Thanks for having you — “The Most Beautiful Sanitation Workers” Luohu New Year Love Reunion Dinner held by Shenzhen Lions Club

Thanks for having you — “The Most Beautiful Sanitation Workers” Luohu New Year Love Reunion Dinner held by Shenzhen Lions Club

On Januarybeautifulbox官网下载 3, 2019having怎么读, The Lions Clhavingub of Shenzhen held a New Year reunion dinner for “The Most Beautiful Sanitation workers” in Luohubeautiful是什么意思 Dithanks forstrict at the Lotus Restaurant in Luohu District. Each member of 22 imworker是可数名词吗poverished sanitation workers was given rmb500 as a condolent gift, and eaworker是什么意思英语ch member of 150 sanitation workersyearn was givenhaving子句 a bucket of cooking oil and a bag of quality rithanks force, with a service cnew是什么意思英语ost of RMB60,000. Lion friends shared a love dinner with the sanitation workers to send them sympathy and best wishes for the New Year.

More than 200 people attended the evenworker是可数名词吗t, including Zhang Deshu, Section Chief of Luohu Distrihaving和beingct Urban Management Bureau, Ma Min, 201luohu8-2019 Preyear是什么意思sident of Shenzhen Lions Clthanks forub, Tian Wangxing, Second Vice President Lu Zhiqiang, Chief Affairs Officer Guo Yongyong, Chief Police Officer Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary-general Zhe裸婚时代ng Guoping, Sub-district chairmen Tan Fei and Li Zhou, leaders of varimost of allous service teams and sanitatmost是什么意思ion workers.

President Wang Mengyu gave a welcome speech and introducedyearn the most beautiful shaving用法anitation worker project in detail. President Zhu Daoying introduced the guests.

Lu Zhiqiang, vice President of CCPIT Xiamen extended his sincere wishes to the sanitationnew怎么读 workers pbeautiful的比较级resent and thanked them for their efforts and sacrifices for the construction of Shenzhen city. He called on everyone to pay more attention to the “urban b罗慧娟与周星驰的故事eautthanks怎么读icians”, respect their achievements and pass on their love in this place full of love.

Zhang deshyearbooku, chmostly是什么意思中文ief osanitation是什么意思f the section, expressed his respect to the Shenzhen Lioyearnns Club f络活喜or providing Spring Festival reunion dinner for the sanitation workers every year, anew的反义词nd sent them blessings and warmth. Thanks to the smost翻译anitatbeautifulfoot崇拜ion wor落花朱淑真kers from dawn to dusk, braving the heat and cold, they dress up the beauty ohaving和wheref the city with their hard work, and the impro落花生vement of the city image embodiebeautifulfoot崇拜s the hard work of every sanitatiohaving数据库n worker. Inbeautiful怎么读 order to creabeautiful是什么意思te the “cleanest urban area” and strive for a national civ落花时节又逢君ilized city, urban management will be more difficult in the future. It is hoped thathaving子句 the sanitation workers will continue to shouldeworker是什么意思英语r their responsibilities, give full play to the spirit of lobeautifulve and dedicatiworkers怎么读on, and strive to contribute their strength to the ordinary and gloriluohuous posts.

President Ma Min gavbeautifulfoot崇拜e a speech, tthanks怎么读hanking Luohu Distworkers的中文意思rict Urban Management Bureau for initiating this activity and all the sanitation workers for their contribution to the cleanliness and beauty of the cnewspaperity day after day and year after络活喜 year. You are the most passionate group! At the same time, I would like to thank the shaving数据库ervice team that undertook and co-organized the event and the lion friends who paid enthusiastically for this activity, presenting a loving dinner for the sanitationhaving怎么读 friends.

In 2019 New Year reunion dinner with Victoria towers service, ganten GFS lion friends sign language performance “gratitude”, poetry reading city beautician, Zhang Deshu, Ma Min, tian wang magnitude distributed to every worbeautiful怎么读kers extremely needy frimostends lead lion solatium, lion friends personally to send rice and cooking oil to the scene of the sanitation workers. The sanitation workers were very hnewappy after receiving the gifnewlyt and thanked the lion friends repeatedhaving donely.

Full of dishes, laughter, the scene is full of thick Spring Festival flsanitation翻译avor, permeated with the fragrance ohavingf love. At the dinner party, Presidebeautiful歌曲nt Ma Min led the lion friends to落花时节又逢君 pay tribute to each sanitation worker and offhaving子句er thbeautifullyeir best New Year wishes.

The on-site lucky draw will push the atmosphere of the dinner party to a new climax again and again. A variety of prizes and cashthanksgiving怎么读英语 prizes withanks缩写ll brinsanitation和hygiene区别g luck and joy to every sanitation worker. Magic show, saxophone performance, song performance aworkersnd other wonderful programs, so that the sound of the field, and from tim裸婚e to time broke out a happy laughter and applause.

Mr. Li Bo, execuyearningtmostive chairman of the conference, gave a speesanitationch of appreciation, thanking lion friends, caring people and caring enterpyearcon是什么牌子的rises for providing rich prizes worth 50,000 yuan for this activity. Friends and led the liobeautiful的副词n to Li Zhou, Ming group co., LTD., shenzhen green biological technology co., LTD,, establish resplendence ardently Zhu Daoying d with golnewgroundsd, zhu feng, shenzhen sea before taking information technology co., LTD., Zhang Hworkers什么意思exiang, Zhu Jing, ZuoDiQun, shenzhen the good product and technology co., LTD., Yin Liying, li, culture communication co., LTDbeautiful歌曲., syearlyhenzhen oi-lin sahaving用法id guo-wei jiang, Lin Songguo,news可数吗 Chthanks foruXiaoYu, lee Mingrong and other caring personages, caring enmostwantedlab是什么牌子terprises issued a certificate of appreciation.

The event was organized by Shenzhen Lionshaving子句 Club and Luohu City Administration Bureau. It is organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Jinhaving donegtian, Jingfeng, Tien, Songgang and Blue Sky Service Teams, and co-organized by 15 service teams including Tiamost后面加什么词性nde, Zhonworker是什么意思英语gtian, Huatian, Baibei, United, Diwang,beautiful怎么读 Huayue, Huatian,mostly翻译 Datong, Gaoxin, Yantian and Zilongyear是什么意思. The dinner was hosted by Tian Xin and Zhang Ling.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Du Shaoheng

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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