Breakthrough and Growth achievements: The 2019-2020 Leadership Training of Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held

 Breakthrough and growth achievements are not common

— The 2019 to 2020 Leadership Traininglions读音 of Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held


Fromleadership需要具备哪些能力 October 11 to 13,breakthroughs课文翻译 2019, lions Club Of Shenzhen successfully held the 2019-2020 Leadership Training at Fengtai Garden Hotel in Dongrowth的动词gguan. A total of 88 current leaders of the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club attendelions翻译中文d the training. After more than three months of careful preparation and lesson preparation, the lecturers developed practical and down-to-earth courses. With the lecturers’ exquisite and skilled teaching skills andclub用英语怎么说 vivid and interesting cases, the students quickly improved their “leadership” and laid a solid foundaclub用英语怎么说tion for their career as the captain of this year.


Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Presibreakthroughdent Weng Hua, Supervisor Shi Jianyong, Firsgrowth函数t Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, Secretary General Du Hengkun alions怎么读nd Executive Deputy Secretary General Li Feng attended the opening ceremony and gave encouragement and blessings to the students. Weng Hua, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, congratulated the students on their sucleadership的中文意思cessful registration for the training. I hope you will cherish the training opportunity, studtrainingy hard, do a good job in service, continue to deliver positive energy, and work together to openclubmed官网预订 up a bettegrowth函数r tomorrow for Shenzhen Lions Club. Lu Zhiqleadership英文解释iang, the first vice presidentlion是什么意思中文翻译, shared three words: “breakthrough翻译Achievement, teagrowth函数cher, sharileadership的四种类型ng”, and saleadership的四种类型id that lions friends grow upclub是什么意思 toggrowth的动词ether and coclubmanntribute to the pbreakthroughsublic welfare and lions club together.



On the morning of 11th, the students were divided into 8 groups and played the ice breaking game – magic pedal under the leadership of Zhang Shijun. They got to know each otbreakthrough是可数名词吗her quickly in a pleasant atmosphgrowth造句ere. First Vice Lu zhiqiang will rachievement什么时候加singrowthg the bell to start the class. Wu Zijian, head of the lecture group, introduced the lecturers one by onebreakthrough怎么读. Wang Danya, deputy head of the lecture group and the general lecturer of this trbreakthrough用法ainibreakthroughs课文大意ng, gave a brief overview of the importance of leadership training, and hoped that all students could do their best to complete the learning tgrowth组合ask.


On the afternoon otraining怎么读f the 11th, Lin Yanjun started with thebreakthroughs课文大意 rope circlegrowth翻译 game and presented theclubman course “Supporclubmed官网预订t lions Club Team”, extraining什么意思plaining the cognition of the team, the mutuatraining翻译中文l ibreakthroughs翻译nfluence of team members, the sense of responsibility, the commitment to the goal, the decision-making of the teamtraining翻译中文 and the development trend and response of different sachievement是什么意思tages of the team. In the course “Diversity”, Wu Zijian analyzed the importance of diversity to Lions Club, and how to stimulate the diversified talentstraining怎么读 of the melions翻译中文mbers and provide diversified services to the society by accepting divertraining是什么意思英语sified members. The lectgrowth可数吗urer Huang Lin sharedbreakthroughs翻译 the cotraining是什么意思英语urse “Creative Thinking”, which introduced the four princiclubmanples of brainstorming from Da Vinci’s creclubmanation, and analyzed thbreakthrough是可数名词吗e four steps of creative thinking through the case “The Story of Snow on wires”. In thleadership是什么意思e local Issues and Opportunities course, lecturer Yiqun Huang guides students to define problems, thachievements的中文意思ink about problems,leadership的中文意思 analyze problems and explore opportunities. The atmosphere at the scene was cheerful, with students actively raising their hands to speak, expressing their opinions and applauding constantly.


On the evengrowth函数ing of the 11th, students welcomed a unique outdlion是什么意思oor development. Everyone in the pre-designachievement什么时候加sed route and obstacles, hand in hand agrowthll the way, heart to heabreakthroughrt, pass through, finally successfully complete the task. Later, the students shared what they had learned and thought durleadershiping the day’s training, and gave the “Grateful Heart” signachievement是什么意思 language dance to thbreakthroughse hard-working lecturergrowth造句s with dlions读音eep fgrowth翻译eeling.

On the 12th, the head teacher Li Xiaotao started theclubman whole day with an “unusual” opening speech and a gachievements什么意思ame experience. Deputy headlions翻译 teacher Rong Jing with “Rong style signature smile”, sharing the wonderful course “Public speaking”, let lion friends quickly master the skills of publiachievement是什么意思英语c speaking; The lecturer Yilions怎么读 Dongsheng shared his lion road journey and introduced the wonderful course “Goal Setting” to guide lion friends to ulions读音nderstbreakthrough可数吗and the importance ofbreakthrough怎么读 goals, the value of goals anlions英语怎么读d how to setlions的音标 goals. The class teacher Li Xiaotao shared the course “Communication”, which described several states of communication, the definition and elements of communication, and encouraged everyone to understand others’ communication styles and communicate effectively, so as to become active listeners. General lecturer Wang Danya shared the wonderful course “Conflict Resolution” to let everyone understand the causes of conflict, conflict resolution strategies and its positive effects; Lecturer Su Youhua shared the course “Time Management”, introduleadership是什么意思ced the cotraining衣服品牌urse goal, what time is, the importance of time management, combined with the results of the questionnaire, led evclubmaneryone to find the time barrier, effective tiachievements怎么读me management.

On the evening of 12th, the students welcomed the most anticipated creative night of leadership training. Shenzhen Lions Club President Weng Hua, supervisor Shiachievements Jianyong, last president Ma Min, Deputy supervisor Zhang Jian, Financial chief Peng Daojian, Gelions英语怎么读neral Afgrowth的用法fairs Chief Liao Rclubsonghui, picket chief Du Peng, exclub怎么读ecutive deputy secretary General Li Feng, Deputy secretary General Xu Qiubin, regional chairman Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, Ru Chunxu, District chairmen Fang Shilei, Yi Shumin, Zhu Feng, Tang Quanhui, Zhao Hui, Wei Xbreakthroughs课文大意inxin, Li Xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi, Chi Minghui, Ye Ning, Zuo Hongyi, Chen Dongleadershipmei, Liu Qihai, secretary General of the Board of Supervisors Tan Felions翻译中文i, supervisor Nie Xiangdong and other leaders participated in the creative night. The creative night wleadership是什么意思英语as hosteclubmedd by Fang Shilei and Wang Danya. Each group performs in the order of drawing. In the scene of the performance, various heroes took turns, from thgrowthe community dama blinbreakthroughd date to tang Seng extinction teacher and mother meeting, from poetry recitation to hot dance perachievement是可数还是不可数formance, the atclubman是什么牌子车mosphere wave after wave, the scene applautrainingpeaksse. After the on-site evaluation, the sixth group won the best props award, the fourth group won the best performance award, the second grtraining衣服品牌oup won tleadership英语作文he best creative award. President Weng Hua presented the prizes donated by lion fbreakthrough怎么读riends to the students of the winning group.




In the morning of 13th, lecturer Huang Jieling brought the course “Inspiring Members”, leading everyonebreakthrough可数吗 to understabreakthrough什么意思nd the motivation and obstacles of motivation and make action plan; Lecturertraining翻译中文 Huang Yiqun shared the second half of the excellent course “Local Problems and Opportunities”lions的音标, focusing on the analysislions是什么意思 of pgrowthhenomenon description and problem definition, problem discovery and definbreakthrough翻译ition, analysis of problems, causes, opportunities, etc., and askegrowth的用法d students to dleadership的四种类型o on-site practiclions读音e, in thlions翻译e presachievement是什么意思entation of thclubmed官网预订e work objectives of the service team to find and solve problems.


On the afternoon of the 13th, the students came to the stage to give speeches.lionsgate Lion friends are filled with a confident face, surprised just wind yi, go all out to present the best of their own.

In a twilionsgatenkling of an eye, the three days and two nightsleadership是什么意思 of training passed quickly, and the scenes oftrainingpeaks learning, growing together, agrowth怎么读nd encouraging and suppolion是什么意思中文翻译rting each other were deeply impressed in the mind of each sclubstudent. The students thanked the lecturers, saying thatgrowth函数 the training not only improved their leadership, butgrowth可数吗 also made them gain lifbreakthroughs翻译elong friclub用英语怎么说endship. In the presence of President Wenbreakthrough什么意思g Hua, Supervisor Shi Jianyong andbreakthrough什么意思 executive Deputy secretary General Li Feng, head of the group Wu Zijian and head teleadership翻译acher Li Xiaotao gave awarbreakthrough翻译ds to the outstanding students. The leader at the scengrowthe pretrainingsentegrowth怎么读d the certificates of completion to the students.


At the graduation ceremony, President Weng Hua expressed his gratitude to the lecturers and district council officers foachievements什么意思r their hatraining翻译中文rd work, and thanked the lion friends for their generous sponsorship. He felt very pleased that the students had benefited a lot from the ttrainingraining. Shi Jianyong, chief supervisor, expressed his hope that the training would inject more strength and lead the service team with more confidence. Mr. Li Fenglions读音, executive Vice Segrowth是什么意思crettraining是什么牌子ary General, was pleased with everyone’s improvemeclubmed官网预订nclubmed官网预订t in this training, and hoped tlionsgatehat everyone could convbreakthrough是可数名词吗ey love and stay true to their orleadership翻译iggrowth动词形式inal aspiration.

Good time is always very short, I wish every stuclub用英语怎么说dent can put what he has learned into practice, lead the team tobreakthrough是可数名词吗 create “extraordinary” brilliant.



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