Splendid Service Team: held the sixth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Splendid Service Team: held the sixth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On December 20, 2018, the sicaptain喵队长微博xth captain teasplendidm meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Splendid Service Tteameam for 2018-2019 was succesplendidly是什么意思ssfully held in Buji Red Star Macalline Roof Farm. Xie Wenke, chairman of the 2018-2019 Peace Postsplendider Committee of The Lions Club of Shenzhen and former leader of the Splendid Service team; Zhou Fuhui, executive Cservice是什么意思hairman of the Medical And Health Committee and former leader of the Splendid Servsixth音标ice Team; Jinxiu service team captain Sun Jinping, the first vice captain Cao Hui, the second vice captain Xie Tianci, the third vice captain Wang Xingpeng, teacaptain怎么读m leader Qiu Zhaojun, general affairs su Lijun and oregular的所有形式ther 20 people attended the meetinheld的中文意思g. The meeting was presidedsixthirty over by Wang Fang asserviceable chairman of the conference.

At the meeting, Captain Sun Jinping summarized the hubei Xiannimeeting腾讯会议ng Chongyasplendid翻译ng County “100 points of Love” educational donation activiregular的名词ty, reported the fundraising and assistance of the activity, and thankedmeetings the lion friends and caring people for their efforts. Later, Captain Sun jinping awarded certificates to lion friends and caring people, hoping thasplendid是什么意思英语t they could set a good exregularly意思中文翻译ample and inspire more enterprises and individheld的意思是什么uals to pay attention to public welfregular的所有形式are and help poor students.

Shan Huiservice shared his feelingsixth怎么读英语 of participating in the “100 Love” donatioregular翻译n activity, and thanked evregular是什么意思英语eryone for sending warmth to the poor students in the cold weather, hoping that the children will become the pillasixth怎么读英语rs ofcaptain什么意思中文 the country.

President Xie wenke gave a briefing on this year’captain泰国演员s peace poster competition. Hesixth是什么意思 congratulated the English poster recommended by the Splendid Service team for being submiservicemantted to lions International for the Disabled English Essay Competition.  

Chairman Zhou fu-hui introduced the theme of the 9th Red Action, mobilized lions to participate in blood donation, and called on caring people to contribute to alleviating the winter blood shortage in Shenzhen.

Finally, the lion friends togethsplendidly是什么意思er for the birthday lionsplendid什么意思 friends send blessings.

By Su Lijun & NBSP; Figure/leffler

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