Warm Project Blue Action — Shenzhen Lions Club held the launching ceremony of “Blue Mission” diabetes education service activities

On November 14, 2019, the launching ceremony of the “Blue Mission” diabetes education service activities of Shenzhen Lions Club was held at Liu Laogen Grand Stage in Futian District. At the event, health manuals and diabetes knowledge were distriheld的中文意思bactionsuted to community residents at a cost of 36,warm反义词000 yuan.

This activity was org深圳市最新疫情anized by two service teams, including the Domestic Lions Association, Shenzhen Lioprojects怎么读ns Club,actiongirls女兵人 Diabetes Education Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Jinpai Yue. Set sail, gold silver lake, joint,深圳疫情 red li, yue, Jin Ming, wally, Le cuckoo, drheld中文eams, yitian sky, the earth, the blue s深圳市最新疫情ky, sea, land, sea and Chinese businessman, the path before, matsuclub用英语怎么说oka, charity collection, classic, Orlionsgateiental rose, oct, children, happineslions翻译s, business knowledge and mooring love,action翻译 mileage, burson-marsteller, macro Yang 58 branch of service,blueming It is supported by Shenzhen Aging Expo, Shenzhen Yer Health Management Guidance Co., LTD., Shenzhen Qianhai Health Home Technology Co., LTD., Xinhuanxi栾城区有几个乡镇n (Shenzblue是什么意思hen) Health Management Co., LTD., and Shenzhen Aier Eye Hospital.

Domesbluetoothtic lion federation in shenzhen, shenzhen on behalf of li wh, lions and 2019-2020 President WengHua Du Hengkun ShiJianYongblues, sblue是什么意思ecretary-general, long picket Du Pproject软件使用教程eng, deputy secretary-general Li Feng, chairman o栾城天气f the zone Cui W栾城天气eiying, Cai Min, RuChunXu shui-jin Yang,club怎么读 chairmaheld怎么读的n of the partitionwarm是什么意思, Yi Shumin, Tang Quanhui, kevinbales, new, li xiaofeng, ZwarmlyuoHongYi Wei Xproject翻译in, deng mei heart, liu the sea, Supervisors Li Chunchang, He Xinru, Tang Haozhi, chheld的意思是什么airman of Diabheld的意思是什么etes Education Committee Qi Ying, representatives of various service teams, special guests, commuactionscriptnity residents and social caring personages attended the event. Activities by Li Fenproject翻译g as the generablued下载l coordinator, Qi Ying as the chairmaction对魔忍an of the conference, hosted by Li Decaupheldn, Wei Xinxin.

Two hosts. JPG

First, Wei Xinxi栾城北部新城规划图n introduced the leading lion friends and guests present. Conference president Qi Ying delivered a welcomeheld过去式和过去分词 speech to thank everyone for coming.

Thheld的原型e activity beganheld的意思是什么 with a diabetes prevention video to introduce the basic knowledge of diabetes. Li Hailaunching是什么意思yan, an expert on diabetes prevention and control, anaactionscriptlyzed the develaunching是什么意思lopment trend of diabetes at home and abroad, exheld中文plained the basic process of diabetes trclubmaneatment, and introduced thwarmlye related work of shenzhen Da ai Diabetes College in promoting the knowledge of diabetes prevention and control. Zou Zhenjun, a senior national health manager, introduced his active treatment of diabetes in detail from his own experience in diabetes treatment, explained the relevant knowledge of diabetes prevenaction怎么读语音tion, and explained what is the reversal of diabetes from the perspective深圳疫情 of functionalaction的动词 medicine. Li Shuangnong, president of Aieraction对魔忍 Eye Hospital栾城 in Shenzhen, explained thlionse relationship between diabetes and diabetic retinowarm的名词pathy (sugar mesh disease),heldback the detailed treatment proceblue特殊含义情侣ss of sugar mesh and relevant knowledge before, during and after sugar mesh. She called for timely sc深圳市最新疫情reening of su深证指数gar web for patients withwarm反义词 diabetes, and timely detection and treatment ofheld的原型 sugar web diseasactionscripte.

Li Weihua, representative of lions Association in Shenzhelionsn, spoke highly of the event. He said that diabeaction下载tes awareness activities are of great significance and hoped lioactiongirls女兵人n friend深圳天气s will activelyheld的原型 suppproject是什么意思ort diabetes aclub是什么意思warenesswarming activities, spread a healthy lifestyle and care for diabetes patients arounlions翻译d them.

Li wh. JPG

Li Feng, executive Deputy Secretary-General, said that November 14 is the United Natiproject中成本分为ons Diabetes Day every year. At present, there are mowarm是什么意思re than 100 millionlions是什么意思 diabetes patients in China, so it is of great significance to do a good job in diabetes education. He said that this year, Shenzhen Lions Club will carry out diabetes propaganda and education in six aspects, including “awakening, publi乱成语city, popularizalionstion, movement, continuity aclub是什么酒nd rescue”. It plans to invest 3 m深圳大学illion yuan in service funds and benefit more than 3 million people. Ablue是什么意思ctivities include: holding a sugar lecturer class every two weeks; Cwarmingonduct a large-scale diabetes education and community activity every month; Orgawarm是什么意思nize a diabetes campaign every 2 months; Establish 1 diabetic lion love station centebluetoothr and 10 diabetic lion loheld怎么读的vaction翻译e stations; For patients with severe diabclub是什么酒etes, lionai assistaproject软件nce.

Li Feng JPG.

Du Taozhe, captain of zhengdao Service Tbluetootheam, Wang Lina, captainprojectdoll of Poai Service Team, and Lulions英语怎么读o Yingui, captain of OCT Service team, respectively sharheld的原型ed the knowledge relatclub是什么酒ed to diabetes on the stage and called on everyone to actively prevent diabetes and start from themselves.

Under the joint witness of the lion friends, the “Blue Mission” diabetes education serclubsies service act深圳疫情最新消息ivities were officially launcactionhed. Under the leadership of President Weng Hua, the representatives of the undertaking and co-organizing service teams read the proposa栾城天气预报l. Weng Hua, president of ccPIT Xiamen awarded certificblueates to the service teams and supporting units.

President Weng hua expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the distiwarmthnguished guests for their wonderful explanation and the support of all the service teams, and highly praised the hard work of diabetes Education Committee. He said that the diabetes education project is one of the flions是什么意思ive service projects of Sblued暂停新用户注册henzhen Lions Club. He hoped that the service team would do a good job in diabetes publilaunchingcity and bring more care to the community residents.

WengHua JPG.

Site, the Wei Qiaozhu, GanJianJun, ChuXin, shao-hua xu, jieblued下载 ice brought African drum “I believeheldback“, da-qing zhou singing “in the place of peach blossoms”, Xioblueng Yuying singing “I wish you heal栾城天气th, layla singing” I love you China, Wanlion是什么意思中文翻译g Dagui, Xiongblued官网 Yuying song dance “parting the prairie”, xiao-peng hou’s splendid performances such as the inverse wars interwoven, Add color to the activity.

The launch ceremony was successfully completed. Thaproject软件使用教程nk you very muheld中文ch to the lion friends who devoted their hearts to this activity, and to the caring enterprises and people who supported and sponsored this activity.

The big picture. JPG

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

【 Image 】 Zhou Wenguang & NBSP;

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office


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