Keeping pace with The Times and standardizing management — Shenzhen Lions Club held the second board meeting of 2019-2020

On November 23, 2019, the second Board meeting of Lions Club shenzhen for 2019-2020 was held at the Lions Club office inpace Shenzhen. The directors at the meeting deliberated and passed the resolution on the establishment of shenzhen Lions Club Anti-drug Propagpacemakeranda and Education Cokeepinghealthy手抄报mmittee, thepacer Financial Mantimes排名agement System of Shenzhen Lions Club (revised), the Financial Managemenheld中文t Rules of Shenzhen Lions Club (revised), the reimbursement method of Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team funds (revised), and the suppo深圳风险等级rt for “the power of Harmony” The resolution of 100,000 yuan for the theme activities of targeted assistapacednce to the disabled; Listened to the 58th Soumanagement怎么读theast Asia Annual Conference,management的动词形式 the lion love Station project, the New Yelions英语怎么读ar charity party preparation, 100 team club lion project progress, July to October fund imheld的原型plementation and other matters.


Weng Hua,pacer president of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that this year, shenzhen Lions Club plans to cooperate with shenzhen CPPCC, Drug Control Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Charity, Shenzhen Warm Cotimes排名mmunity service Center and other units to carry out anti-drug propaganda and education work. In order to strpacetop音乐伴奏engthen the anti-drug publicity and education work and enh深圳ance people’s awareness of anti-drug, Shenzhen Lions Club will set up an a深圳市最新疫情nti-drug publicity and education Committee, which will be responsible for leading the district committee, assisting the servicheld中文e team in implementing anti-drug publclub是什么酒icity and eclubduca深圳市最新疫情tion projects, and providing information and resources related to the anti-drug pukeeping是什么意思blicity and education work to the service team.


Du Heng深圳疫情最新消息kun, secretary General of Lions Club of Shenzhen, explained thheld是hold的什么形式e revised contents of Financial Managementheld过去式和过去分词 System of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Finheldancial Management Rules of Liolions是什么意思ns Club of Shenzhen and Reimbursement Method of Lions Club of Shenzhen. He said that according to the Charity Law, the Ackeeping怎么读counting System for Non-gheldbackovernmental Non-profit Organizations, the Financial Malions翻译中文nagement Syskeeping翻译tem of the Domestic Lions Association, the Implementation rules of the Finlions翻译ancial Management System of the Domestic Lions Association, and the Charter of the Shenzhen Lions Club, theld的中文意思he Shenzhen Lions Club has started the revision of the financial system. To further comply with the requirements of reletimes排名vant national lkeepingaws and policies and meet the actual work situation and development needclubss of Shenzhen Lions Club.


Guo Yongyong, the second vitimes翻译ce President of CCNA introduced the arrangement of the communitylion是什么意思中文翻译 theme activity of “Harmonious Power helps the disabled accurately”. In December 2019, Lions Club of Shenzhen plans to carry out the community theme activity ofshenzhen “Harmonious Force target深圳市最新疫情ed Assistance for the Disabled” to further promote targeted assistance for the disabled. In order to skeepingsafeonthestreet的作文upport all service teamskeeping翻译 to jointly carry outmanagement的动词形式 targeted disability assistance services, Shpaceenzhen Lions Club will carrheld怎么读的y outtimes unifiedpace翻译 planning anlions读音d promotion of the prclubman是什么牌子车oject, and support the service fund of 100,000 YUAN. At tkeepinghealthy手抄报he same time, he reported the progress of the “100 teams wil深圳天气l lion” project, and hoped that the regional and regional chairmen urge the solitaire stimes大学排名ervice team t深圳o abi深圳de by the donaheld中文tion commitmentlions的音标, complete the payment before November 30, and required the project to be elected before November 30 to report the act深圳风险等级ivity plan and budget.


Lu Zhiqiang, the first viclubmed官网预订ce president of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced that the 2020 New Year charity party will be held on December 23 at the Plum Hall on the 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibitimanagement什么意思on Center. At the same time, he introduced the proportion of donation return and hoped that the council mmanagement的动词形式elionsmbers w深圳市最新疫情ould play an exemplary role and takeclubman是什么牌子车 the leclub怎么读ad in pledging to donate to The Lion Club, so as to lay a solid foundation for the smooth development of the next year’s work of shenzhen Lions Club.



Later, the participatikeepingng council members put forward suggestions on participating in the theme education activitpacedy of “Rewalk the R深证指数oad of Resistance through The Forest and Sing red Songs on the New Journey of public Welfare”, the donation of “Hundred team Lions” project and the donation of “Huashi Award” of Harbin Representative Office.

Zhang Jian, dheld中文eputy director of The Board of Supclub怎么读ervisors, expressed his opinions on the supervision, congratulated ttimes new romanhe sheld的意思是什么uccemanagement是什么意思英语ssfulpaces adopkeepinghealthy手抄报tion of various topics, highly affirmed the rigor and sericlub怎么读ousness of the board of directpace翻译ors, praised the efficient, harmonious and pragmatic meeting of the Board of Smanagement游戏upervisors, and said that the Board of Supervisors would earnestly perform tclub是什么意思heir supervision duties and escort shenzhen Lions Club.


President Weng Hua made a concluding speechlionsgate, thanking the councilmanagement翻译 members for their positive suggestions and wisdpacedom for the development of lions Club, and for their support to the lion work this year. He urged the directors to take an active part in the commemorative activities of the Harbin Representative Office. Hheld是hold的什么形式e hoped that theyheld would not forget their original apacemakerspiration for public welfare, be tstandardizingolerant to each other, work together in harmony and contributlions是什么意思e to the supheldteady development of shenzhen Lions Club.

Shenzhen Lions Club president Weng Hua, first vice President Lu Zhiqiang, second vice president Guo Yongymanagement是什么意思英语ong, secretary General Du Hengkun, Chief Financial Officer P深圳疫情最新消息eng Daojian, General affairs Director Liao Ronghui, picket chief Du Peng, executive deputy secretary Genclub用英语怎么说eral Li Feng and other 29 directors attended the meeting. Mr. Shi Jianyong, supervisor, Mr. Zhang Jian, Deputy Slions怎么读upervisor, Mr. Tan Fei, secretary general of the Board of Supervisors, and Mr. Ma Huijuan, Director general of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the meeting. The meetingpaced was presided over by Du Peng,pace是什么意思 the president of the general Assembly, zhu Feng, the chairman of the fifth division, zhang Zheqin, the chairman of the sixth division, as the executive chairman, presided over by Du Peng.


[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] S深圳地铁线路图henzhen Lions Club Office


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