Boya Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Boya Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On February 22, 2019, the eighth captain team meeting and regular meetinteamprog of Shenzhen Lions Clueighth什么意思b Boya Service Team for 2018-2019 was held in Tangchao Seafoocaptain翻译d City, Futian District. Boya service team last captain Zhang Lizhong, first vice captain Tang Xishun,service怎么读 second vice captain Mo Weiheng, third vice captain Liheld的中文意思 Jianxin, team leader Suupheld Jianhua, financial Wang Huali, general affairs Li Wenlong, picket Qi Xiuyanteampro and other 20 people attended the meeting. T博雅斗地主he meeting伯牙善鼓琴 was chaired by Tang Xishun.captain怎么读

During the team m伯牙鼓琴eeting, Tang Xishun, first Vice captain, briefed the regular meeting process and discussed topics. The meeting summarized the various services completed in the last quarmeeting是什么意思ter, including the successful completion of the third happy Reading picture book museum, the “Bright journey” activity jointly carried out with pingshan Service team in northern Guangteamsdong, the “six plus one” educatioupheldn activit博彦科技ies for poor high school stuheldendents in Lechang, Shaoguanmeeting是什么中文意思, etc.

The regular meeting notifiservice怎么读ed the boya service team of the main service activities to be carried out in the near futurteamproe, pointing out that we should complete the establishment of伯颜帖木儿 theteam fourth Xinyue Reading picture bmeetingsook museum as soon as possible aservice的名词nd c伯颜帖木儿omplete the launching ceremony of “Shenshi Public Welfare School” reading base; At least 50 people were sent to Qingyuan to carry out the “Brightnes伯牙子期s Acteighth读音ion” activity; To determine mattersservice翻译 related to this year’s National Autism Day “Light up theld的原型he Blue Light, Care and Icaptain喵队长微博ntegration” activities to help children with special needs; To discuss thecaptain缩写 candidates to attend the 17th Lions Club congteambitionress in Shenzhen. Limeeting是什么意思on friends expressed their opinions, resregularitypectively expounded their understanding of lion curegularlture, and said they would actively participate in service activities to sueighthpport the developmentregular是什么意思英语 of pumeeting翻译blic welfare undertakings.

The meeting ended o博彦科技n a warm and happy note.

By So Jiameeting的音标nhua

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