New Momentum and New Lion Generation — Lions Club shenzhen 2018 — 2019 Spring Festival Worship and lion Affairs Exchange Forum was successfully held

New Momentum and New Lion Generation — Lions Club shenzhen 2018 — 2019 Spring Festival Worship and lion Affairs Exchange Forum was successfully held

From February 21 tnew balanceo 28, 2019, Lions Club shenzhen successfully held fivenewgrounds Chinese New Year group worshiplions是什么意思 and lion affairs exchange symposium in the multi-function Hall of its office. President Ma Min and council members invited members of the board of Supervisors, chairmen of specialized working organizations, sergeneration翻译v深圳风险等级ice team leaders and other lion friends to exchange lion affairs, review work and look fornewlyward to the future. Mr. Liu Xiaogang, director of Lions Club Internationgeneration x y z区别al, Mr. Lin Ziyu, vice president of Domestic Lions Association, and Ms. Hou Yisa, director of Shenzhen Dismomentum耳机abled Persons’ Federation were invited to the forum.

Mr. Li深证指数u Xiaogang, director of Lions Club International, Mr. Lin Ziyu,news可数吗 Vice Pregeneration英语sident of Lions Association in Chinamomentum翻译, Ms. Hou Yisha, President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Mr. Ma Min, President of Lions Club in Shenzhen, Mr. Zheng Degang, President of Lions Club in Shenzhen, Mr. Tialionn Wangxing, First Vice President of Lions Club in Shenzhen, Mr. Shi Jianyong, Mnews可数吗r. Zhang Guojun, Zhang Hongxiang, Deputy Chief Supervisor, Du Hennew的反义词gklions英语怎么读un, Luo Jinsonlions的音标g, Chief Fnew balanceinancial Officer, Guo Yongyong, Peng Daojian, Chief Insclubmedpector, Zheng Guoping, Deputy Chief Secretary, Rong Jing, Li Felion的中文意思ng, Deng Yi and other direclions翻译中文tors and supervisors attended the symposium respeclub怎么读ctively.

This year, according to the party construction and the three forces (GMT, GLT, GST) in the annual plan, the backbone service team organized a New Year’s party reunion. Ma Min Presiden深圳疫情最新消息t representatives to attend the meeting of the speclubmedcial work, service team captain to extend New Year greetings, agencies and service to the special work over the past eight months wlion是什么意思ork highly. As the executive agency of Shenzgeneration翻译hen Lions Club, the specialized working organization pllion是什么意思ays a key role in the smooth implementation of all the work. The service team is tlionhe cornerstone of Shenzhen Lions Club. As thclub是什么酒e “leaders” of each servlion翻译ice team, the tnewspapeream leaders have played a good rolion是什么意思le in the healthy development of shenzhen Lions Club and the orderlyclub是什么酒 development of social services. On behalf of the Shenzhen Lions Club, she thanked them for their hard work. She said thaclubmed官网预订t tnew怎么读he shenzhen Lions club office will be made into a support center, convenient for lion friends to exchange, give ligeneration x y z区别on friends the most time深圳地铁线路图ly assistance, deepen the horizontal contact betwelions英语怎么读en the specialized work organizations anmomentum自行车价格d the service team, hope that the majority of lion friends can often go back to “home” to see. She hop深圳疫情最新消息es that in the next four months, we will workclub用英语怎么说 together to successfully complete the work plan for this year. She cordialnewlyly invites the heads of committees and serlion的音标vice teams to run for counciclub翻译l members in 2019-20.

Hou yisha, dinew怎么读rector of lions Club of Shenzhen, fully appreciated the lion’s work in party building, assisting the disabled and exploring the separation of fu深圳天气ndraising and use. She hopeslions英语怎么读 that shenzhen Lions club will continue to do a gomomentum指标od深圳疫情最新消息 job in party building. Activelylions participate igenerations翻译n barrier-free construction servicenews可数吗s in Shenzhen; We will strengthen cooperation with the Huashi Foundation to provide more social services with the help of the foundation.

Lin Ziyu, vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, spoke highly of the work carried out this year. She said that the New Year’s party, held in the form of a symposium, embodies the style of frugality, efficiency and pragmatism of Shenzhen Lions Clulion怎么读b, which is worth promoting. During the period of consolidlion复数ation, lions Club shenzhen organizednewgrounds and held a New Year’s party, which covered the major leadership levels of Lionslion是什么意思 Club Shenzhen, to sum up the experiennew的反义词ce and plan the next step.new是什么意思

Liu Xiaogang, director of Lions Club shenzhen internationalions的音标l, affirmed that Shenzhen Lions Cllion的中文意思ub had made solid progress in all asmomentum指标pects of work this year and provided vnewgroundsalua深圳天气ble suggestions on the problems encountered in the organizatiolions的音标n and construction of Lions Club Shenzhen. As the first lions club in the new China, Shenzhen Lions Club has made great contribution to tlionshe development of lions club in China. I hope shenzhen Lions Club can keep a good momentum, constantly strengthen the organization construction, do a go深圳天气od job of themselves, and lead the friends of the district.

Lions Clublion是什么意思 shenzhenmomentum自行车是什么牌子 2018 — 2019 Team Bugenerationalilding (GLT) New Year group worsclubmed官网预订hip and lion affairs Exchange symposium was held in the multi-function hall of its office on January 21. Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Lin Ziyu, President of shenzhen lion, Ma Min, thlion怎么读e last President of tian wang, secretary generalmomentum耳机 Du Hengkun, dean of general affair Guo Yongyongmomentum自行车, vice secretary o深圳疫情最新消息f Eva, static, Deng Yi zonclub是什么意思e Du Peng chairman, chairmanlion翻译 partition Li Zhou, RuChunXu, good iwslt L深圳风险等级i Chunchang, Cui Weinew是什么意思ying, yun-peng zhao, Luo Junping, such a深圳疫情s supervisors, &schwarz, what salary, A total of 28 representativemomentum自行车s from the peace Poster Committee, the Lion Enterprise Sgeneration翻译ervice Committee, the Women and Family Developmentlions怎么读 Committee, and the Seclub怎么读minar attended the conference. The mlionkkeeting was chaired bymomentum自行车价格 Rong Jing.

On 22nd, thelions读音 Lions Clions是什么意思lub of Shenzhen held the 2018-2019 Spring Festival group worship and liogeneration x y z区别n affairs Exchange symposium in the multi-function halclubmedl of the office. Shenzhen disabled persons’ federation, chairman of the pnewlyarty senews可数吗cretary, hou long elson, President of shenzhen lion, long Zheng Degang Ma Min and supervisors, the last President of tian wang, a former President of ShiJianYong, folions翻译中文rmer President, district conference cnew的反义词ommitteenew chairman Zhang Guojun, secretary-general Du Hengkun, dean of genera深圳风险等级l affair Guo Yongyong, lonclubman是什么牌子车g picket Peng Daojian, chairman oflion是什么意思 the zone Liao Ronghui, Du Peng yun-peng zhao, chairman of the partition, Lgenerations日本组合uo Junping, supervisors, zh深圳市最新疫情ang jian Shenzhen party construction, the district conference committee, internationageneration翻译l liolions英语怎么读n lion lion fund committee, shenzhen fund committee, the lions,lions英语怎么读 shenzhen commission, system constructionlions的音标 and law committee, thlion的中文意思e financial supervisory commission, public relations and publicity committee, dimomentum自行车价格scipline committee, the 57th annual southeast Asia forum organising committee, public welfare culture researcmomentum耳机h cennewster, deep lion news agency and other specialized work Attendnewlyed the meeting on behalf of nearly 30 peclub怎么读ople. The meetinmomentum耳机g was chairelion的中文意思d by Guo Yongyong.

The Lions Club of Shenzhen held the 2018 — 2019 Amomentum自行车是什么牌子nnual Organization devclubselopment (GMT) Spring Festivaclubsl worship and lion affairs Exchange symposium in the multi-function hall ofmomentum自行车是什么牌子 the office on The 26th. Liu Xiaogang, director of the international lions club, President of shenzhen lion, Ma Min, first vice President of Du Hengkun WengHua, vice supervisor long Zhang Hongxlionsiang, senewlycretary-general, long pimomentum自行车是什么牌子cket Pengnew是什么意思 Daojian, deputclub翻译y secretary-general Li Feng, chairman of the zongeneration gape Du Peng, Tan Fgenerationsei, chairman of the partition, the operation should be prosperlionous,lions怎么读 lily, guang-xi Chen, WenYaoLi, RuChunXu, Calionsi Min, supervisors dao-ming wang, zhang jian, Chen Zlionsgateong, chue-fun Chen, &schwarz, he paid, such as, More than 60 people attended the meeting, including the lion Guide Group, the Membership Demomentum意思velopment and Retention Committee, the Lion Care Committee, the Cagenerationsptain深圳疫情最新动态 fellowshipnewspaper Committee, the honor and Award C深圳ommittee, the argenerations翻译t troupe, the Lionlions Club anlionsd the Philately Club. The meeting was presided over by Li Feng.

On The 27th, the lions Club of Shenzhen held the 2018-2019 Annual Team leader Spring Worship and lion affairs exchalions的音标nge symposium in its office. Thelions英语怎么读 meeting was attended by 37 members from Shenzhen L深圳ions Club President Ma Min, Finew是什么意思rst Vice President Weng Hua, Slionkkecretary General Du Hengkun, Cshenzhenhief Financial Officer Luo Jinsong, Executive Vice Secretary Zheng Guoping, Deputy Secretary Li Feng and service team leaders. The meeting was presided over by Li Feng.

The lions Club of Shenzhen held the 2018-2019 Annual Social Service (GST) Spring Festival worship and lionshenzhen affairs Exchanglion是什么意思e symposium in the multi-function hall of its office on October 28. Ma Min, president of Shenzh深圳大学en Lions Club, Tian Wangxing, last presidclubmedent,Zhang Hongxiang, Deputy Chief Supervisor,Secretary General Du Hengkun, C深圳疫情最新消息hief Financial Officer Luo Jinsong, Chief Business Officer Guo Yongyong, Deputy Secretary General Dgenerationseng Yi, Regional ch深圳疫情airmen Nie Xiangdong, Xu Qiubin, regionalgeneration gap chairmen Tan Fei, Li Zhou, Ru Chunxu, Fang Shilei, Guo Tao, Li Xiangclubmed, Sunnewly Mingx深圳风险等级ia, CAI Min, Supervisors Wang Daoming, Zhang Jian, Chen Qiuf深圳疫情最新消息en, Gao Ling, He Xinru, More than 60 people attended tnew怎么读he meeting, incmomentum怎么读luding the Community Service Colions翻译中文mmittmomentum耳机ee, the Medical and Hnews可数吗e深证指数alth Committelion是什么意思e, the Poverty Allevclub是什么意思iation and Disability Assistance Committee, the Blnewspaperindness Prevennewspapertion and AIDS Committee, the Student Education Service Committee, thlion是什么意思e environlions是什么意思mental Protection Service Committee, the Emergency Rescue Education Center and the Lion Forest Projeclionkktnew是什么意思英语 Comm深圳市最新疫情ittee. The meeting was chaired by Deng Yi.

[Photo] Lin深圳大学 Wenjigeneration x y z区别e

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaolion是什么意思heng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lionsgeneration翻译 Club Office

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