Dou Xizhen, special envoy of Culture between China and Europe, arts and crafts expert of THE United Nations Commission on Science and Education, donated calligraphy and painting to lions Club

Dou Xizhen, special envoy of Culture between China and Europe, arts and crafts expert of THE Unitenvoyer动词变位ed Nations Commission on Science and Education, donated calligraphy an西政法律硕士d painting to lions Club

On March 24, china-eu cultural envoy, the general organization expert member, the United Nations world commission of handicraft artist DouXiZhen to deep cultural exchange activities, by the shenzhen lions treasures service invitation, attendenvoy翻译ed the lions charitable activities, and to the lions contributed four painting and calligraphy art, boost its better to carry out the charityxizhen.

On the scene of the donation of calligraphy and paintchina读音ing works, Mr. Dou Xizhen showed his fobetween用法ur donated paintings to the Lions Club, w斗罗大陆4hich are Mr. Dou’s oeuropean的复数wn school of painting zodiac paintings “Auspicious as Ospecializationne Wishes”, “Spirit of draenvoysgon and Horse”, as well as hig西政是哪个学校hly praised at hospecialized自行车me and abroad t西政是哪个学校he nenvoysational style paintings “Golden Peach Xianrui Shou Qculture形容词i Tianbetween的英语怎么读啊“, “National color tianxiang”. The fouspecializedr paintings are a perfect display of Mr. Dou’s magical, elegant anbetweend powerful creative style.

Dou shows “Good luck” to everyone

Dou shows the spirit of Dragon and Horse

Dou old show “Golden peach Xian Rui Shou Qi Tian”

Dou shows “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance”

The members of thedou Lions Club are mainly composed of entrepreneurs and caring people from Shenzhen. Over tculture翻译he years, they have devoted themselves to such activities as student assistance, poverty alleviation, medical and health care, community services and social welfare and charity services. Lions in the teeurope是什么意思stimony of all the members, seuropean用a还是anhenzhen Chen Nianzhong President and chairman of the conference MiaoYi represented respectively to sinus gentlema西政n grantsculture awarded a certificate, and said that the famous painter DouXiZhen work can be given, first of all thanks to sinus gentleman this enthusiasm to contributespecial怎么读 to public welfare chaxizhenritable heart, also want to thanspecial是什么意思k the sinus old Sir’s support for liculture什么意思中文ons charity work.

Certificate for Mr. Dou Xizhen

Mr. Dou Xizhen took a group photo with somechina participants

After the meeting, we enjoyed other works of Mr. Dou Xizhen colbetween翻译lected by entrepreneueurope怎么读rs and painting enthusiasts.

Glory is Precious

“Surging waves of Dapeng long wind, Spread wings more than Ninety thousand miles”

Natioartsnal beauty and Heavenly Fragrance, Wealth and Auspiciousness

“Soul of Jingwei” and “Chinese Zodiacspecial翻译: Family Photo”

Mr. Dou Xiartszhen was fond of paenvoysinting art since childhood. He ofte席祯n used branches to draw pictures on the land when he was young. He wasenvoy翻译 deeply interested in various folk art forms such as New Yartset安卓下载ear paintings, prints, clay sculptures, paper cuts and their artistic language, and created a unique technique of Dou Xizhen farmers’ painting, known as “the Oriental monster from thenvoy啥意思e field to the world. Dou xizhen twice entered the Unitedspecialization Nations to participate in art exhibitions, and more than 30 times went abroad to participateenvoy和ambassador的区别 in cultural exchanges. He was inclueurope翻译ded in the List of Famous Folartset下载k and World Celebritieuropean的复数es, and was admitted as an expert member of the World Scchina意思ience, Education, Culteurope是什么意思ure and Health Organizatiobetweenn.

Mr. Dou in his early artistic creation

In Jun斗罗大陆5重生唐三e 2014, t斗罗大陆5重生唐三he United Nations headquarters and New York held the first “Love of the World and Deuropeream of Chinculture翻译a” Farmers’ Paintculturesing Exhibition. UN Secrbetween的英语怎么读啊etary-General Ban Ki-mo西政on and Depuenvoy啥意思ty Secretary-General Peter Met and took a grouenvoyp photo, and spoke highly of Dou Xizhen and the Chinese farm西征梦ers’ painting art.

Dou Xizhen, special envoy of Cuculture什么意思lture between China and Europe, arts and cra席祯fts expert of THE United Nations Commission on Science and Education, donated calligrspecialistaphy and painting to Lions Club

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