registration fee for family memeeting是什么中文意思mbers aged 17 and below: $30 / person (202.5 YUAN)


For the second batch of lions club members, please submit the registrationlions读音 fee to thlions读音e district office before 15:00, April 22, 2021, and fill in the regisannual怎么读tration Form of the 1meeting03rd International Lions Club Convention and send it to District offi桃花源记ce will be unified after the registration information reported to the domestic lions association.


Iii. Payment method

Registabout是介词吗ration fee should be paid to the Lions Club office in Shenlions翻译中文zhen. You can pay by cash or credit card, wechat pay to “Huashi Online”, or by transfer to the following account:

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club

Bank naabout后面动词什么形式me: Shanghaiclub是什么意思 Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middle Road Branch

Account nabout-faceummeeting翻译ber: 79130155260000178

Please indicate sign-up’s name, service team and note “103rd Annual Conference fee” when transferrinannuallyg money. After the transfer, please send the bank slipsecondary and the registsecondscreen下载ration form tnotice是什么意思o szlions_noticepub@163club翻译.com, and contact Peng Liinternational英语, treasurer of Shenzhen Lions Club off桃花源记翻译ice 25688519 to confirm thesecond的基数词 receabout怎么读语音ipt of the payment.


Four, notes

All participants must comply with tclub是什么酒he Provisionalannual Regulations of the People’s Republiclubc of China on The Management of International Networking of Computer Information Networks (VPN and other related tools are not allowed to “climb the wall” to log in to banned internationannualal websites or software).


V. Contacts

Registration contact: Zhang Chenxi, tel: 25689752

Financial contact person: Peng Li, tel: 2568club8519

Email address: & have spent


Welcomelions shenzhen lion friends to register!



Notice | about lions club international 103th annual meeting of the second batch of additional notice registration news 图1张Appendix 1. Registration form for lions 103rd Conveinternationalworkers’day怎么读ntion docx


Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021

Chairman of the International Cosecondscreen下载nthinvention Commiannuallytteenotice是什么意思: Dong Shige

Executive Chairman: Zhan Wenli, Zhang Jinlian

Xu Bingnan anmeeting腾讯会议d Zheng Cuirong

April 11, 2021

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