I am your eyes to see the world with you — Shenzhen Lions Club held the 36th International Blind Festival

I am your eyes See the world with you

— Shenzhen Lions Club36th International Day of the Blindactivity


On October 15, 2019, the 36th International Blind Festyour怎么读ival “I am your eyes, I accompany you to see the world” was heyes翻译eld in the outdoor basketball court of Luohu Gymnlions翻译中文asium in Shenzhen, sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and co-organizclub怎么读ed by Boya, Liangtong and other serviseece teams. The activity donated automatic feeders for guide dogs, led blind friends to ride togeheldenther and plaseemyseemingly interactive games, and provided “Lion love Lunch” for them, with a serclubsviceyour fund of 31,000 yuan.


Ma Jingyang, Chairman of Shenzhen Association for the Blind; Ma Min, Chairman of The Servi深圳疫情ce Project Committee of China Lions Association; Xu Qiubin, Deputy Secretary Generalheld过去式和过去分词 of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020; cui Weiying, Li Zhoseemu, CAI Min, Ru Chunxu, Regionaupheldl chairman; Fang Shilei, chairman of the parteyesight翻译ition, Yi Shumin, zhu feng, Zhang Zheqin, lily, kevinbales, new, li xiaofeng, Huang Xiaoru Wei Xin, li Ming, ChiMingHui, Yelions是什么意思 Ning, Chen Dongmei, poverty alleviaseemtion and assistive jian-hua su, chairman of the committee, executive chairman of Luo Guanqi, li-zhong zhang, Gsee是什么意思u Ling,’s lily cheng, Ren Guihamua lion澳门s, friends, the ground iron cworldbox最新破解版ar rental (shenzhen) co., LTD., general manager assistant XiaoLing, 96worldtalk peopleyesighte participated in the activity, including staff from Shenzhen Telecall Service Center for the Disabled, visually impaired people and theyes怎么读eir families from Shenzhen Association for the Blind, volunteers from Shenzhen Toulions翻译中文rism College of Jinan University, Shenzhclub怎么读en Shangzhi Volunte悠然er Team, representatives of Shlionsgateenzhen Embrace sunshine Art Troupe, etc. The event was chaired by Mr So jianhua and Ms Yuan Juan.

In h奥密克戎is speech, Chairman So shared the origin of the “Internat暧昧关系的表现ional Blind Day” and the contriworldtalkbution of Shseeenzhen Lions Cluclubman是什么牌子车b to the cause of the disabled悠然的意思. She mentioned that “Targeted assistance for teyesight是什么意思he disabled” was one of the five theme services proposed by Shenzhen Lions Club theld的意思是什么his yealionsr. She hopeheld是hold的什么形式d that through this event, more service teams could be inspired to act together with lions club members and use their wisdom and strenseeminglygth to expclubsand the living space for visually impair悠然的拼音ed people and hheld是hold的什么形式elp them better integrate into social life.


President Ma Jingyang奥密克戎 delivered a speech, thanking The Lions Club of Shenzhen for holding the activity of Cseesawaring for the visually impaired, which has brought warmth and love to the hearts of visually impaired friends and enhanced their confidence and enthusiasm f深圳风险等级or life. He hopes more social forces will work together to care for and help the disadvantaged and create a harmonious social atmospheresee是什么意思.


Maheld中文 Minworldtalk the chairman delivered a speech, feeling riding out ofseemingly reach for visually impaired group, hope everyone really W阿莫西林engHua President mentioned “precise assistiveclubman“, in the interaction of visually impaired friends, drive their perceptual novel world, encourage the visually impaired community out oworldf their homes, promote social level, open field of vision, also hope that the lion frieseednds can improve the public serlions读音vice consciousness, To enhance the abili深圳大学ty of assisting the disabled, to be a voice for the c游刃有余ause of the disabled, to make contributions to builyour怎么读ding an integr暧昧关系的表现ated ecosystem and a civilized city, and to advocate the whole society to care forworldtalk the vulnerablyour怎么读e groups.


Xie Yanhui of Shenzhen Lion Club Bougainlions翻译中文villea Service donated six sets of guseeyouide dog feeders to shenzhen Association for thelions Blind. Chairman Cui weiying shared the important role of guide dogs i深圳疫情n the travel of the visually impaireseend and called on lion friworld什么意思ends to pay attention to the training of guide dyourselfogs.


Then Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, Cai Min, RuChunXu leadershipseemingly lion friends toseetong shenzhen luohu ZhongCai investmenlionst development colions的音标., LTD., the ground iron car rental (slionshenzhen) co., LTD., shenzheheld的意思是什么n悠然的意思 assistive on-call service center, shenzhen tourism col游刃有余lege of jinan universseeminglyi深证指数ty,see shenzhen embrace sunshine group, shenzhen tomoya masanao volunteer team and Le cuckyour是什么意思oo service Xie Yanhui issue the certificate. Chairman Ma jingyang awarded the “Best Public Welfare Companion awardworld” to the represent悠然的拼音atives of Shenzhen Luohu Zhongcai Investment and Development Co., LTD., Overgroun阿莫西林胶囊d Railway Car Rentclub是什么酒al (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., Shenzhen Telecall Service Center for tclub是什么酒he Disabled, Shenzworld翻译hen Tourism College of Jinan Univers深证指数itylionsgate, Shenzhen Shangzhiseed Volunteer Team and Shenzhen Embrace sunshinworlde Art Troupe.


After the ope奥密克戎ning ceremony, volunteers and visually impaired friends rode on tandem bicycles along the greenway next to the Gateeyesore course of East Lake Park, follheld的原型owing the planned route. During the ride, volunteer cyclists told their visually impaired friends what they saw along the way. The visually impai油然而生reclub怎么读d friends listened阿玛尼 to the story and felt their fee奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊lings. Their hapseepy smileslion是什么意思中文翻译 were written on their faces. In the random interview afterwards, the visually impaired friends expressedlions读音 their inner feelings and thanked the lion friends and volunteers for making them feel teyes怎么读he beauty of autumn personallseesawy and havinclubmedg a happy day.



While waiting for a ride, lions exper奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊ience the inconveniences of living in the dark in an interactive game. The lion and the volunteers put on blindfolds and groped for each other wlions翻译中文ith their voices. Th悠然的意思ey said that groping in the dark world made him feel confused, helples深证指数s and澳门 afraseeyouid.


President Ma Min personally p深圳市最新疫情resiclubmanded over thyoure tug-of-war competition between lion friends and visually impaired friends. In the 5-person tug-of-war, the v深圳地铁线路图isually impairworldtalked team defeated the joint team composed of lion friends and volunteers 3:2 with super concen深圳地铁线路图tration and wheld的中文意思illpower. Chairman Ma Jingyang gave a training to help the blind, inst悠然的意思ructing lion friends how to communicate with the visually impaired effectiveseekly and guide them to walworld什么意思k.


Around noon, lion friends andseek visually impaired friendslions是什么意思 shared a hearty lion love lunch ayourselft The New City Restaurant in East Lake Park. On behalf of油然而生 Shenzhen Blind Association, Chairman Ma Jingyang received a smart robot worth more than 10,000 yuan donated by Shenzhen Lions Club for blind Day. The visually impaired friends all praise that this is what they need most, and thank Shenzhen Lions foworldwide翻译r giving them the best gseekift of precyour是什么意思ise assistancyour是什么意思e to the disabled.

Lions Le cuckoo service Xie Yanhui and special thanks to shenclubszhen shenzhen ZhongCaisee的过去式 investment development co., the gyourselfround iron car rclubmanental (shenzhen) co., LTD., shenzhen assi深圳stive on-call service center, shenzhen tourism college of jinan unive悠然的意思rsity, shenzhen embrace sunshine group, shenzhen tomoya masanao uneyes是什么意思its and individuals to the activity of teyes是什么意思he voyourslunteer team support and help.




CAI Liying & NBSP; Liu & have speeyes翻译nt   army

[Photo] Wang Haibin, Cui Weisheng

[Edit] Jianhua Su奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊

  &nbheld过去式和过去分词sp; &深圳天气nbsp;         Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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