Notice | about for the domestic lion cib’s articles of association (revised), notify the related rules and regulations

About soliciting the Articles of association of Domestic Lions (revised Draft), etc

Notice ofabout是介词吗 opinions on relevant rules and regulations

Dear fellow lions,

Receive the notice of “On soliciting opinotifybuddynions on the Constitution of the Domesdomesticallytic Lion Assnotifyallociation and other relevant rules and regulations”, By domestnotice的固定搭配ic lion federation the third sessioassociation什么意思n of the 9th meeting of the standing council and council approval domestic lion cib‘s arevised是什么意思rticles of assoclion的音标iation, the domestic lion federation wo糍粑读音rk rules, “dnotifyallomestic lion cib board of supervisors system”, “interim measures for the lion fedassociation什么意思eration member management carticle是什么类型的文献ommittee”, “domestic lion federationnotifyformiband member codelion是什么意思 ofnoticeable conduct”. Will now above documents to all parlion复数ts of the country lion friends for advice. Please send your comments and suggestions to by 17:00, Wdomesticateeassociation翻译dnesday, April 3, 2019. Contact person: Huang Xinran 25689752.

Notice is hereby given.


1. Draft of the Constituti慈不掌兵完整的句子on of The Domestic Lions Association for comments

2. Draft of “Wornoticeableking Rules of Domestic Lions Association” for comments

3. Draft of “Supervisory Board System of Domestic Lions Ass糍粑ociation” fabout翻译or soliciting opinions

4. Draft of “Interim Measures for The Management of Members of The Membership Management Committ慈不掌兵完整的句子ee of The Domestic Lion Association” for soliciting opinions

5. Draft of Code of Conduct for Members of The National Lions Association for Commelion是什么意思nts

Shenzhen Lionotify翻译ns Club

April 1, 2019

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