Bright Pupil Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2019-2020

2019On October 10, 2019, the fourth regular meeting of Bright Pupil Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Hetang Zhiyuafourth翻译n, Bantian Street, Longgang District. Bright pupil service team captain Zhou Liang, the sepupilscond vicehelden captain Luo Jun, secretary MAmeeting是什么意思中文翻译O Yunxia, financial Liao Xiaojuan, pickmeeting翻译eting Wu Xingming and other 6 people attended the meeting. Gao Ling, prfourth-gradeesidteams会议ent of Shheld的意思是什么enzhen Lions Publregular什么意思ic Welfare Football Club, Gateamviewero Lili, second vice captain of Oriental Roupheldse Service Team and Tian Xin, second vice captain of Bagualing Service team attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liao Xiaojuservice是什么意思an as chairman of the cfourth造句onference.

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Liao Xiaojuan reported the financial status of thepupil latest month. Captain Zhou Liang introduced the popular science activity of “Campus myopibrightnessa Prevention and control”, the main service activity of The Bright Pupil Service team this year, anpupil翻译d shared his understanding of participating in the Guangxi Brightness Action. He introduced thheld是hold的什么形式e activities of bbrightnesslind Dpupil和student有什么区别ay, respbrightect for the eldeheld的原型rly and Save By Your Sidmeeting的音标e that shenzhen Lions Club would hold in October to encopupil的复数urage lion club members and their families to participate in the acservice和serve的区别tivities and learn about lion culture.


President Gao Ling shared the founding process of the lion Love Football Service team and the experience of participating in various service activities, and encouraged everyopupil是什么意思ne to start from caring for the lion friends of the team and inspire the lion friends to participate in public welfare activities with caring actions, so as to build up feelings with the lioregularizationn friends throughservice的名词 happy service and understand the liservicemanon culture.

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By MAO Yunxia

Photo/Liao Xiaojuan

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