Mileage Service Team: hold the sixth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Mileage Service Team: hold the sixth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On December 8, 201sixth怎么读8, the sixth captain team meeting and regular meeting of The 2018-2019 Lions Club Miles Service Team of Shenzhen was successfuregular翻译lly held in Sanying Warm Sprinteams会议g Resort of Zengcheng. Feng Qijiang, supervisor of 2018-2019, Yang Shuijin, captain of mileage Service Team, Xiong Qi, third vice captain wang Shu, li Chao, Wen Zhijiansixth读音 and othteamviewereservice是什么意思r 21 former captains attservice是什么意思中文翻译ended the meeting. The meeting was chaiservice是什么意思red by Yang Shuijin.

At the regular meeting, Supervisor Feng Qijiang shared the theme of “How to forge an excellent service team” for lion fricaptain怎么读ends. Lions listen carefmileage什么意思ully.

In the team meholderetinregular什么意思g, Zhong Yinghuimileage翻译 made monthlmeetingyou是什么意思y finasixthlyncial income and ecaptain缩写xpenditure report. Red action group leader Yang Xiaowei introdcaptain的意思uced that this year’s mileage service team adhering to Yang Shuijin captain put forward thcaptain翻译e “happy miles, let love home” purpose, thservice怎么读e red action held within six games.

Wansixthtoneg Shu, the third vice captain, introduced the “Mile New Year’s Carnival night”serviceman. Lion friends will hold a buffet party imeeting是什么中文意思n the home pservicebioarty hallhold不住 on winter solsticehold on eveninghold的过去形式. Gift exchange and performance will be arranged in the evening. Chang Hongliang, the leader of the disabledmeeting腾讯会议 group, summteam什么意思ed up the fun sports meeting of lianhua North Community Rehabilitation Station on November 30, and thanked the lion friends for theicaptain缩写r active participation and interactimeeting翻译on with the disabled, which created a fun fun sports meeting.

Captain Yang Shumileageplus是啥轮胎ijin shared the visit of Ms. Gudrun Ingdard, president of Lions Club International, to Shenzhen. He said that Gregular是什么意思英语udrun Ingeldard, the president of gudrun Ingeldard, believes that the shold onpecial School is a vemeeting怎么读英语ry good project, and that more people should pay attention to this project and continteams手机版uously enhance its influence to benmeeting翻译efit more special groups.

Xiong Qi, first Vice captain, shared the service plan of “100 teams meetmileagesing lions”. “The team will lion” secaptaindarkrvice plan “early plan, early preparation,” lion heart, convergence is the design idea, initiative and calling service to “coordination, cooperation, creacaptainte, share” as the prisixth读音nciple, to “community service” as tteambitionhe guidance, in advance for 201meetingtencentcom9-2020 annualservice是什么意思中文翻译 fundraimileage翻译sing and service plan, service activities within the resultant force to undertake this service plan, To realize the mission of shenzheteamon Lions Club to serve the community.

After the meeting, lion friends present birthdamileage怎么读y wishes to the birtregularityhday star in Deccaptainember.

Articlserviceablee/Zhou CAregularityI double photo/Wanregularlyg Tingting

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