Fuai Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2019-2020

On July 10, 2019, the first regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Fuai Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Nanshan Softwteamworkare Industry Base 4B702. Fuai service team captain Li Chunping, last captain Tang Zili,first怎么读英语 first父爱昼夜无眠阅读 vice captain Chenteampro Ying, third vice captain Qi Tao, former captain Huang Chengyi, CAI Huigheld的中文意思ao, Wang Chunsheng, Lv Dan, geneheldbackral affairs Wu Xian ‘an and otfirst是什么意思her 16 people attended thmeetingse meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Chunping and Wang Chunsheng.

On the day of the meeting, it was raining heavily, but the lion friendmeeting是什么意思s were still full of enthusiasm. Before the meetingmeetingtencentcom, they gathered in wang Chunsheng’s sfirstname填姓还是名tudy and drafirst namenk tea, shareregulard their favorite books and talked about work and life.


At the meeting, Tang Zili, the former team leregularader, reported to everyone the financial situation of the previous year, and shar父爱如山的经典句子ed the pfirst翻译rogress of the post-disaster reconstruction project of The Shiaiyi Station and Taishan. Members of thhelde preparatory team for the change of service reported on the progress of preparations for thhelde inauguration ceremony.

Captain Li Chunheld中文ping introduced the 2019-2020 work plan of fuai Service Team, and the interactive atservice怎么读mosphere was very warm. The conference carried out this year’s concept of “service together, harmony together”.

After the meeting, the lion fri父爱如山的经典句子ends shared dinner and cele父爱的句子brated the lion friends’ birthdays this mregularizationonth.



By Duan Junfang

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