Evangelical Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2019-2020

In 2019,8month11Shenzhen Lions Club Gospel Service teamThe second regular meeting of 2019-202regular0 was successfully held in the Comprehensive Service Center of Agency Buildingregularly, Wenzhu Garden, Shekou,regular反义词 Nanshan District. There were 20 guests incregularlyluding captain Chow Sau-ying, former captain Chung Yuservice的名词n-ting, founservice和serve的区别der captain Csecondlove日剧hung Shi-hunheld过去式和过去分词gTo attend thmeeting是什么中文意思eThe meeting.The meservicemaneting was chaired by Zhuo Wei.

The evaservice和serve的区别ngelical service team invited three lecturers tang Qing, Gu Weixia and Li Bizhen to give lectures to the lion friemeeting翻译ndsteamo. The course shared the development history of Lions Club and the lecturers’ journey omeeting是什么中文意思f lion Road for many years. The content was vivid, interesting and fascinating, and lion friends gained a lot and felt the strong positive energy of lions Club’s 100-year history moservice怎么读re deeply.

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Afteservicemanr clameeting是什么意思中文翻译ss sharing, the regular meetheldening officially began. Yimeetingp binjie and teregular翻译acher Feng, wsecond怎么读ho teachsecondlove日剧esregular翻译 wing Chun, reportsecondhanded tteamviewerhe progress of sunflowesecond翻译r Harmonious Coservicebiommunity seservice怎么读rvice activities. Zhong Shixiong and Zhuo Wei respectively introduced the preparation progress and activity arrangement of large-scaleheld的中文意思 diabetes education activities.

Cheldenaptain Chow siu-ying concluded the meeting bregularly意思中文翻译y thanking the membeheld怎么读的rs of the Gospeheldbackl Service team who have been upholding the spirit of “four out” in the intensive service actiregular什么意思vities.

Finallyregular什么意思, all thesecondary members celebrate the birthday of shiyou that month, full of affection, the scene is warm.teams会议

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Article/photo & have spent Zhoupheldng Yun katyn

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