The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched an experiential educational activity called “Walk into campus and awaken love”

The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched an experiential educational activity called “Walk into campus and aactivity的形容词waken love”

On January 28, shenzhen lions club stakes, the path and mastery in s深圳风险等级ix service joint shenzhen Santa bond business school 025 team, held the second vocational school experience in shenzhen student activities, o深圳风险等级rganize students to attend the “waken love” puactivity翻译blic welfare actieducationallyvitcalled是什么意思ies, and to 339 students and 77 teachers are cookies, cakes and other New Year gifts, services for 5activity翻译0000 yuan. The activeducational的动词和名词ity was well received by the teachers and students of the school.

After learning thacalled是什么意思t alionsll 339 students from Xinjiang would stay in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival this year, the Service team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen immediately joinrelauncheded fclub是什么酒orces with service teams of Zhengdao and Fu ‘an and Desheng Bang Business School to buy a batch of Spring Festival gifts and vicalled怎么读英语sit these ethnic minority students in the school.

In the morning, the donation ceremony was held successfully in theducationale lecture hall of Nachua深圳疫情n Building. The students received Chinese深圳大学 New Year giftsclub是什么意思 and fully felt the love and warmth from shenzhen Lions Club.

Wang Gang, vice principal of the second Vocational Technical School, delivclubered a speech, thanking shenzhen Lion friends and loverseducational怎么读语音 for coming to ourlions是什么意思 school to carry out the caring activities. He hoped that teachers and students would becalled grateful and treat their work and seducationaltudy cactivity的形容词onscientiously. Mr. Hou Aimin, founder of Deshencalled和namedgbang Business Scwalkshool, gave a speech, expressing gratitucalled怎么读de to the lion friends and volunteers for their gclub是什么意思reat love of giving, wishing the stclubman是什么牌子车udents a successful study and a ret深圳大学urn to the society with excelclublent results.

As the chief planner oflions怎么读 the event, Mr. Tang Hacalled怎么读ozhi, chairman of the Public Relatclubmed官网预订ions and Publicity Committee of Shencalled offzhen Lions Club, delivered a speech, thank深圳天气ing the team members for their cooperation and efficient prepawalkingration of the event. I hope to bring d深圳风险等级ifferent feelings to teachers and students through experiential educatio深圳疫情最新消息n.

On the afternoon of the slions读音ame day, the interactive experiential love activity with the theme of “awakening love, interpreting love, accepting love andactivity复数 passing love” officially began. Activities include group confirmation, ice-breaking warm-up, interactive games, hula hoops, wind grass, puzzlcalled的音标es, Thanksgiving meal, story telling, talent display, goal setting, heart voting, go all out, tie blue ribbon and so oeducational的动词和名词n. By listening,educational的动词和名词 asking, sharing, communicating and integrating, the tutors help the students to open their hearts, gradually shorten the distance between tlions翻译中文hem and inspire them to strive flion是什么意思中文翻译or their career, family and social responsibility.

Through more than eight hcalled的用法ours of experience and games, students furactivity工作流ther clarified their relationships with others and learned good communication, trust, support深证指数 and appreducational的名词eciation between people. In the part of “Talent Show”, the activity reached its ccalled的用法limax, and stud深圳天气ents were asked to perform oactivity的形容词n stage and share their feelings. “Set the target” link, the students were deeply touched, Shouting “come on, come on”; During the “Tie blue Ribbon” part, students, teachers, volunteers and school leaders tied ribbons to深圳地铁线路图 eaclions的音标h other. Many of them were moved to tears…

This activity enhanced xinjiang students’ sense of social responsibility andrelaunched national identity, let them deeply understaneducationallyd the meaneducational翻译ing of “unity, trustclub, pay and gratitude”, and will also encourage them to work hwalk的过去式ard and serve the motherland w深圳大学ith an uplaunched是什么意思英语right and grateful heart.

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