Empower and Share beauty — The “570 Warm Project” of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

Empower and share the good

— The “570 Warm Project” of Shenzhen Lions Club was held successfully

In order to implement the policy of “Adhere to targeted poverty alleviation and targeted assistance for the disabled” adopted at the 19th CPC Nation深圳地铁线路图al C深圳疫情最新消息ongrsharedess, and undlions翻译中文er the call of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, the “570 Warm Project” of Shenzhen Lions Clions是什么意思lub was held in Longgang Social Innowarm怎么读vation Center in Longgang District on December 28, 2018. The event distributed杀人诛心 1,000 yuan of condolence money and gifts respectively to 113 disabled persons from subeautyboxbsistenprojectce allowance families in Longgang District, Pingshan District and Dapeng New District, and the service funds were 135beautybox软件旧版本下载,600 yuan. This is the first horn of this year’s “570 Warm Project”, which will be held by Lions Cluwarm是什么意思b of Shenzhen before the Spring Festival. “5project翻译70 Warm Project” will prshenzhenovide warmth to 609 people with disabilities from low-income families in tbeautycamhe city, witwarmerh an estimated tota杀人诛心l service fund of 650,000 yuanshare怎么读.

First, jiamusi team started thewarmth activity with a vigorous fitness dbeautybox注册码ance. Mr. Jing Miajun, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the leaders, lions friends and guests, and exte杀人诛心nded a warm wlions怎么读elcome to them.

Luo Guanqi, chairman of shenzhen Lionsshare微博 Club poverty Alleviation and Disability Support Committee, pres砂仁的功效与作用ented the project. Since its establishment, Shenzhenwarm Lions Clubeautybox软件旧版本下载b has given priority to sshare是什么意思ervshareding the disabled. It has carried out a series of activities for the disabled, including red Lion Clothlions翻译ing and assistance station, Lion Love Lunch, rehabilitation for low viwarmingsion, wheelchair and cochlear donation. This year, The Lions Club of Shenzhen inherited the “570 Warempower什么意思m Project” and pempowerrovided economprojectic assista砂仁的功效nce and material sympathy to more than 600 persons with disabilities from subsistence allowance families in the city, helping them improve twarm怎么读heir quality of liprojectfe, enhance their happiness and share the fruiclubman是什么牌子车ts of social civilization and progresswarm反义词.

Ma Min, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, said in her speech that the “570 Warm Project” was held five times, beneclub翻译fiting 609 disabled people from low-income families in 10 districts of Shenzhen. The theme of this activity is “Empoweringbeauty Sharing beauty”. “Enabling” not only provides materialproject软件使用教程 help for disaprojectdollbled friends, but also solves their employment problems so that they cprojectan learn tshare是什么意思o blionse independent and help themselves, and create wealth with their own wisdom and diligencclub是什么酒e. Under thelions英语怎么读 premise of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and openiproject是什么意思ng-up, friends with disabilities share thewarmly achievements ofbeautybox安装 the new era equally wempoweredith others, so that they can truly feel the care and warmth frclub怎么读om t深圳大学he society. If disabled people aempowerment是什么意思re willing to start their own business, Shenzhen Lions Club is willing to support and help them start their own businesswarmth.

Hou Yisha, chairman of the Slions英语怎么读henzhen Disshare怎么读abled Pebeauty翻译rsons’ Federation, said Xi jinping pointed out that “in building aempowering moderately prosperous society in all respects, nprojectdollo disabled person should be left behind”. The disablelion是什么意思中文翻译d aempowermentre equal members of the big family of society anbeautybox软件旧版本下载d an important force in the development of human civilizalions英语怎么读tionbeautybox. The donation of shenzhen L深圳地铁线路图ions Club has brought warmth to the disabled people in Longgang district, Pingshan District and Dapeng New Dis深圳疫情最新消息trict, making solid progress ibeautycamn accelerating the process of well-off life for the dlionsgateisabled. Shwarm的名词e hopes that the wholclubse society will pay more attention to thempowerment翻译e disabled, give them morewarm怎么读 understanding, respect and help, imprsharedove their sempower的用法ocial status, promoteempower翻译 their equal participation in socproject是什么意思ial life, disabled friends with practicclubal actions to inspir砂仁的功效与作用e the glory of life, to interpret and write a life without regret, show the tenacitprojectiony and charmclub用英语怎么说 of life.

“Want to run, but only in the dream of heaven; Eager to fly, but not the vigorous wings……” Hou Yiempowermentsha, chairman of the Board of Directors, Ma Min, chairman of the Board of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Club, and representatives of the service teams in zone 5 recited the proshare是什么意思posal on stage. A sonorous and powerful words, from the lion friends full of enthusiasm inclub the heartempower软件, isempowering形容词意思 not only the call for the disabled, but also the liwarm翻译on friends llion是什么意思ove declaration.

At the eveclub是什么意思nt, leaders of the Longgang District Disabled Persons’ Federatiempoweredon, Pingshan District Disabled Persons’warmly Federation and Dapeng New District disabled Persons’ Federation accepted donation checks on behalf of all recipients in their respective districts. On behalf of lions club, Chairman Jing Miao Jun distrclub怎么读ibuted condolence money to the dproject软件isabled representatives. Mr. Ma Min, president of Liclubsons Club of Shenzhen, and Mr. Tian Wangxing, president of liwarmingons Club of She深圳疫情最新动态nzhen, presented a certifiprojectdollcate of appreci杀人俏娇娃ation to the service teams of hualin, Huashang, Huatian, Longcheng, Jiangshan, Pingshan, Huatian and Classic.

Wuempower翻译 Aijinbeautycamg, a representative of the disabled, saempower翻译id excitedly that the official help reflects a country’s sense of responsibempower软件ility, while the help fr深圳疫情最新动态om social groups reflects the temperature of a society. Shenzhen Lwarm怎么读ions Club, a loving group, has been concproject翻译erned about the rehabilitation and life of the disbeautybox安装abled for many years, giving gprojectorreat help in all aspects of life. Your kindness makes us deeply feel the warmth of the social family. With the深圳风险等级 help of the government and society, our disabled family’s lifempoweringe is full of swarm翻译unshine and hope, and we truly feel the deepprojectdoll sense of fortune and seprojectdollcurity in this country and this era.

Chen Mingzuo, head of Shenzhen Telecall Service Center for the Disabled, introduced the telecall service prlions翻译中文oject. The project adopts the operation mode of multimedia and Internet + to provide disabled friends with an intelliglions读音ent service platform inwarm的名词tegrating “reservation, inquiry, experience, commlion是什么意思中文翻译unication and displaywarmer“. At present, itwarming is in the trial operation stage, and will continue to optimize the construction in the later stage to create a more convenient and efficient liempowerment是什么意思festyle for disabled friends.

Zhang Hongxiang, Sun Mingxia, Wang Daoming and othebeauty翻译r lion friends recited “Embracing the New Era and Shwarm怎么读语音aring the N杀人诛心ew Life” with affectionatwarmlye poems, expressing their love and confidence for the new liempower的用法fe and caring for the disabled friends, adding warmth to the cold wibeautyboxnter.

Mr. Ren Pengcheng, head of “Onproject软件e Meal publicproject软件 Welfare”, intwarm怎么读语音robeautybox软件旧版本下载duced the project. The “One Meal For the Public” project is a new platform to help disalion是什么意思bled people start thelion是什么意思ir own businesses by setting up 10-100 square meters of space in hospitals, schools, office buildings, residential areas and other densely populated areas. The project funds are distributed by official subsidieempowering形容词意思s, sponsorship by lions, corporate support, foundation fundclubmed官网预订ing, and advertising and foodempowerment sales profits of the “Osharedne Meal For the Public” site, and arlions的音标e basically self-financing. The program is equipped with counselors to provide professiobeautybox安装nal employment suppoproject软件rt and follow-up counseling services.

After the activity, the leaders of the district council and lion friends went to the “One Meal Public Wclub是什么意思elfare” project base for exchange and invebeautybox软件旧版本下载stigation, visited the infrastructure of the base, and puempower软件t forward many valuable suggestions for the development of the project.

Hou Yisha, Chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Chen Liyang, Chaprojectir深证指数man of Longgang District Disabled Persons’ Federation, Huang Fakbeautybox安装e, researcher of Publilion是什么意思city and Rights Protection Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Huang Te, chief Staff member, Chen Ming, Operation Director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation Telephone Call Center, Shenzhen lions club President of 201empowering形容词意思8-2019, Ma Min, the last President of tian wang, deputy secretary-general Zhang Hongxiang long, long picket Pengbeautybay官网 Daojian, chairman of the first zone Liao Ronghui, chairman of the zone 5 scene MiaoJun, ming-xia sun, chairman of the partition, Cai Min, Luo Junping, supervisors dao-ming wang, poverty alleviation and assistive Luo Guaclubmed官网预订nqi to the chairman of the committee, executive chairman of Chen Xuan bin, jian-hua su, yan-hueempower软件 wang,深圳大学 Chen,Service team leaderempower什么意思s,Morprojects怎么读e than 150 people attended the event, including lion friends, CDPF staff and representatives of the disabledbeautybox绿色图标在哪下载. The event was chaired by Jing Miaojun and presided over by Annie Zhao.

This activity guided by disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions host, shenzhen lions waring, Chines杀人俏娇娃e businessman, alex, liuzhou, jiangshan, ping shan, ovbeautyaltine, classic service to undertake, longgang district federation obeautyboxf thlions翻译e disabled, disabled persons’ federation plateau mountainous area, dapeng district in collabobeautyration with the disabled persons’ federation, shenzhen lions assistive service committee to assist for poverty alleviation, Sponsored bwarm怎么读语音y Shenzhen Longgang Socialclub怎么读 Innovation Center and Shenzhen Loshare是什么意思ngfengbao Catering Management Co., LTD.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wengempower什么意思uang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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