The third activity of lion Enterprise Service Committee was carried out smoothly

Exchanges between Lions and enterprises promote development Learn from good examples— The third activity of the Lion Enterprise Service Committee was carried out smoothly

On March 14th, theactivity翻译 third lions Club service Committee aservice的名词ctivity of 2018-2019 came to Shenzhen Qiaoyun Electrolionelnics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referrecommittee和councild to as “Qthird的基数词iaoyun Comwas是什么意思pany”). This year, lenterprise形容词ion Enterprise Service Committee has been adhering to the service concept of “listening to what you care about and serving what you need”. It has carried out two activities of visiting BYD and invitenterprise和company的区别ing professors from City Universitylion的音标 of Hong Kong to give leccarried什么意思tures, whithird翻译ch were highly praised by lion frwash怎么读iendly. This activity was organized by Li Xuegacarried怎么读ng, the chairman of lion Enterprise Service Committee, Ma Juan, the execenterprise支架utive chairman, and Dong Xi, the executive director of Qiaoyun Company. The process was mainly divided into three parts: production line visit, lion friend discussion and basketball friendship competition.

Qiaoyun company is owned by Tian Wangxing, the last presenterprise翻译ident of Shenzhen Lions Club.  Qiaoyun company hlion怎么读as more than 20 yearscarried是什么意思英语 of practical experienclion怎么读e, such as “respect heaven and love people”, “do products well once and for all”, “always clear theiactivity的动词r own positioning”, “work deeply in one fieldactivity怎么读“, which tethird的基数词lls us that to become a first-class enterprilion复数se, we must hacarried outve uniservice翻译que ideas and managemenoutcomet wisdom suitable for ourselves.

We visited the produwaspction line of the company togcarried怎么读音英语ether with tian Wangxing, the last president of tian Wangxing, who explained the production equiplion翻译menactivity的动词t, personnel trcarried翻译aining, quacommittee是单数还是复数lification certservice和serve的区别ification, qwasheduality testing awashnd other aspects of qiaoyun Company28 years ofactivity工作流 focus on a field of spirit, product excellence attitude deeply admire.

After voutlookisiting the production line, we came to the mewaspeting room of the company, and the forum was presided over by Chairman Li Xuegang. First of all, the representatives of class 10 of leadership Academy of Shenzhen Lioenterprise支架ns club presented flowers to Tian Xingwang, the last president of shenzhen Lions Club. Lion friends introduced themselves one by one, from the name,lions英语怎么读 service team, industry and other aspects to speak enthusiastically. Mlions英语怎么读r. Tioutlinean Ben, general manager of Qiaoyun Company, intcommittee是单数还是复数rolion翻译duced the company’s development history, current situation and future planning in detail. He was humorous, pragmatic and wise, and turned out to be the successor of Qiacommittee和commissionoyun Company— Son of the last president of Neptune. Chairman Li Xuegang invited his son and his son to the stage. The lion friends raised their hands and answered their questiwas是什么意思ons successfully. Chairman Li Xuegang awarded a certificate of appreciation to the lion frienenterprise支架ds who paid for this activity. Hong Shenglong, Su Youhua, Qiu Hengying and other lion friends cawash怎么读me ooutlookn stage to accept the award anthird-partyd took photos.

The best way to communicateoutput is to have a sports match. In the afternoonAt half past five, the deep lions team and qiaoyun team sthird怎么读tarted a friendly basketball menterprise是什么意思英语atch. The game uses 10 minutes a section of 4, 40 minutes of match, by Liao Ronghui, Zhu Feng as the referee. At tactivity的动词he beginning of the game, the cheerleaders of both sides cheered for the players one after anothwaser. After fierce competition between the two sides, qiaolionelyun team finally won. Everyone took a photo with the players and shared the joy.

Activities are short, friendships are long. Qiaoyunthird是什么意思英语 company has too muchservice是什么意思 valuable experience for us to learn, and we arserviceablee looking forward to the next visit. Thanks to the hard work of the orgathird的缩写nizers, because of tactivity什么意思呢heir contribution, there is a gractivity什么意思呢oup of lion friends to serve the lion club, Shenzhactivity的四种启动模式en Lions club has gone further.

Shenzhen Lions ClubEighty people attended the event, including tthird-partyhe last presilionsdent of 2018-2019lions英语怎么读 tian Wang Xing, the chairman of Zone 1 Liao Wing-fai, thlion复数e chairman of Zone 6 Li Zhou, the chawaspirman of Zone 20 Luo Chcarried什么意思un-carried是什么意思英语ping, the chairman of LIONS Service Committee Li Xue-gang, the executive chairmen Ma Juan, Qiu Heng-ying,wash and representatives of various service teams.

[Text] Su Youhua, Shenshi News Agency   carried out

[Photo] Hong Shenglong, Shwashedenshi News Agency

[Edit] Ma Huijuan Hu grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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