Bougainvillea Service: the sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019 was held

Bougainvillea Service: the sixth regular meeting of 2018-2019 was held

On January 20, 2019, the sixmeeting怎么读英语tservicebioh regular meetingwasp of 2018-2019 omeetingyou是什么意思f Shenzhen Lion Club Bougainvillea Service was held in The Wild Farm of Donmeetingsgguan City. Ssixthhenzhen Lions club 16th district chairman Cui Wservice的名词eiying, bougainvillea service team captain Guo Tong, first vice captain Yao Jun, second vice captain Wan Xiaoyun, third vice captain Humeetingang Danxia, secretary Guan Xiaojing, financial Ma Rongyao and owashingtonther 37 people attended the meeting. Deng Yi, deputy secretary general of The Shenzhen Liowaspns Club, Du Peng, chairman oheld的意思是什么f the fourth Zone, Li Zhou, chairman of the sixth Zsixth音标one, Chen Nianzhong, chairman of the 14th Zone, and Eight persons, including Founder guide of the Rhododendron Service, Lei Qingming, wewassupre present at the meeting. The meeting was chwas是什么意思aired by Wanservice是什么意思中文翻译 Xregulariaoyun.

Time flies. As the Spring Festival of 2019 is coming, lion friends gather at the Smeeting腾讯会议aye Farm in Donheld怎么读的gguan to slow down, relax, learn from each other and look forward to the New Year twashogether. Befosixthtonere the meeting, lion friends and their families made a sumptuous lunch by themselves. Everegularly意思中文翻译ryone had a clear division of labor and enjoyed themselves.

At 2waste PM, the regular meeting began. Deputy Secretary Generalregularity Deng Yi, Presidregular翻译ent Du Peng, President Li Zhou, President Chen Nianzhong, President Cui Weiying and Brother Lei Qingshi gave spemeeting是什么意思eches in turn, giving guidance on the work of this year’s bougainvmeeting是什么意思中文翻译illea service and wishing the bougainsixth是什么意思villea service a better and better dwashingtonevelopment.

Captain Guo Tong summarregularized this year’s service projects participated by the Cuckooupheld service team, includingsixth音标 flood relief and construction assistance in eastern Guangdong, lion love Sunshiservice翻译ne Dream Green — donated dajia primary school love fheld的中文意思ootballmeeting怎么读英语 fielregularizationd, Mid-Autumn Festivalsixthirty condolences, Gobi hiking dowastenation “electrmeetingyou是什么意思ic clasmeeting是什么意思sroom”, “targeted poverty alleviation, In addition, special praise was given to Xie Yan-fai for her donation of materials to the district Council.

Lion friends aregularityt the meeting discussed that they would go to jingdezhewasn’tn village in Jiangxi province in early Aprilservice的名词 to carry out educational activitiesixth怎么读s, and plawash怎么读nned to invest 100,000 yuan in service funds. In late April, I will go to southern Xinjiang to help students, and I plan to invest 100,000 ymeetingtencentcomuan in service funds.

Through this regular meeting, the lions summarized the work of bougainvillea service in the first half of this year, arranged for the following activities, and also made bougainvillea family members and would-be bougainvillea service better unsixthderstand bougainvillea service and the Shheldenenzhen Lions Club.

wen/ figure & havmeeting翻译e spenregular反义词t Provided by a rhododendron service

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