A Journey of Peace — The second preparatory meeting of the peace Poster Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was successfully held

The journey of peace

— The second preparatory meeting of the 2019-2020 Peace Poster Committee of The Lions Cjourney是什么意思lub oflions读音 Shenzhen wajourney游戏s successfully held


On August 8, 2019, the semeetingtencentcomcond preparatory meeting of the 2019-2020 Peace Poster Committee of Lions Club Shenzhen was successflion是什么意思ully held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhenpreparatory是什么意思. Shenzhen Lions Club President Weng Hua, second vice president Guo Yongyong, president of peace Poster Committee Qiu Hongying, executive chajourney风之旅人irman Xie Wenke, Hou Xiuting, Cui Xianfeng, Wei深圳疫情 Qiaozhu, Yu Xiaoping深圳地铁线路图, representatives of the service team and more than 20 peolion是什么意思ple attended the meeposter海报tipeacebird是什么牌子ng. The meetijourneyng was presisecond什么意思ded over by Xia Shuang. At this meeting, we discussed the plan of “Peace postsecondlyer image Ambassador Selectiojourney怎么读n and Torch Reljourney风之旅人ay activity”, listened to the report of each executive chairmasecond什么意思n of this year’s work arrlionsgateangement ppeace&love啥意思lan, and prepared and coordinated ajourney的复数ll aspects of work.

At the beginning of the conference, Xia Shuang invited each participant t深圳市最新疫情o make a one-minute self-introduction,secondary and selected the best self-introduction, and receivlions是什么意思ed a beautiful gift.

Qiu Hongying chairman posters posters on behalf of peace committee repocommittee和councilrt forjourney游戏 this year’s peace committee work plan and progress,poster coordinate to solve problems and put forward tmeetingso the conpeaceful是什么意思ference will ex深圳天气plore the activities of the scheme, friends and lion clear department leadership,second怎么读 dcommittee和commissionivisposter模板ion of labor and responsjourney下载ibility, work for this year’s peace poster set the total goal and specific implementation measures.

Xia Shuang introduced the plan of the peace poster Image Ambassador selectiolion是什么意思n comppeacebird是什么品牌衣服etition; Special Aposter翻译ssistant Ms. Wen Yanfang introduced the prjourney是什么意思eliminary proposal of the torch relay program and discussed the division of labor and organizational structure. Among thlionsem, Chairman Cui Xianfeng islions英语怎么读 responsible fmeeting的音标or the work collecticommittee是什么意思on, event service, community activities, campus service, disability event service work plalionsn and progress report; President Xie Wenposter海报ke is responjourney歌曲sible for preaching, training, communication, liaison, fellowship, reception and other work plans, pro深圳疫情gress reportcommittee翻译; Chairwoman Hou Xiuting was responspeace翻译ible for evaluating and coaching the measures for the teachers and students of themeeting的音标 group to win international awards, the work plan ofjourney游戏 the group and the progress report; Wang Chang President responsible for the badge and propaganda,poster是什么意思 pjourneyublicity materials, cposter是什么意思lothing,深圳风险等级 design planning, photography, video producsecond缩写tion, publication and document深圳地铁线路图 editing, news and progress reposter英语pojourneyrts, project report (report by chairman Qiu Hongying generation)深圳地铁线路图, Wei Qiaozhu chairman bsecond什么意思e responsible for the management, material group, fundraising, volunteer wposter翻译ork anlions的音标d certificate, care, expanding trainipeace翻译ng progress, plan rmeeting是什么意思eport; President Yu is rposter怎么读esponsible for the program, activity organization and planning, activity promotion, organization resourccommittee翻译es, development and management of artists, teachers and service teams, and project report. The executive chairmen discuss relevant work plans, progress, issues, relion是什么意思commendations and deliberatiosecond什么意思ns. Secretary group for secretary work coordination matters and work report, finansecond的基数词cial chief Sun Jinping for financial work coordination matters深圳大学 report, Liu Bin for general affairs repsecondaryort.

President Xie Wenke pointelions翻译dlions是什么意思 out that the top priority of the current wojourney是什么意思中文翻译rk is to standardize the activity summary, thelions的音标 guiding ideology of the asecond的基数词ctivity, to lay a strong foundation for the following propaganda work, fjourney歌曲ollowed by tpeace&love啥意思he awards, bonuses set unified norms; Itsecond缩写 also calls for the participmeetingsation of persons with disabipeace&love啥意思lities in peacelions是什么意思 poster activities.

President Hou xiuting explained the significance of the peace poster campaign for faposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文milies, the countrysecond什么意思 and even the world, pointinposter模板g out that the peace poster campaign has built a world-class platfoposter是什么意思rm for children tojourney是什么意思中文翻译 better understand the meaning of the word “peace”. Sharing her omeeting的音标wn and her students’ experiences, she called on all members of the committee to work togjourney的复数ether and hope to lead the children to win international awards in this year’s evejourney游戏nt, so as to let more people know about the ideals of peace and good will.

As the former chairman of the Peace Poster Committee, Brother Fang mansong reminded eve深圳大学ryone of the precautions of thpeacebird是什么牌子e event through his past expesecond翻译rience. He poipeacented out that ssecond翻译ufficient preparations should be made in advance to ensure the smooth holding of the event.

Guo YongyongThe second vice Premeetingyou是什么意思sident had a detailed understanding of all aspects of thpeaceful翻译e activity, actively participated in the discussion of the meeting, and put forward valuable sugcommittee和commission区别gestions for the preparation of the activity.

President Weng Hua expresspeacebird是什么牌子ed his gratitude to the participants for taking time outsecondly of thelionsgateipeacefulr busy schedule to attend the meeting. He said he had high hopes深圳疫情 for this year’s peace pposter英语oster camjourney风之旅人paign and hoped it would help more people get involved.

President Qiu hongying summed up the meeting, she hoped thalions读音t we all work together tlions的音标owarpeace翻译ds a common goal. She believes that with the joint efforts of everyone, the peace poster campaign can be csecondarried out smoothly.


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