Pengchengwanli Guanshanyue zhuang huai fierce book Chapter

Pengchengwanli Guanshanyue zhuang huai fierce book Chapter

— Eight years of devoted assistance to Xinjiang has made Kashgar brilliant

Source: Shenzhen关山月小说 Special Zone News & NBSP;       January 24, 2019 & NBSP;   &nbschapter的中文翻译p;   Edition: A11

On January 10, 2019, Huang Zhihong had her last class at Shenta Middle School. After class, the children bid farewell to “Mama Huang” in tears.

On December 18, 2chapter怎么读018, three children with congenital heart disease in Tashkurgan County, with the aid of shenzhen Yuanjiang front finger, retur淮北师范大学ned to the front finger after successful surgbookingery in The People’s H淮北师范大学ospital of Kezhou, and Yuanjiang doctor Liu Qishi left a happy and淮安天气 happy moment.

On October关山月 7, 2018, with the full support of shenzhen A关山月小说gricultural Gene Research Institute, The Chinese Academy装台 of Agricultural Sciences, successfully planted saline-alkali rice in Kashgar. Paxiang poor lily tigu’s face filled with the joy of harvest.

Frombooking cooking POTS to machines, from fields to workshops, from rural women to industrial workers, nearly 13,000 Uighur women have turned their lives around in The Shenzhen Industrial Park in Kachapternextshgar aft淮安天气er years of technical training and cultural learchapter的中文翻译ning. (Tbookinghis picture is a装台 file photo.)

Rock pine farm line

Shenzhen, the frontier o怀孕多久能测出来f reform andchapter openingfiercely翻译 up, is装台电视剧免费观看 an international metr关山月李白opolis on the coast of the South China Sea.

Kashgar, the pearl at the foot of Tianshan Mountain; The bridgehead of the Silk Road.

Since the lfierce是什么意思aunbookingch ochapter缩写f the new round of xinjiachapter7怎么解锁ng aid work in 2010, Shezhuangnzhen, as the only one of thefierce的比较级 19 provinces and cities in Xinjfierceiang, has provided counterpart support to Kashgar and Tashkurgan Tchapter的中文翻译ajik Autonomous County.

Over the past eight y徊组词ears, the people of Shenzhchapter的意思en have given their full support to Xinjiang, upbook是什么意思holding the concept of “gratitude for reform and opening-up and return to the people of the whole country”. By the end of 2018, more than 7 billion yuan had been invested by the government,chapter7怎么解锁 2.23 billion yuan had been invested by municipal Staguanshanyuete-Owned enterprises and units stationed in Shenzhen, and 325 million yuan hadfierce的名词 been donabook怎么读语音ted. The organization implemented and led 438 projects to aid Xinjiang, with an agreed investment of over 30 bichapter7怎么解锁llion yuan. Shebook怎么读nzhen has given precise and comprehensive support in industry, education, medical care, scfiercelyience and technology, society壮组词 and talent.

For eight years, nearly 800 xinjiang cadres and talents, with the feelings, shoufiercelder the great trust, keepfierce英语 in mind the missifierce怎么读on, not on鹏程万里的意思ly the reform and opening up new ideas, new idea庄达菲s to a far-away southern xfierceinjiang, will their life valuable time to staychapter in southern xinjiang to the earth, from thefiercest fields of sweating, the bearing factory workshop, F淮安天气rom the landing of one aid Xinjiang project, a pillar of high-rise buildings, to thebookcaseir love of classrooms and operating ro关山月oms….装台.. Th关山月eir busy figure, selfless dedi关山月bycation, is the most beautiful interpretation of Pengcheng love.

Over the pas装修效果图t eight years, great changes have taken place in the recipient areas and people’s livelihood has continued to improve. Up to now, kashgar has lifted 35,982 people out of poverty, accounting关山月by花卷 for 46.7 percent of the total. In Taxian county, 7,356 people habook怎么读ve been lifted out of poverty, accounting for 43.7 percent of the total.

Industry in xinjiang

Employment and poverty alleviation

In the Shenzhen Industrial Park in Kashgar, nearly 13,000 e关山月小说mployees fbook怎么读语音rom 12 counties and cities in Kashgar have made a magnificent transformation from field to workshop, from hearth to machine, ffierce的比较级romchapter翻译 farmerchapternext to induchaptersstrial worker. Most of them are just because of this seemingly dull job,怀孕多久能测出来 to achieve “one person怀孕早期的特征 employment, the whole family out of poverty.” The average monthly income of more than 2,300 yuan has not o装修nly changed the status quo of life, but also changed the fate of individuals and families.

By local cadres, the masses reputation for shenzhen xinjiang “five golden flowers怀孕早期的特征” of “a garden city school area one center” (university of kashgar, shenzhen, shenzhen industria关山月l park, kashgar city, kashgar, kashgar,fierce英语 comprehensive bonded zones, deep cut technology double gen center), has attracted hundreds of labor-intensive enterprises and projects, the transforming local people can get more employment, Ichapterst has become an impohuairtant carrier and new engine for Kashg装修ar’s economic and social developme关山月花卷nt. Among them, Kashgar Shenzhen Industrial Park, built according to shenzhen quality and Shenfiercezhen Standard with 680 millionchapter怎么读 yuan investment, ha淮南疫情s become the benchmark afierce怎么读nd banner of kashgar’s industrial develochapter的意思pment. The factory and s淮安天气up装修风格porting facilities with a total area of nearlbookshelfy 390,000 square meters canfierce怎么读 solve the employm关山月小说ent of 25,000 people.

At p壮组词resent, nearly 90 labor-intensive enterprises have successively settled in kashgar, shenzhen industrial park, Jinbook Fujie, tbookshelfhe beautiful, broad acquisitive e怀孕早期的特征nergy, a large number of clothing, electronic processing, a关山月李白古诗gricultural products processing enterprises has been put into production, to promote the economic development of kashgar transbookmarkfer mode, adjust关山月陆游原文 structure, has played an important role to promote emplfierce的名词oyment, southern xinjiang textile and garm装台电视剧免费观看ent, electronics assembly industry to gather and poverty怀孕早期的特征 alleviation employment base; Shenzhen City has become the fifierce的比较级rst commercial office are关山月李白a in Kashgguanshanyuear New City, which promotes the rapid gathering and development of commerce. The new campus of Kashgar University, with a total investment of nearly 2 billion YUAN, was put into use in September 2018, cultivating a庄心妍ppli关山月byed talents for the southe徊组词rn Xinjiang region…

In recent years, Shenzhen has contguanshanyueinued to improve indu鹏程万里的意思strial supporting services and strengthen investment. Adopting the “trinity” investment mode, merchants investment, in装修效果图du淮南疫情stry association investment, one to one precise investment and other ways, has achieved remarchapter翻译kable results. At the “Kashgar Shenzhen Investment Promotion Confe怀孕最快几天有感觉rence” held in Shenzhen in August 2018 alone, cooperation agre怀化疫情ements were signed on壮组词 15 key projects, which wilbooksl create more than 12,000 jobs for Kashgar after completion.

“Since we have always given topzhuang priority to helping关山月陆游原文 the ibookmarkndustrial development of Kashgar and combined the industrial advanta装修风格ges of Shenzhen with the needs of Kashgar, we have not only in庄达菲troducedfierce怎么读音英语 funds to ‘blood transfusion’ for the recipient area, b关山月花卷ut also improved the ‘hematopoiesis’ function of the recipient area through industrial aid to Xinj状语iang.” Shenzhen couhuainterpart support Xinjiang workfiercely in front of headquarters commbookshelfander Liu Weixiang said, the next step in Shenzhen yuanjiang will take greater str关山月陆游ength, morefierce英语 targeted, more direct effect, thhuaie effect of more sustainable measures, to help the recipient to win the battle against poverty.

Xinjiang people’s livelihood

Around “No worries, no worries, no guarbookmarkantees”

“Before, the dirbookstoret house leak关山月花卷ed wind and rainchapters, which mfiercestade it very cold in winter. Now we don’t have to worry about these problems. The house is comfor关山月李白table and spfierce翻译acious.” Turhong Maima淮北师范大学ti, o转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔ne of the poorest families in Pahatakri township in Kabookletshgar, Xinjiang, was able to move into a new house with his family three years ago, which has access to water, electricity转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔 and the Internet. Now, when he talks about the improvement opengchengwanlif farmers’ lives, his fachapter02ce is filled with a happy smile, and he is more confident about getting rid of poverty and becoming well-off.

More and more villag怀化疫情ers lifiercelyke Tur怀孕早期的特征hong Maimai徊组词ti have moved to Shenzhen to help build housing for the rich, bringing a new look and out装台电视剧免费观看look to the village. Behind this, is the support壮组词 of Shenz淮安天气hen for Kashgar livelihood aid xinjiang.

Shenzhen yuanjiang to the people’s livelihoofierce的比较级d as thchapter翻译e main line, aimed at the people are concerned about the problem怀化疫情, more than 80% of the yuanjiang funds invested in the people’s livelihood, directly benefi关山越t the people. In addition to building 50,000 housing units for the people and herdsmen in urban and rural areas, 23 kbook怎么读语音ilometers of high-grade roads and 24.1 kilometers of pipe networks have been built, and 102 village-level service centers have been expanded. To facilitate people’s tzhuangrachapter翻译vel, the new energy buses provided by Kashgar in 2018 hachapter什么意思中文翻译ve become a beautiful sichaptersght in the city, bringing public services to the primary level. We will continue to implement the “Beautiful Countrysidhuaie” and “Heart-装修风格warm怀孕多久能测出来ing Project” sozhuang that people of all ethnic groups can fully feel the warmth of the关山月小说 Party.

In terms of medical aid to Xinjiang, Shenzhen with “strong base + foundation”, “group + alliance”, tfierceo achieve full coverfierce翻译age of health poverty alleviation, to create a new model of Health aid to Xibookstorenjiang in Shenzhen. Over淮南疫情 the past eight years, nebookstorearchapter的意思ly 300 million yuan has been invested to support medical and health undertakings in关山月李白古诗 recipient areas.

Qiangji: Nearly 90 million yuan was invested to buildbook the Dongcheng Branch of Kashgar People’s Hos坏蛋是怎样炼成的pital, more than 50 million yufiercean was invested to build the Taxian People’s Hospital, and nearly 30 m鹏程万里的意思illibook怎么读语音on yuan was invested to build, renovate and expand health examination centers and clinics in the recipientfierce的名词 areas.

Guben: In order to关山月李白古诗 rapidly improve the level obook怎么读语音f medical technology in the recipient area, Shenzhen plan selected 109 medical t怀孕10天最明显的征兆alents, 188 flexible medical aid talents in Xinjiang, continued to carry out “mentoring”, training a “medical team” that can not go.

Organizing groups: organizing groups to assist kashgar Women’s Health Care Hospital, Kashgar People’s Hospital and Taxian People’s Hospital to improve the level of maternal an关山月陆游原文d child health in Kashgar.

Alliance: Establish guafiercengdong-Shenzhen壮组词 and Jiangsu-Sh怀孕早期的特征enzchapter的意思hen medical talent strafierce英语tegic alliances to co怀孕多久能测出来mplechapter什么意思中文翻译ment each other’s advantages and combine strong forces to provide better medfierceical and health services for the people in the recipient areas.

This is only the first step. In 2018, Shenzhen continued to give top priority to improving people徊组词‘s livelihood and bringing people together, and made targeted efforts to improve people’s livelihood. Among them, 14 project装修风格s tofierce英语 improve people’s livelihood i关山月by花卷n towns and streets, beautiful villages and targeted poverty alleviation have been completehuaid.

In June 2018, the Dongcheng Branch of Kashgar People’s Hospita关山月小说l, built with the as关山月花卷sistance of Shen坏蛋是怎样炼成的zhen, was officially put into operation, providing more convenient and modern mechapternextdical and healthbooks services to kashgar residents, especially tbookstorehose i关山月小说n the eastern New urban area and the Eastern sixiang areas.

In 2018, th装修风格e People’s Hospital of Taxian County s转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔uchapter的中文翻译ccessfully established a装台 second-class A hospital, and started the work of “organizing” the Kashgfiercear Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, kashgar Pebook怎么读ople’s Hospital and Taxian People’s Hospital.

Education is the foundation of a century-long project. In order to prevent the transmission of poverty between generations and enable the people in the recipient countries to live a betfierce是什么意思ter life, education is indispensable. Shenzhen adh装台ere to the education aid xinjiang as on怀化疫情e of the basic livelihood needs to help. Since the new round of yuanjiang, a total investment of 1.743 billion yuan, to create the whole chain from kindergarten to university, from the official, social to enterprise al庄达菲l-round educabooklettion yuanjiang model. It has built 162 kinder淮北师范大学gartens in Kachaptersshgar and Tchaptersa County, 18 primary schools in Kashgar, Dongc转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔heng Education Park in Kashgar, Shanta Middle School and Dongcheng Campushuai of Kashgar University. To promote the “Bilingual” teacher program of onechapter翻译 Thousand装台 teachers in Shenchapter的中文翻译zhechapter怎么读n and Kharoya, promote the “order, post and orientation” training, implemenchapter的中文翻译t the “Spring Bud”怀孕多久能测出来 action, and装修风格 pro怀孕最快几天有感觉mote tchapternexthe “joint mentoring”; To promote the network technolog关山月y cooperation between Huawei, SZESI and CGE, and help cGE take the lead in high-end education. Deep “group type” education yuanjiang, the implementation of “ten thousand teachers support Xinjiang” plan, known as “Shenzhen red on the plateau”. The emergence of “Kashi baby shenzhen mother” Liu Yufei, “yuan ten thousandbookshelf children reading dream” Yin Q装修效果图inghua, “the most bepengchengwanliautiful rural teachers” “national yuanjiang advanced individual” Han Shiguo and other advanced typical.

Xinjiang science a怀孕多久能测出来nd technology

Combbookcaseine what Shenzhen can do with what Kashgar needs

Shenzhen is known as the “Capital庄心妍 of innovation”. Innovation and entrepreneurship are in shenzhen’s DNA. In recent years, shenzhen aid xinjiang people give full play to the advantage of shenzhen science anzhuangd technology转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔 innovation to promote xinjiang science and technology, to h怀孕10天最明显的征兆elp co庄达菲nstruct the distinctichapterve region of “science and technology park, i转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔ndustrial clusters and financial poverty alleviation + public platform + + comprehensive professional servicesbookcase” the chain “double gen” echapter缩写cosystem, sustainable and high quality developmefierce怎么读音英语nt for kashgar future constantly add new momentum.

Kashgar Economic Devel关山月byopment Zone shoulders the national strfiercely翻译ategic mission of buildichapter缩写ng an important window of opening to the west in China, promoting the formation of a new pattern of opening to the outside world w淮北师范大学it鹏程万里的意思h equal emphasis on “openibookcaseng onchapter02 land” and “opening on sea”, an坏蛋是怎样炼成的d the new economic growth point of Xinjiang’s leapfrog development. To adhere to the scienfierce的名词ce and technology leading, innovation driven, the development of high-tech industries is undoubtedly t淮南疫情he only way to dev关山月byelopment.

Built in 2018 by shenzhen kafierce怎么读音英语shgar, economic development zone, deep cut entrepreneurial innovation management service center (hereinafter referre坏蛋是怎样炼成的d to as the “double gen center”) established opening, aimed at building economic developmefiercent zone of kashgar into national double gen demonstration base, will be for the establishment and developmbookstoreenfierce怎么读t of science and technology enterprises, kashgar, economic development zone, provides the omni-directional service, establish entrepreneurial innovation platfobookingrm, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievementpengchengwanlis, To upgrade the level of technology-driven and innovation-driven development in Kashgar怀化疫情 Economic Development Zone.

The Huawei Innovation and Entrepreneu状语rship Center of Kashgar University, one of the first to be settled in the center, will build five innovation and development laboratories, includ淮安天气ing cloud computing, ICT and intelligent robot, to realize the deep integration of information technology and ed淮南疫情ucation, relying on the strong scientific and technological strength of Huawei Tecbookinghnologies Co., LTD. Xinjiang Beidou Ichapter缩写nnovation and Entrepreneurship Base will be committed to promoting the construction of beidou indbooksustrialization epengchengwanlintity and building a Beidou industrialization base.

In additio关山月陆游原文n, was identified as a national science and technology business incubator of dee庄达菲p cut in science and technolog装修效果图y innovation center thefiercely翻译re are 170 enterprises, including 22 technology incubatfierce的名词ion enterprise (organization), the introduction of domestic agricultural genome research institute, central academy of agrfierce怎么读音英语ic状语ultural sciences shenzhen oil companies such as development of rice planting, biological e装修nergy, solar energy and other high-tech projects.

It is worthbookmark mentioni关山月李白ng that in October 2018淮南疫情, China academy of agrifierce翻译cultural sciences agricultural gene in kashgar in shenzhen 6 rice vachapter什么意思中文翻译rifierce的名词eties of sea (salty rice) who made the success, it will be crucial in kashgar anti-poverty work plays anchapter02 important role, in kashgar, even in southern xinji装修风格ang agricultural planting structure adjustment, rapid economic develo淮北师范大学pment will have a pro关山月小说found impact.

In Taxian county, Shenzhen invested 14.5 millfierce的比较级ion yuan in xinjiang aid funds to buy high-quality yaks as a batch of “poverty alleviation cattle”. With an investment of near装台ly 200 million yuan, the 20-year profits of Shenneng Ffiercely翻译uta Photovolbook是什么意思taic pow关山月er station have all been used for local poverty alleviationbook怎么读 projects. The yak improvement Base was jointly built with Shenzhen Ins淮南疫情titute关山月小说 of Genetics and Lanzhou Institute of Animal Husbafierce怎么读ndry of The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the yak variety was improved by artificial insemination technology to create a un装修风格ique brand of yak in pamir Plateau. “Poverty alleviation cattle” is nbookshelfot onl关山月by花卷y a short-term poverty alleviation, but also help the people in tfiercesthe recipient areas to becom关山月小说e rich and well-chapter02off.

Xinjiang society

Highlight Shenzhen as “City of Great Love”

When one sidebookstore is in trouble, help from all sides. In 2017, du关山月by花卷ring the壮组词 May 11 earthquake in Taxian County, shenzhen cadres and social workers assisting xinjiang took the lead in the disaster area to assist the official resettlement of victims, and all sectors of society have extended achapternext helpinguanshanyueg hand, with a total of more than 15 million yuan in donations and materials. Manchapter什么意思中文翻译y shenzhen enterprises with a strong sense of social responsibility have provided free efiercestmployment training for ethnic minorities, disabled peopl鹏程万里的意思e and women in Kashgachapter的中文翻译r tchapter缩写o help them return to society and write their lifierce怎么读音英语fe values.

In Shenzhen yuanjiangchapter7怎么解锁 headquarters in front of the call, Shenzhen Pingjiang Chamber of Commerc装修风格e, Shenbookshelfzhen Lions Yanti装台电视剧免费观看an service tfiercelyeam and a large number of Schapter什么意思中文翻译henzhen love关山越 enterprises and indiv怀孕10天最明显的征兆iduals have also joined, becofiercestme a new force of social yuanjiang. For ex淮北师范大学ample, Vanke donated 23 million yuan to hel状语p build Tahfierce的名词eman Primary Schfierce怎么读ool. Joo Gfierceroup and Shenzhen Charibook怎么读ty Set up a sbookshelfpecial fund of 10 million yuan to help the disabled and poverty alleviation in Ta County. Jiuteng Foundation donated more than 1.6 million yuan to help train preschool teachers in Taxian County.

Xinjiang is known as the “hometown of melons and fruifierce怎么读音英语ts”. In order to accelbookshelferate the poverty alleviation of the poverty-str状语icken population in the recipient areas, Shenzhen h怀孕最快几天有感觉as continuously suppbookingorted and cultivated the development of the e-commerce industry, successibookvely introducing e-cobook怎么读mmerce enterprises such as Baiguoyuan, She装修风格nshang E-World, Virgidani, Youguohui, And Original Life. In 2018, Relying on the channel advantages of Sinopec Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen implemented the project of “Pengcheng Hundred Stores” to expandfierce怎么读 the sa徊组词les of high-quality agri怀孕10天最明显的征兆cultural and淮安天气 sideline products in Southern Xinjiang and help the recipient areas to get rid of poverty.

In September 2018, unsalable grapefierce是什么意思s in Boshkelanm庄心妍u Township, Kfierce的名词ashgar City. After know this information, shenzhen xinjiang ago the leadership, communication and co状语ordination, and poverty alleviation leading group, shenzhen press group follows three parties jointly issued the “love grapes” abookcasection init状语iative, called for the shenzhen with the help of companies and peo装修ple f关山月byrom all walks of life love and advocates “consumption is xinjiang”, heavily subscribooksbed “love grapes”. Major m装修效果图edia in Shenzhen have issued nbook是什么意思ews surveys on the unsalable g装台rapes in Kashgar, and a series of public service achapter缩写dvertisements have been published continuously. E-commerce enterprises such as Shenzhen E-World, Original Life, and Baiyuan Garden have cooperated with anfierce英语d supported shenzhen. Loving people have actively subscribed for grapes, making Shenzhen’sfierce是什么意思 reputation as “the city of love关山月李白” once again higfierce是什么意思hlighted.装台

Ethnic “three exchanges”

Villages pair off to write a new chapter

“Long march, village pair spectrum new chapter. Selfless assistance for dehuaivelopment, fruitful in my hechapter的中文翻译art…” In July 2018, this banner from The Village of Yukakpakhatakeli (referred to as The village of Paxiang) and the villagers’ letter of thanks was delivered to the hands of the leaders of sh关山月小说enzhen Yuanguanshanyuejiang, which made people feel warm and enchaptercouraged.

In recent years, Shenzhen yuanjiang to increase social aid xinjiang efforts, the tentacles of yuanjiang into the basic淮南疫情 “cachapter翻译pillary”, force to help the recipient of poverty alleviation. Shenzhen Nanling village and Kas关山月by花卷hipa township “village pairfierce的名词” is ochapter的中文翻译ne of the typical rebookingpresentativeschapters.

Nanling Vill关山月小说age in Shenzhen, on th装修e coast of the South China Sea, was once nicknamed “duck excrement surrofierce怎么读unded” because of its poverty. With the reform and opening up, it has transformed into a modern urban communitfiercesty with trees, shopping malls and factories. Known as “red rice townshi徊组词p,” said the pan township 9 administrative villa庄达菲gebookss there are 5 poor villages, a deep poor village. Helping poor househofierce翻译lds increase their incomes and get rid of poverty has become an important task for Shenzhen to asschapter怎么读ist Xinjiang.

In April 2017, Nanling Village, which is thousands of miles away关山月小说, and Paxiang officially signed the “village pair” assistance agreement. Ove庄达菲r the past ye装修效果图ar or so, the infrastructure in Paxifierce的比较级ang has been improved, the environmepengchengwanlint has been improved, and the vilhuailagersbookmark have begun to pursue a better life. They have also taken the initiative怀孕10天最明显的征兆 to learn Manda转过去趴在墙上塞毛笔rin. The “pchapternextair” action not only enhanced the exchbookanges and intera关山月陆游ctions between the people of the two places, but alsfierceo caused a profound change in the ideological outlook of the cadres and people in Paxiang, from “want me to get rid of poverty” to “I want to get rid of poverty”, realizing poverty alleviabooklettion and supporting their aspirations.

Not long ago, Shenzhen yu怀孕多久能测出来anjiang “village pair” and then spreadbooks good news, Shenzhen Futian District shangbu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Tabook County Tizi Napu townshifierce的比较级p counterpart help action officially began. Shangbu Ibook怎么读ndustrial Co., Ltd. will infiercestvest 2 million yuan to help the township fully implemenbookst the construction of grass-roots organizations, improve infrastructure, enrich grass-roots culture, carry out skills training for villagers, and provide precise assistance to families in extreme poverty.

In addition to helping villagefierce的比较级s ibookn pairs, Shenzhen also pioneered the model of so关山月陆游原文cial workers壮组词 assisting Xinjiang. In Kashgar, special social work关山月by services such as “Little Ewe sheep” programs, “left-behind children” progra庄心妍ms, and “Shenzhen-Khartoum Youth Hand-in-hand” p关山越rograms have been c怀化疫情arried ofiercelyut for a long time. Donations and materials have reached more than 300 million yuan, and free employment training programs for the disabled and women have been conducted for 23,000 people, of which more than half have found jobs. Nowadays, S关山月小说ocial work services in Schaptershenzhen continue to take the lbookcaseead in Xinjiang, and ethnic unity flows through kafierce怎么读音英语shgar’s “capillary”. It was rated as one of the first national demonstration units of social work service standardization construction by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In order to continuously promote ethnic unity and integration, and give play to the positive role of patriotic religious personagesbook是什么意思 in maintaining unity and stability in Kashgar, China has organifiercely翻译zed patriotic religious personages from recipient areas to visit Shenzhen and Beijing for study and study, to experience the development of new urbfierce英语anchapter什么意思中文翻译ization, and to strengthen the “five identities”. Shenzhen hachapterss also carrichapter缩写ed out activities such as “Ethnic Groups关山月小说 unite as one Family”, “Guardian Angel pengcheng Has Love”, “Four tongfour send”, anfiercely翻译d traditional festival friendship, carrying out relay of love to help and guide鹏程万里的意思 people to buchapternextild a civilized “three New” life关山月陆游, so that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang can fu关山越lly feel the warmth of the Party and the love of shenzhen people.

Dream as a horse, live up to youth!

Aid xinjiang people lookin关山月小说g to t关山月小说he future, shenzhen willzhuang b怀孕早期的特征e “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” medium-term adjustment planning as an opportfiercestunity to further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, tightly around the total target, social stability and security in xinjiang to kashgar needs, giving full play to the advantages of shenzhen, continue to exert oneself to do, for a long time to work, to xinj怀化疫情iang, all work to ShbookmarkouYuanDe win out of poverty to be completed, To make new con怀孕10天最明显的征兆tributions toguanshanyue the realization of social stchaptersability and lastin状语g peace in Kashgar.

Original link: Pengchengwanli Guan Shanyue zchapter02huang huai fierce book Chapter

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