“Pengqin hand in hand with wisdom to create the future” science and technology education activities were held in the central Primary school of Hongmiao Town, Nanzheng District

On October 25th, “Pengqin joins hands with Zhichuang Future” science and technology aid activity was held in the central Primary school of Hactivities和activity的区别ongmiao Town, Nascience是什么意思nzheng District.

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Donated 6 sets of electronic whitescience中文是什么意思啊board teaching equipment and more than 3,000 children’s books worth more than 200,000 yuan from 11 love teams of Shenzhen Lions Clscience的形容词ub, love organizatwisdom的意思ions, enterprises and indivtechnology是什么意思idualsscience杂志 such as H硼氢化钠ongsi Lake Yunman M彭青华ountain Village and Xi ‘an Starfish Group. Nanzheng District Education and Sports Bureau, heducational翻译ongmiao town people’s official leaders attended the donation ceremony.

On the donation ceremony, giving the direction of the school givwisdom的形容词es the electronic whiteboafuture翻译rd classroom and spring spring breeze library donation CARDS, school ttechnology是什么意思o thank donors awarded pennants, school leadefuture翻译rs, donation Fang Jiabin, student representateducationalives, area from the bureau leadership address deliveretechnology和techniqued speeches, interactive program “thankful heart” and song “I and my countreducation怎么读英语y,” the activity to a climax. After the donation ceremony, the school leaders accompanied the guests to visit the library rotechnology是可数名词吗om and other functional rooms, observed and guideducational翻译ed the classroom teaching of the donated classes, and communtechnology怎么读英语icated with all the teac彭清玥hers and students.

This activity has fu邯郸天气rther improved the development level of school educationtechnology什么意思中文 informationization, enriched th邯郸疫情e library resources,彭青华 enriched the spiritual and cultural life of teachers and students, not only carried forward the good atmospactivities是什么意思here of offering love and donation for education, but also afuture是什么意思 vivid and unforgettable Thanksgivintechnology怎么读英语g education practice. The teachehandrs and stu邯郸学步的意思dents attending the meeting exfuture是什么牌子pressed that they would cherish the happy life, alwaeducation怎么读ys have a heart of gratitude, work diligently, b硼氢化钠上市公司e determined to become a talented person, spread warmtfuture bassh, and repay the society.


(Photo/Wen Yiwenjun, Zhang Lijun)

Contributi憨豆先生on: Hongmiao Town Centrtechnology是什么意思al Primarwisdomtreey School

Editor: Zhang Yu and Zhou Li

Editor: Zhang Tao

Review:futurehendrix Bai Baojun

“Pengqin hand in handactivities怎么读 with Wisdom to create the futureeducational是什么意思” science and technology aid activity was held in the Central Ptechnology和techniquerimary School of Hongmiao Town, Nanzheng District

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