Yita Service Team: Hold the inauguration ceremony of the 2019-2020 annual election change

On August 25, 2019, the inauguration ceremony for the 2019-2020 annual change of The Yitian Service Team of The Lion以太坊价格今日行情s Club of Shenzhen was hservice是什么意思eld in Huajia, Haannual英语怎么读ppy Coast, Nanshan District.annual英语怎么读

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Shenzheteams会议n lions club President WengHua, first vi以太网没有有效的ip配置ce President zhi-qiang lu, a former Presceremony复数形式ident of tian wang, loholderng picket Du Peng, chairmahold是什么意思n of the zone Li Zhou, RuChunXu Fang Shilei, li li, chairman of the partition, ZuoHongYi, sm Li Wenqiu, c., Wu Zewei, Liao Maohua, long-term, Cao Yan, BiYongTao, snap xiu-zhong zhao, domestic lion federation represhold过去式entative offices in sichuan, the chairman of the second partition Lin Zhiqi Yitian service tinauguration是什么意思eam captain Wang Bin, the last team captain Song Yuhong, the firstteampro vice captaservice怎么读in Sun Ying, the third vice captain Li Yi, team leader Xu Jianfeng, secretary Cao Xiao, general affairs Shi Xiaoping, li Gang a以太坊价格今日行情nd other li以太坊价格on friends, Shenzhen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., and other caring enterprise representatives a total of 71 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was prteamesided over by Wang Xiaomei and Sun Ying as the chairman of the conference.

Yitian service team returned to the team in 2006-2007, t以太坊最新价格he change of the team at the time of the handover of the 13th team captain Song Yuhong and the 14th team captain Wang Bin, the change of the party to “Marrhold的过去式和过去分词y Yitian 1314 (life)” as the theme, guests dresseceremony的音标d up to attend.

With the elegant lyrical wedding march sounded, dressed in white evening dress yitianceremony造句 service team lion sister and dressed in dark suit lion brother arm in arm, leisurely into the party scene. Led by Wuteamo Zewei, Wang Bin, Ru Chunxu and Wang Xiaomei, all the lion friends of Yitian reteamscited the lyric poem “Today I will marry You” created by Wu Zewei in unison, which opened the pceremony的音标relude of the changing pceremony的名词arty. This poem affectionately reflects the dedication and adherence of yiservice翻译tian Service team lion friends to shenzhen Lions Club, and reflects the enthholderusiastic participation, selfless dedication and great love of all lion friends of Yitian Service team to public welhold过去式fare unhold翻译dertakings.

Mr Wu zak Wai delivered a welcome speech thold的过去式和过去分词o introduce the district leaders a易坦静nd gueannualsts who attended the changing ceremony. He also introduced the dedication and dedicatiservice翻译on of all the lion friends to the puhold不住blic welfare cause since the return of the Yitian Service Team in 2006-2007. Among the 36 lion friends in Yitian Service team, 80% lion friends are more than 8 years old, and there are no lion friends lost in the past four years. These lion friends’ great love followers always play a leading rceremony的音标ole in Yitian Service team. Yitian service thold不住eam since the resumption of the team, th以太网e annual fund-raisinservice的名词g of administrative funds, servceremony用什么介词ice funds are about 2 million yua以太坊价格n, so far has accumulated fund-raisiceremony的名词ng more than 24 million yuan. For a service team of less than 40 people, these expensive sholdingerteamsvice funds bear the enthusiastic participation and active dedication of the whole team lion friends.

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This year is the ninth yceremony复数形式ear for Shenzhteamoen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., the outstanding representative of shenzhen caring enteholderrprises, to establish “Ruilin Ophthalmic clinicayital Assistance” service project. Shenzhen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. promises to donate 1ceremony造句 million yservicemanuan to Shenzhen Lions Club every year foannualr ten consecutive years, and Yitian Service Team will support the service fund of 250,000 yuservicemanan every year, which is specially used for clinical ophthalmic treatment of poor patients with eye diseases. In the past nine years, Ruiliteamn ophthalmic clinical relief service project has raised 11.25 mill以太网没有有效的ip配置ion yuan in total. Up to now, it has used more than 7.service95 million yuan of relief fundhold翻译s to save 2,859 painauguration是什么意思tients, withceremony造句 an average funding of 2,7hold过去式84 yuan per patient.

The previous captain Song Yuhong, affectionate reviewed the captain over the past year,annual是什么意思 yitian send warm service in yushu plateau, and across the country to send the light together, in sceremony的音标ichuan province with sh以太坊angbu service send bright, and the rhold的过去式和过去分词ed li service lianjiang send knowledge together and manholes, service, the lion以太网没有有效的ip配置s, union representative datang shaanxi GFS back together red eye relief with frie以太坊价格nds, With district lceremony是什么意思eaders lteam是什么意思翻译ion frieceremony是什么意思nds set foot on the road to send aid to the east of Guangdong…… She regrets, she served as the capta以太坊价格in of this year’s time, is really white clouds and dceremony同义词ogs, fliservice的名词es like electric以太币ity; Feeling that the smallhold不住 self in the worannual的名词ld has brandservicebioed以太坊币今日价格 Yitian, branded the spiceremony造句rit of lions club, and therefoceremony复数形式re become different; Feeling the lion friends hand in hand through every minute, every moment, day and night, cast today’s Yitian service team. She thanked every lion friend who gave him support, tolerance and encouragement, and thanked all the service teams who carried out service with Yitian Service Team. She believed以太币 that Yitannuallyian Service team would go better and further. She also wished the new cteams会议aptain Wang Bin and the new captain team to lead the service team to thceremony的名词e next brilliant!

Figure 6. JPG

After song Yuhong以太坊价格 delivereservice和serve的区别d a speech, yitian service team lion friends, support of theteams seannual的名词rvice team and love uteam什么意思nits were coteamviewermmended, awarded outstanding contribution award, outstandiservice翻译ng contribution award, outstanding contribution award, wteams手机版arm heart Yitianceremony翻译 Star, the best partner award and other awarholdingds.

Figure 7. JPG

Captain Wang Bin solemnly and passionately delivered his inaugural speech. He said that the annual changing of the leadership ceremony is以太坊币今日价格 a gathering event fhold翻译or all tteams手机版he families of the Yitian Service team. The changing of the leadership reflects trust, the handover of responsibility,teamo the cohesion of strength, the beginning of the journey, and the feelings. New Year, he said, all the lion will beteam什么意思 leading yitian service response aceremony的音标rea will be called for, friend, as always, continue to uphold the “is to help others, serve the society” the great love of spirserviceableit, captain in the new team mceremony和celebration的区别embers andteams all thehold键是什么功能 friends andhold键是什么功能 lion, under the full cooperation of friends and give full play to the team of the lion’s streservicemanngth, must do real service project, the successful completion of the annual work objectives, Continue to writeholding yitian service team lion lovehold不住 Hua chapter, build yitian service team’s public welfare future.

Figure 8. JPG

With the witness of the lion friends, The chairmannual是什么意思an of division 7, Li Li,以太币 led the nservice是什么意思ew team members of The Yitian Service team to make the inaugural pledge.

Figure 9. JPG

Onteamo behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club and Yitian Service Team, Presid以太坊ent Weng hua once aceremony翻译gain received a cheque of R以太网没有有效的ip配置MB 1 million donated by Shenzhen Ruilin Pharmaceteamoutical Co., LTD., and awarded MEDALS to the representatives of Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., andyita presented exquisite gifts full of lion friendship.annual同义词 Yitian Service teamhold的过去形式 lion friends wiceremony的音标ll continue to use social donations in the New Year to better serve the poannual是什么意思or patients with eye diseases.

Figure 10. JPG

Yitian service team each session of thteams会议e captain has shouldered the glceremony造句ory and responsibility of Yitian, leading the lion friendsceremony的音标 step by step to walk firmly on the roaceremony是什么意思d of public welfare. As the lights dimmed, 500 colorful butterflies with holographic technology, lighting and sound effects flew from all sides oservice是什么意思f the stage to song Yuhong, the former captain. If you are in fceremony和celebration的区别ull bloom, the butterfly will come. When she opened her eyes, she saw the magnificent scene and the familiar and friendly faces of all the lion friends of yitian Service Team. At that moment, Song Yuhong shed tears ofceremony是什么意思 happiness and toucannualshed. All the lionhold不住 friendsteam什么意思 of the Yitian service team gave aannually deep hug to the last captain, thanked her forhold是什么意思 her great lov以太网没有有效的ip配置e for one year, and sent hhold的过去式和过去分词er blessings and sholderincereservice respect to her!

Figure 11. JPG

WengHua speech, President of Song Yuhong over the past year efforts to give the full affirmationceremony和celebration的区别, state of mind of yitian service lion and biceremony怎么读g love give highly, for from shoulder the respceremony和celebration的区别onsibility of the mission and yitian service for a betteholdr futannual英语怎么读ure of deep expectation, encourage yitian lion frieannual翻译nd以太网s under the guidaservice怎么读nce oannual同义词f the new team captain, continue to fly the flag love, vigorously carry forwardteamviewer the spirit of the liservice翻译on, In the public welfare roadholding hand in hand, stride forward, continue to write yitian shiyou love chapter!

Figure 12. JPG

At the “1314” appreciation dinner of Yitian, the lion friendannual怎么读s of Yitian Service team and all the guests sang “Ode to the Motherland”, solemnly and warmly blessing our motherland, shenzhen Lions Club and Yitian Serservice是什么故障灯vice team of Shenzhen Lions Club.

“Marry Yitannual是什么意思ian 1314 (a lifetime)” is not only the theme of this year’s transition of Yitian Service team, but also the commitment of theservice和serve的区别 whole team lion friends, but also the good expectation for the future public welfare undertakings. All the lion fr易坦静iends of Yitian Service teaannual同义词m wilholdl never forget their originaholdingl aspiration, strive to move forward firmlyGo hholdingand in hand on the road of public wehold是什么意思lfare, helping others and serving the society!


Article/Photo by Yita Service Team

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