Hua-han Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2019-2020 and the preparatory meeting of “Friendly Community” project

2019On September 3rd, the second regular meeting of 2019-2020 and the preparatory meeting of “Friendly Community” was held in the conference room on the second floor of Jingji Jingdu Hotel, Luohu District. The team leader Lsecondiao Wenxi,service翻译 the second vice captain Gao Rui, the third vice cheld中文aptain Yang Yang, the teammeeting leader Zhang Huaji, secretary Xu Jinghua, financial Sunregular什么意思 Yuping and other 11 people attende韩三平d the m韩三千苏迎夏最新章节ee韩漫ting. The meeting was ch韩漫aired by Zhang Huaji and Yang Yang.

At the preparatory meeting, The second vice captain gao Rui reported the preparatory situation of the “friendly community” project. Under the leadership of thservice的名词e second vice captain Gao Rui, Sino-Han Se韩三千苏迎夏最新章节rvice team and Bao ‘an District Women’s Federhuaati黄金价格on held a project exchange meeting; Knowing the specific situation of each community, the project preparation team decide黄峥辞任拼多多董事长d to carry out the activity in Maokeng community; Through detailed communication with Zhao, thheld的原型e deputy head of The Maekeng commu韩国漫画漫免费观看免费nity, the project will focus onmeeting是什么意思 pservicearent-child education, online courses of parent-child activities, the establishment of book rafting corner, the purchase of bookshelves anregular的所有形式d other aspects, needing to raise 180,000 yuan; The kick-offsecond什么意思 meeting imeeting的音标s scheduled for the afternoon of Ocmeeting的音标tober 26th.

With the efforts of all lion friends, tsecondlove日剧he “frieheld的中文意思ndly com杭州雷峰塔倒塌事件munity” project of Hua-Han Service Team has besecond缩写come moreteams手机版 mature and t黄金价格he imp韩国电影lementatheldion plan has been gradually implemented.serviceman We hservice翻译ope that by holding this event, the concept of “friendhanly” will be further promoted and the establishment of “friendly community” will be promoted throughout the country.

At thmeeting是什么中文意思e regular meeting,韩三千苏迎夏最新章节 all lion fregularizationriends voted to elect the members of the care group and the friendship grmeetingyou是什么意思oup of the service teateamm. Zhang Huaji served as the member of the care group of the service tservice怎么读eam, and Yang Yang served as the韩国漫画漫免费观看免费 member of the friendship grou韩三平p of the service team. At the same time, the parteams会议ticipating lion friends did project discussion and road show华晨宇 for the upcoming “100 team Lions” project selection conference, to further enhance the participation of lion friendsDegree and attention to other service teams.

Subsequently,upheld S黄芪un Yuping financial made the recent financial revenue and esecond什么意思xpenditure report. The seregular翻译cond vice Captain of The club gave lion club members a training session, which made them clearly understand the organization structure of lions Club shenzhen and the responsibilities of each position of the service team, layhuaing a good foundation for the future lion work of the service teteamsam.

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