Splendid Service Team: held the 9th captain team meeting of 2018-2019

Splendid Service Team: held the 9th captain team meeting of 2018-2019

On March 12, 2019, the 9th Captain team meeting of Shenzhmeeting是什么意思en Lions Club Splendid Service Team for 2018-2019 was sucservicemancessfully held in Tairan Building, Chegong Temple, Futian District. Jinxiu service team captain Sun Jinsplendid是什么意思英语ping, last captain Xie Wenke, the second vicmeetingyou是什么意思e captain Ximeeting腾讯会议e Tianci, team lsplendideader Qiu Zhaojun, formeheld怎么读的r caheld的意思是什么ptain Zhou Fuhui and other 11 people attenthded the meeting. Mr. Luo Junping, chairman of district 20 of Shenzhen Limeeting是什么中文意思ons Club, was present at the meetingcaptain怎么读. The meeting was chaired by Mr Chan Sheng andheld怎么读的 Mr Chow Fuk Fai.

The meeting focused on in-depth discussion ancaptaindarkd rigorous workcaptain的意思 deployment on the selection and rserviceeplacement of the new team leader. Everyone spoke actively and provided many valuable suggestions for the replacement of the service tsplendid什么意思eam.

Xie Wenke announced the awards of tteamshis year’s peace posmeetingsters. The works chosen by the Splendid Sservicemanervice team won the first prize, second prize, third prize a陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿nd finalists prize respectively. Captain Sun Jinping summed up the award and put forward the award plan.童话故事

On Thteam什么意思e eservice翻译ve of World Autism Day on April 2, Jie Lin Liu proposed to hold a caring activity for autistic children “With your care, I am not Alone” for those families who care for Xingxing children and have been insistinheld怎么读的g on theldhe path of intervention. The event is jointly organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Splendid Service Team and Shenzhen Mengen Educationservice和serve的区别 Development Center. The liheldenon桃花源记 friends at the meeting expressed their stroncaptain音标g support for this service project. Financial Wang Zteamshe reported the recent financial situation to the lion friends.

At the end of the meeting, the lion friends participated in the displendidly是什么意思scussion on how to do a good job in the splendid service team’s team construction and standardized management. The lion friends actively expressed that theyheldback would perform their respective duties and conscientiously study the lion club culture, understameeting翻译nd the lion spimeeting的音标rit and devote themselves to publheld过去式和过去分词ic welfare undertakings.

By Jielin Liu & NBSP; Photo/Shan Hui Chen Zanshheldeng

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