Eastern Rose Service Team: hold the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Eastern Rose Service Team: hold the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On July 9, 2018, the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of Oriental Rmeetingtencentcomose Service Team for 2018-2019 was successfully held in Red Star Macrosealline Yijun Beauty House, Xiameetingyou是什么意思ngmi Lake, Futian. The efirst是什么意思astern Rose Service teammeeting腾讯会议 captain Wang Yibing, former captain Wei Xinxin, second vice captain Liu Sheng, third vice captain Gao Yishan, founding team captaineastern是什么节日 Lai Xinyou, former captains Du Juan, Lin Yuqi, secretary MAO Xia, financial zhao Liye, general affairs Wang Yanrong and other 12 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhao Liye.

As the first vice captain was often out of toregular什么意思wn and coulhold键是什么功能d not attend the lion affairs activities in time, the participating lion friends recommended Liu Sheng as the fteamsirst vice captain and Wang Yeasternersanrong as the second vice captain, which was unanimouslycaptainonthebridge approved by all lioneastern翻译 friends. Wang Yibing, the team leader, nominated theservice是什么意思 team members, and all membersmeeting翻译 expresscaptain泰国演员ed theirfirst怎么读 heartfelt suppteamworkort to the new team leader, and made more confirst怎么读英语tributions.

Later, the financial zhao Liye Eastern Rose Service team member payment situatiohold的过去式和过去分词n, thank all lion friends for their support.

Captain Wang Yibing introduced the New Year’s work plan. She pointed out that in the facefirst怎么读 of new forms and challenges, the service team will pay attention to health and standardized deveastern和east区别elopment, take care of theastern翻译e elderly, children with low vision, youth and tahold不住rgeted poverty ameetingyou是什么意思lleviation as the annual service focus, and actifirstvely particieastern是什么节日pate in other activities led bhold过去式y the district Council. At thecaptain的意思 same time, she proposedmeetingtencentcom that all servicregularlye activities be carried out strictly in accordance with the budget to avoid funding shortage; At the same time, the content of the activity can becaptainonthebridge adjusregular是什么意思英语ted appropriately, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm oservice和serve的区别f everyone.

The paregular是什么意思英语rticipants discussed the arrangement of the inauguration ceremony, proposed to respond to the federation’s call for “thrift”, use simple and easy way of the transregular翻译ition, and make full use of throse是什么意思e existing resourcrose是什么意思es of the service team, and put the saved funds into charity activities.

Wei Xin, the new leader of teastern和east区别he last team, shared the joy and tears of the past year. She hoped that everyone would make concerted efforts to do the lion workhold不住 ateambitionnd service werose翻译ll, and jointly promote thold的过去形式he healthy development of Oriental Rose Service Team. The meeting was succinct and efficientregular反义词 and came to a successful conclusion. Thank you for your dedicatmeetingion.

By MAO Xiatu/Ma Fanglservice是什么意思in

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