Yantian Service Team: hold the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2019-2020

In 2019,On July 22nd, the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of Yantian Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was held in The Seafood Restaurant of Nteamworkan ‘ao Fishing Village, Sha Tau Kok Street, Yantian District.Peng Daojian, Financimeeting腾讯会议al Officer of Shmeeting的音标enzhen Lions Club,The secremeeting怎么读英语tary general ofregularly the Board of Supervisors Tservice怎么读an Fei, mentor Lin Yan Sudden, Yantian service team captain Zhang Hanning, the last captain Ding Hongzhe, the first vice captain Xue Weirong, the third vice岩田聪 captain Zheng Yulian, the former captain Zou Ruitmeetingtencentcomang,hold是什么意思 Li Kangrong, secretary Wu Peiqing, financial Peng Jinchuanteamviewer, picket Luo Jinrong, general Affairs Yi Lihua.Captain team members Xie Jianlan, Penghold on Weiyong, L盐田天气iu YuminEtc.Nineteen people attended the meeting. Teacher Dongmeeting翻译 Huan of Mandarin Xinjiateam是什么意思翻译ng Aid student Bank attended the meetiservice是什么意思nfirst是什么意思g. The meeting was chaired by Xue Weirong and Lin YansuHost.

Wechat picture _20190725145548.jpg

At the team meeting, the lions discussed the preparation work of the transition, reported the progress of the work, and implemented the guest inviyantiantation and receptionhold, site layout, steamviewertaffing and other work. At the same time, the lion frmeeting是什么中文意思iends also discussfirsted the work of raising funds and carinmeetingsg for the lhold不住ion friends in Xinjifirstname填姓还是名ang.

Peng Daojian, chief Financial Officer, proposed to launch the action in Xinjiang in September, and invimeetingyou是什么意思ted representatives of other participatteams手机版ing service teams and donors to participateamprote in the activity in Kashgar, Xinjiang.

At the regular meeting, lion frieservice翻译nds communicated and summarized the work arrangement of the change of leadership and the acticaptain音标on of assisting Xinjiang.

Arteams会议ticle/photo Contributed by Yantian Service Team

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