Lianhua Mountain, Hand-in-hand Service Team: hold the inauguration ceremony for the joint leadership change of 2019-2020

On August 26, 2019, the inauguration ceremony of lianhua Mountain and Hand-in-Hand Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the banquet hallceremony怎么读 on the 3rd flhold的过去式和过去分词oor of Jingji Jingdu Hotel in Luohu District. Lioservice和serve的区别ns cjoint是什么意思lub international director 2019-2021, shenzhen lion of Zhang Guojun, President of shenzhen lion, long ShiJianYongceremony WengHuajoint effort and supervisors, second deputy chairman Guo邯郸疫情 Yon邯郸学步的意思gyong, former Pr炼化诸天esident of tian wang, sjoint ventureecretary general Du Hengkun, chief financial officer Peng Daojian, dean of general affairceremony是什么意思 Liao Ronghui,ceremony的名词 long picket Du Peng, deputy secretary-general Xu Qiubin, chairman of the zone Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, Rservice是什么故障灯uChunXu, Fang Shilei, chserviceairman of t邯郸学步的意思he partition, Yi Shumin, zhu feng, Zhang Zheqin, lily, Tang Quanhui, kevinbales, new, li xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi Wei Xin, well, ChiMingHui, dong-meinauguration翻译i Chen Ming, liu li the sea, secretary general of the board of supervisors Tan Fei, supervisorsservice和serve的区别 Li Chunchang, Dengservice的名词 Yi, lotus,炼化世界树分身 service lion friends hand in hand, as the lion friends family and loving people, 300 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Chen Hung-bin and Wu Shi-yong, and presided over by Fang Shi-leteamsi and Meng Chun.

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The whole part炼化永生之门y with the theme of “service, harmony”, filled with friendship, peace, joy atmholdosphere, fully embodies the lion憨豆先生 spiservice怎么读rit of “we serve”.

Yu Lixia and Lin Songmao reported the work of 2018-2019 respecmountains是什么意思英语tively, and commended the lion friends who gave support and help to the service team last year.

Under the witness of the leaders, Yu Limountain怎么读语音xia handed over the ribbon and th炼化一体化e hammer to Zhong Ruihua, Lin Songmao handed over the ribbon and the hammer to Peng Dingkuan, and the new team members took the oath of office.

Another important part of the event was to celebrate zhang Guoyun, fouteamnservicebioding leader of The Lianhua Mountain Service Team, being electeambitionted as the International Director of Lions Club 2019-2021. Accompanied by the music of “Grateful Heartteampro“, the lianhua Mountain service team and the lion friends炼化诸天 holding the love lamp slowly entered the meeting hall and gradually surrounded bymountain怎么读语音 zhang Guoyun, director of the serviceservice是什么故障灯 team, to congratulate him. Lion friends also sent him “with service, harmony” calligraphy and painting, the atceremony同义词mosphere of the ceremony reinauguration翻译ached a climax!

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In the coming year, under the leadership of captain Zhong Ruihua and Captain Peng Dingkuan, tceremony复数形式he two service teams will continue to uphold the concept of “inclusiveness, unity, happy dedication and enthusiastic participation”, inherit the excellent culture of Shenzhen Lions Cceremonylub, provid炼化公司e suservice怎么读bstantial helteamop to more people in need, and contribute to the public we汉典lfare cause.

Articservice翻译le/photo & have spent Contributed by Lianhuashan Service Team

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