Zhenhua and Lingding Service Team: hold 2019-2020 annual joint meeting and sodality

On August 24, 2019, the 2019-2020 joint meeting and association of Shenzhen Lions Club Zhenhua and Lingding Ser零丁洋vice Team was held in Building 428, Baguatsan Roadjoint的用法 Industrial Zone, Futian District. Zhenhua serteam是什么意思翻译vice team captain to Yanjing, the last captain Ding Qingshang, the first vice captaiholdn Liu Hai振华三部曲qing, theteampro second vice captain Zhang Junchanservice的名词g, team leader Dong Haoqing, secrteambitionetary Liu Zuohua, ling Peak service tannual同义词eam leader Zhang Shijuservice的名词n and other 16 people attended the meeting. Wei Demin,甄嬛 director of Zhenhteams手机版ua Service Team, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xiang Yanjing, Guoteam什么意思 Yajun ateamsnd Zannual的名词hang Zhaoyan.

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Xiang Yanjing and Guo Yajun deliv零丁洋里叹零丁ered a speech on behalf of Zhenhua and Lingding service team respectivelteam是什么意思翻译y, introducing the establishment process of service team, regular meetings and service projects, etc.

Dong Haoqing and Zhang Shijun also shared the development and curservicemanrentjoint翻译 situation of their respective service teams.

Wei Demjointedin, the director of Zhenhua Service Team, put forward his owjointsn views on the problems exannualsisting in the current service team and the development of its members.jointly Other lion friends also had lively discussions and exchanges on related l振华三部曲ion affairs.

After the meeting, Zhenhua, ridge peak service team held a sodalityBrother Zhang Zhaoyan gave you a warm welcome at no. 9 fishing port.

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By Dong Haoqing

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