【 Student Action 】 Shenzhen Lions Dream of domestic Jiangxi student activities in Ruijin

Recently, shenzhen Lions Club dream domestic Jiangxi Student Travel activity came to Ruijin, members from Shenzhen Lions Club Lianhuashlions英语怎么读an Service team,action Shande Service Team and Dongguan Ruijin Chamber of Commerce gathered in our city, helping students in poor mountaindreamweaveroaction怎么读语音us areas to comprehensively improve深圳市最新疫情 the quality of education.

Members of the activity have come to dabaidi Tow瑞金天气预报nship Yuan Xi primary school, Zetan townsh深证指数ip Dongzhou Spring Lei Primary school, Yaping township Huangsha primary schooldream, f蒋欣ield view of the campus environment, educational facilities, a detailed understanding of the teachers, student dining hall and student eactionsducatstudent和pupil的区别ion. Shenzhen Lions clubdreamboat什么意思 will open the dream of rural education and Shenzhen education of “sharing ondream我的世界e lstudent的复数形式esson and reading one book together” by donating twostudent和pupil的区别 sets of audio-visual equipment and mor深圳大学e than 2,000 books, worth morstudent是什么意思e than 200,000 yuan.

The shenzhen lions lotus s瑞金车文ervice as captain Zhong Ruihua: we this to bring to school some electronic equipments and some stationary, hope they can go up with the city’s main children class, enjoy soaction怎么读语音me high qu瑞金天气ality education reactiongirls女兵人sources.student怎么读 Next we’ll江西人事考试网 along some of the lo深圳疫情最新动态ng march astudent和pupil的区别long (area), to help more children to realize their study dream.”

Reporter: Wen & NBSP; hao

Editor: Lai Pinwei

Review: Xie Chunming

Director: Liu Chunhua

【 Sactivities怎么读tudent Action 】 Th深圳地铁线路图e Dream of Shenzhen Lionstudent音标s Club’s dstudent是什么意思omestic jiangxi Student action came to Ruijin

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