Notice | about shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 the President, vice President, directors and supervisors, vice supervisor, a supervisor candidate registration notice

Notice | about shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 the President, vice President, directors and supervisors, vice supervisor, a supervisor candlions英语怎么读idatpresidential是什么意思e registration noticpresidente

Dear Lion friend,

In accordance with the laws and regulations of China’s Societies, the Charter of Lions Club Shenzhen, the relevant regulations onotice是什么意思f Lions Club China (hereinafter referred tpresident是什么意思o as “Liovice-presidentns Club”) and Lions Club Insupervisor是什么意思ternationalsupervisor翻译, and in combination with the guidance of Shenzhen Social Onotice用法rganization Administration Bureau and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federnotice的固定搭配atiolionsgaten on tabout怎么读语音he general election, Shenzhen Lions Club now starts the registration of candidates for president, vice president, directors and Supervisor, Vinotice的形容词ce Supervisor and Supervisor for 2019-2020. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Electoral work ssupervisor是什么级别trpresident造句ucture

The深圳疫情最新消息 elecnotice过去式tion of Lions Club shenzhen 2019-2020 will be orgasupervisor是什么意思nized and implemented by the electsupervisorion Preparatory Committee. Preparatory committee for the election work as a consultant by a representative of the competent business unit, the association of 2018-2019, ren, chairman of the standing director of a doabout翻译mestic lion federation members became above post member rpresident前面加the吗epresentatives, supervisor from 2018 to 2019, the last President of the associpresidentation, vice President, treasurer, secretary-general, representative, chairman of the advisory committee, the distric深圳天气t conference committvice中国ee reprenotice是什么意思sentative, There arnotice翻译e 13 member representatives.

(1) List of the preparatory Covicemmittee for the election

Consultants: Hou Yisa, Huang Fake (reprabout怎么读语音esentative of business unit)

Chairman: Ma Min (Presidepresidential是什么意思nt)

Members:Su Zeran (cviceib), Lin Ziyu (cib), Zhevice什么意思ng Degang (supervisor), tian wang (the previous President), WengHua (the first viclions怎么读e President), zhi-qianglions是什么意思 lu (seabout后面动词什么形式cond deputy chairman), Du Hengkun (secretary), Zhang Guojun (distrabout-faceict conference committee chairman), jin-liang wang (chairman, chairman of the advisory committee), LuoJinSong (representative)

During the 17th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen, members of the preparatory Committelions翻译e wepresidentre elected to the pr深圳地铁线路图oposed list of members of the prpresident什么意思中文翻译esidium. The generavice翻译l assembly shall be presided over by its chairman or executive chairman.

(2) Functions of the Election Preparatory Committee

1. Formulate the election plan and submit it to the Munsupervisoricipal Dvice什么意思isabled Persons’ Federationnotice用法 and the Federaaboutcg网站tion for approval;

2. To formulate election methods and submnotice的固定搭配it them to the general Assembly for approval;

3. To organize and implement election work;

4. Presiding over and holding genelions怎么读ral meetings of members;

5. Handling of election-related issues.

(3) Election offices and qualification examination panels

The preparatory Commitsupervisorytee for the election shall halions英语怎么读ve anaboutcg网站 election office and a qualification review group, whose members shall be apaboutcgpointed byviceroy the Preparatory Committee.

Election office director by secretary General Du Hengkun as members of the council, special committee, service teaabout是介词吗m and othlion是什么意思中文翻译er member representatives and ofsupervisor怎么读ficabout是什么意思e personnel, under t深证指数he secretapresidentialry group, conference affairs group, voting group, picketing group;

The qualification examination group is headed by tian Wangxingsupervisor是什么意思, the former president, and深圳市最新疫情 consists of members from the council, the advisory committee of the president, the special committee and the service team.

1. Electiolions是什么意思n ofvice-presidentfice duties

(1) Formulate t深圳疫情he Work Plan for Electio深圳风险等级n and submit it to the Council for approval;

(2) Fsupervisor是什么意思ormulions怎么读late the Annual Election Measures and submit them to the Council annoticeabled the general Assenotice用法mbly for approval after being approved by the Preparasupervisor什么职务tory Committee for election work;

(3) Organize and calionsrry out the registration of candidates, publicity of candidates’ qualifications, and publilionssh the list of candidates (candidates) in accordance with relepresident翻译vant regulations;

(4) According to relepresidentialvant regulations, allpresident前面加the吗ocate the quota of e深证指数ach service team to participate in the general meeting of member representatives, organize the registrsupervisor翻译at深圳风险等级ion of the list of m深圳ember representatives;

(5) Make good preparations and on-site organization for the holding of thsupervisor是什么意思e general Assembly;

(6) Draftinpresident翻译g and issuing documents and notices related to election work;

(7)vice什么意思 count the validity o深圳疫情f the election results and publish the list of candidates afterlions翻译 approval by the presidium of the convice versagress;

(8notice的形容词) Accept real-name objections or complaints raised by members on election issues, and make decisions by the preparatory Committee for elsupervisor中文意思ection work and the presidium of the congress;

(9) To guide the electoral work of the service teams.

2. Responsibilities of the Qulions是什么意思alification Panel

(1) Review the qualnotice作文ifications of member representatives according to represident什么意思中文翻译levant regulations;

(2) To examine candidates and their qualificationsupervisor翻译s in accordance with relevant regulations;

(3) Accept the opinions received duri深圳ng the publicity of candidates’ quali深圳大学fiabout-facecations, verify them and give feedbasupervisoryck; if necessary, the opin深圳市最新疫情ions shall be decided by the election preparatornoticedy Committee. Maboutcgore than the publicity period of the complaint is not acceptednotice用法 in principle.

Second, & have spent The scsupervisor怎么读hedule

(I) January 21, 2019 to February 28, 2019 is the self-recommendation and nomaboutinpresident翻译ation recommendasupervisor怎么读tion time. When filling in the “Candidateposition”, please specify the candidateposition. The application foabout翻译r membership of the bpresidential是什么意思oard of directors shall be recommended by a former director and a current director; the applicationnotice for membership of thepresident是什么意思中文 board of supervisors shall be recommended by a former supervisor and a current director. Application materials should be sent tnoticedo shenzhen Lions Club office before 4pm on February 28th;abouttime免费观看

(2) At 2:00 PM on March 5, the working meeting of the qualification Examination group will be held to exam深圳风险等级ine the qualifications of the candidates for presisupervisorydent, vice president a深圳地铁线路图nd director and the clions是什么意思andidates for chief supervisor, depuvicer34ty chief supervisor and supervisor;

(3) The 4th Council meeting will be held at 2:00 p.m. on March 9, and tabouthe qualification revielionsw reports submitted by the qualification rsupervisoreview panel on the candidates for president, vice president and director, and the qualification reshenzhenview reports of the cand深圳疫情idanotice的固定搭配tes for clions翻译hief supervisor, deputy chief supervisor and supervisor will be reviewed;

(4) From March 11 to 15, publicize the candidates for the chairman, vice chairmen and directors of the boardsupervisor什么职务 of directors as well as the深证指数 names of the candidates for the chief, deputy cabouttime免费观看hief and supervisor of the board of supervisors;

(5) From March 18 to 22, the materials of the candidates for ppresident什么意思中文翻译resident, vice president and director and the candidlionsates for supervisor, deputy supervisor and supervisor shall be submitted to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation for examination avicetonend approabout是介词吗val, and to The Municipal Social Organization Administration Bureau and China Lions Association fo深圳大学r the record. To be submitted to the general ass深圳地铁线路图embly election after approval;

(vi) The 17th General Meeting of the Members shall be convened onpresident是什么意思 April 20 and elect the prpresident是什么意思esidentaboutcg, vice Presidents, directors and heads, deputy heads and heads of supervisors for 201about是介词吗9-2020;

(7) Submit the names of the president, vice president, secretary General and council member for 2019-2010 to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Municipal Administration of Social Ovice什么意思rganizabout是介词吗ations, Lionlions翻译s Associationoticedn of China and Lions Clubs International for the record before May 20, 2019.

Three, & have spent Materials submitted

1.  Self-recommendation andabout nomination recommendation form (registered board members: recommended by a former director and a currenlions是什么意思t director, registered board members: recommended by a former supervisor and深证指数 a current ssupervisor中文意思upervisor);

2.  One copy of id cavice versard and household register;

3.  Proof of no criminal record;

4.  P深圳地铁线路图arty organization identification; Civil servants and staff of entelions的音标rprisupervisor什么职务ses and public institutions shall provide proof of tenure by their work units; The business owner must prabout后面动词什么形式ovide a copy of the bvice-presidentusiness license; Me深圳大学mberspresident和chairman区别 of the community are required to provide proof from their respsupervisor教程ective streets;

5.  Tax payment certificate of the previous year of the enterprise; Personal tax payment certificate of the previous year; (Direclionstor/Supervisor candidates need not provide)

6.  Recommendation letter of the service team;

7.&n深证指数bsp; Letter of election promise and performance of duty;

8.  It is recommended that you provide additional informpresidential是什么意思atsupervisor和manager区别ion about your work in the lions club field th深圳天气at will be helpful for the election.

Four, & havnotice是什么意思e spent contvice翻译act

Council information collection Contact person: Du Shaoheng, tel: 0755-25688980

Board ovicer34f Supervisors informanoticedtion collection contact person: Zhou Wenguang, tel: 0755-25688930

Fax: 0755-25688900

Email address: szlions_pub@163.深证指数com


1. vicetone的歌曲 Shenzhen Lion深圳大学s Club 17th Member c深证指数ongress election work plan

2.  Shenzhen Lionssupervisor教程 club 17th General Assembly election preparation schedule

3.  Rules for the election of preslion是什么意思ident, vicsupervisor是什么级别e president and director of Shenoticednzhen Lions Club 2019-2020

4.  Rules for the election of supervisor, Deputy Suplions翻译ervisor and ssupervisoryupervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020

5.  Self-recommendation and nomination form of candidates for president, Vice President and Dviceirector of Lions Club of Shenznotice过去式hen 2019-2020

6.  Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 Supervisor, Deputy Supervisopresident前面加the吗r, supervisor self-recommendation and nomination form

7.  Sample l深圳大学etters of recommendation from your serlions读音vice team

8.  Sample election promises and perforlions怎么读mancpresident和chairman区别e pledges

Preparatory Committee for thenotice用法 election of the 17th General Assembly of Lionabout怎么读s Club shenzhen

January 21, 2019

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