Ten Years of Harmonious Service — Huaxing Service Team held the 10th anniversary celebration and the inauguration ceremony of the new term of the year 2019-2020

15 June 2019, “Ten Years of Unity & NBSP; “Harmonious Service” — The 10th anniversary celebration and 2019-2020 inauthoughgural ceremony of Huaxiang Serviceserviceable Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Hongfeng Hoteambitiontel, Nanshan District. More than 300 people attended the ceremony, including su Zeran, the supervisor of the Domestic Lions Association, Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice president of the 2018-2019 Shenzhen Lions Club, shi Jianyong, Wu Xiaoming, thanniversary什么意思e former president, Zhang Hongxiang, the deputy supervisor, Liao Rongharmonious怎么读hui, Xu Qianniversary是什么意思英语ubin, Jingharmonious翻译 Miajun, all the lion friends of the Huaxiang Service team and representatives of the lion friends of the service team, and their families. The ceremony was chaheld怎么读的ired by Li Xiaofang and presided over by Huangharmoniously Chiu-dan and Su Meng.

Hua Xiang Ceremony picture 3.jpg

The lion dance led all the lioservice是什么故障灯n friends to come on stage, and the chorus of “Dedication of love” kservice怎么读icked off the ceremony. Hunan service team leader Zhang Maintenance on stage speech. Li Yihua made this year’s financial report.

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Te腾讯体育n years of trials and tribulates, joyanniversary什么意思 and happiness together. In order to thank the lion friends of Hunan Service team for their silent dedication and selfless efforts, Zhang Zhanwei, the founder of the team, presented four awards to the lion friends, including thheld是hold的什么形式e Gratitude Cup, outstanding Leadership Award, Outstandinganniversarycelebration什么意思 Contribution Awa同花顺rd and Outstanding Member Award, and especially thanked su Zeran, the lion brother of Hunan Service Team.

Hua Xiang Ceremony picture 8.jpg

Only through the sad, footprints into flash footprints; The scheldenery can only be seen if you wade throughth it. Over the past ten years, all the lion frien同花顺ds of th花心歌曲原唱歌e Hua Xiang service team are selfless dtenedication to the public welfare cause. They over通货膨胀下什么最保值come many difficulties and toil for the lion workhuaxing. A花心歌词long the way, rteamsesponsservicebioibility and glory coexist, moved with emotion the sa腾讯nbame way. Thanks to zhang Wei, the fservicemanounding leader of Hunan Service Team, let us go hand iheld是hold的什么形式n hand with a heart of gratitude and aweten.

With thyears英语怎么读e witness of the lion frteamoiends, Zhang Weiwei handed over the ribbon and the hammer to Li Xinnian. New Year’s captain elect Li delivered his inaugur桃花源记al steam是什么意思翻译peech and introduced his work plan for 2019-2020. He said that he will strictly adhere to the spirit of lionservice是什么意思中文翻译s club and the service cserviceableharacteristics of Hunan Service Team, and thyears音标e lion friends shoulder to shoteamviewerulder, helping others and giving back to the society.

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Later, Li Introduced the members of the 2019-2020 Hunan Service Team, presented their appointment certificates, and led the team members to underta腾讯视频下载ke thservice和serve的区别eir inauguration commitments.

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Alservice的名词though the ceremony came to an end, love never stops, and the dharmonious怎么读ream has juteambitionst begun. Each pin华星光电 and ribbo花心歌词n inspires the lion friends to stay true to tservice是什么意思heiheldr original aspiration aservice和serve的区别nd forge ahead on the road of lion love. Bless shenzhen Lions Club, bless Hu滕王阁序a Xharmonious怎么读iang Hua Xiang service team!

Hua Xiang Ceremony picture 7.jpg 

Article/thPhoto by Huang Qingdan

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