Everyone dares to save others will save others – Shenzhen Lions Club launched the first aid knowledge popularization and training service project of “Harmonious Force, Save by Your Side”

On September 14, 2019, to commemorate the 20th “World First Aid Day”, The Lions Club of Shenzhen held theothers launching ceremony of the first aid knowledge pothers和other的区别opularization and training service of “Harmoniclub用英语怎么说ous Force — Save By Your Side” at the Shenzhen Central Book Mall. The project is supported by Shenzhen CPPCC, Shenzsavefromhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shenzhen Care ofeveryone翻译fice. It is sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and co-organized by Minion Emergency Rescue Center. Shenzhen Lions Club will donate about 550,000 yuan for the pdare是什么意思中文roject.

Chairman Weng Hua speaks

At the event site, volunteers from the Minion Emeeveryone和everybody的区别rgency Rescue Center gave first aid training to the citizens, and taught them how to deveryone后面跟is还是areeal witsavedh emelaunchedrgency emergency for airway foreign body obstructioneveryone翻译, family burns, snake bites and other emergencies, andclubmed官网预订 psave是什么意思racticed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Citizens showed great interestothers怎么读 in this kothersideind of learning and partsaveigieveryone什么意思cipated in on-site practice exercislionsgatees.

Guo Yongyong, the second vice President of CCCHeveryone和everybody的区别AeveryoneIRwoman of Shenclubszhen, extended a warm welcome to the leaders of shenzhclubman是什么牌子车en CPPCC, Shenzheneveryone是单数还是复数 Dclubsisabled Persons’ Feveryone是单数还是复数ederation, Shenzhen Care Office, Domestic Lion Association and other uothersnits, representatives of the severyone是什么词性ervice team and the generlion是什么意思al publeveryone是单数还是复数ic, and introduced the guests.

Statement by Guo Yongyong, 2nd Vice-chairman of CCEB -2.jpg

Dong Jun, leade深圳疫情r of Silver Lakeclub是什么酒 Service Team, introduced the “Save by your Side” project. The projectothers品牌 was proposed by the Silveclub翻译r Lake Service team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2017 and jointly initiated by the Miotherspecial怎么读nion Emergency Rescue Development Center. The special training of first aid knowledge lasts for 7 hours. The teacher-student ratio is required to be greater thanlions翻译 1:8, and the teaching aid ratio is required to be greater than 1:4. Teveryone是单数还是复数he training method of practicawilll practice + practothers.翻译ical operation test + theoreticawillingnessleveryone和everybody test is adopted, aothers.翻译nd the studares翻译dents who pass the examination can obtain the certificate of completion.

Image _ copy.jpg

Li Zhenhe, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen People’s Political Consultative Conference and Directo深圳地铁线路图r oflaunched怎么读的 the Social, Legal and Ethnic And Religious Committee of the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference; Yin Kueveryone是单数还是复数i, member of the Pasave的过去式rty Group and vice Chairman of the Municipal Disabled Perswill是情态动词吗ons’ Federation; Chen Li, full-time deputy director of the Municipal Care and Care Office; Zheng Degang, vice chairmasave造句n of the Domestic Lions Association; su Zeranothers品牌, former supervisor; Shenzhen Lions Club president Weng Hua,clubman supervisor Shi Jianyong, last president Ma Min, second vice president Guo Yongyong, former president Tia深圳地铁线路图n Wangxing, team leader Dong Jun, minions chairman Chu Nan jointly launched the “Harmonious power Saveeveryone后面跟is还是are bdares翻译y your side” project.

Launch the project

Chu Nan, director of minions, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Lions Club for its active participation in first aid promotsaverion and professional training. He hoped that with the popularization of first aid knowledge, everyone would have the ability and the courage to parwillpowerticipa深圳te in first aid.

Chu Nan, director of the Minions, speaks

Weng Hua, the president, said that inotherspecial怎么读 life, sudden accidents such as cardiac arrest, airway foreign body obstruction, and family burns cauotherssed serious injuries to the victims, and even caused death. In fact, this kind of injury can be avolions的音标ided or reduced through the people around the first aid. This aldaresso shows the impowilliamrtance of popularizing knowledge of first aidsave怎么读. He said that this year, sheeveryone是不定代词吗nzhen lions wlaunched是什么意思英语ith “care for life” as the theme, joint yellow emergency rescue center in “save beside you” flions英语怎么读ree feveryone和everybodyirst aid training asavend popularizatilions翻译on servilionsgatece to plan into the scothers怎么读hool, thewill的过去式 coeveryone后面跟三单吗mmunity, the enterwill是情态动词吗prise to carry out 50 games filaunched怎么读的rst aid trclubman是什么牌子车aining, training 2500 peoplelion是什么意思, to improve the emergency penetration, strengthen esave的过去式mergency consciousness of the ciclubtizens, Let more people partsavericipate in the tradare是什么意思中文ining and practicedares怎么念 of first aid knowledge.

9 s2a4232_ copy. JPG

Zheng De深圳疫情最新消息gang, vice President of CcNA, said that Chinese Lion Association organized lion friends to participate in fiothers后面接什么rst aid training in 2016-2017, hoping to adaresayctively promote first aid professional knowledge and skills, and improve the popularization rate of first aid in China. He acknowledged that the Shenzhen Lions club listed first aid training as one of its key services this year.

Vice Chairman Zheng Degang spoke

Li Zhenhe, directolaunched的中文意思r of the ciwilliamty CPPCC Wang Pu vice chairman of the well-being of the people’s concerns. He said the 19t深圳疫情最新动态h CPC National Congrclub翻译ess madlion是什么意思中文翻译e improving peop深圳市最新疫情le’s quality of life a core indicator of reform, openeveryone怎么读ing up and sustainable development. The CPPCC attaches great importance to the well-being of the people, and actively supports caring people and social organizations from allsave翻译 walks of life to parwillingticipate in public welfaeveryone和everybody的区别re and charity services, so as to jointly improve the quality of life of shenzhen people. He praised the lions club for their selfless dedlaunched是什么意思英语ication to earnestly studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thsavefromought on Socialism with Domestic Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). He hopes that more and more social forces will join深圳大学 the popushenzhenlarization of first aid, so that when oclub是什么意思thers need first aid,relaunched they can save and dare to save, so that the victims can be saved.

City CPPCC Director Li Zhenhe speech -2.jpg

Witnessed by Mr. Severyone是什么词性hiothers和other的区别 Jianyong, Chairman Weng Hua, on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Cl深圳ub, awarded certificates of honor to 20 service teams such as Silver Lake, Hongli and Songgang, and 30 co-organiothersidezed service teams such as Happiness and Tiancheng. Later, Guo Yongyong, the second vice President of THE Association, led the represent深圳风险等级atives of the service teams to jointly propose: Starting from me, learn first aid, drive more people to learn first aid, let everyone in the socclub是什么酒iety know first aid, dare to first aid, practice the “harmonious power”, and work together to be the guardian of life in a critical moment.

Award group photo. JPG

According to statistics, the penetr深圳疫情最新消息ation rate of first-aid skills in China is less than 1%, while Germany is 80%, France is 40%, Australia is 40%, and t深圳疫情最新动态he United States is 89.95%. The proportion of basic life support training in CARDIopulmonary resuscitation in the total populalions英语怎么读tion wwill怎么读as 1/4 in the United States, 1/5 in Singapore, and 1/2everyone是单数还是复数0 in Sydney. The penetration rate of middle school students in Japan is 92%.

Li Zhenhe, member of the Standing Committee of thlions翻译e Shenzhen People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Social, Legal and Ethnic Religious Committee of the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference; Yin Kui, member of thlion是什么意思中文翻译e Leadingclubman Party Group and vice Director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Chen Li, full-time vice Director of Shenzhen Care and Care Office; Zheng Degang, vice chclubsairman of The Domesticsaver Lions Association; Su Zeran, formerlaunched的中文意思 superviswillor; Chu Nan, Chairman ofsave的过去式 the Minions; Shenzhen lions and 2019-2020 President WengHua ShiJianYong, the last Pothers后面可以接名词吗resident Ma Min, second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, former President of tian wang, deputy secretary-general zhang jian, secretareveryoney general Du Hengkun, finance long Pen深圳大学g Daojian, dean of general affaiwillr Liao Rclubonghui, long picket Du Peng, deputy secretary-generawillingnessl Li Feng, deputy secretary-general Zheng Hehua, Xu Qiubin, Li Zhou, RuChunXu, chairman of the zone, More thaeveryone后面跟三单吗n 400 people, including深圳疫情最新消息 zhao Yunpeng, Zhu Feng, Tang Quanhuisaved, Zhao Hui,深圳地铁线路图 Li Xiaofeng, suotherspervisor Tang Haozhi and the pubeveryone和everybodylic, participated in this activity.activityHosted by Zhao Weixin.

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Photo of all. JPG

【 Tothers是什么意思英语ext 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Qiu Peng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offic深圳市最新疫情e

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