Land King Service team: The 2018-2019 annual tribute and inauguration ceremony was successfully held

Land King Service Team:The 2018-2019 TributeAnd the inauguration ceremony went smoothteamviewerly


On July 1tributes4阑的拼音, 2018, the inaugural ceremony of lions Club of Shenzhen land King Service Team was held in Qiangshao Restaurant, Cuifekingfisherng Community, Yunding District, Futian District.Hou Yisha, chairman of Shenzhteambitionen Disabled Persons’ Federatioservice是什么故障灯n, Su Zeran, supervisor, Lin Ziyu, vice president, Zhang Guojun, former executive vice president, Skingdrawhenzh阑的拼音en Lions ClubMore than 200 people attended the ceremony, including 2018-2019 Supervisor Zheng Degang, last pteambitionresident Tian Wangkingroot一键root工具xing, former presidenteamprot Shi Jialandscapenyong, Wu Xiaoming, Suinaugurationn Yun, Dai Tonkinggxin, and lannual的名词ion friends, family members and caring people of Diwang Service Team. The ceremony was chaired by Ms Yuenteambition and presided over bannual翻译y Mr Chan wai Ho and Mr Fei Li.

Mr. Liao Ronghui, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Cteam是什么意思翻译lub zone 1 and founding leader of Land King Service team, introduced the guests. Conferservice怎么读ence president Yuan Juan delivered a welcome speech.

Laservice怎么读nd King service teamThe team leader of the year 2017-2018, Shiyou Xia, led the lions to review the year’s ser阑的拼音vice activities, regular meetingteamworks, lioservice翻译n fellowship and so on. In the past year, under the leadership of Xia Shiyou, the Diwang Service tteamproeam has been serving with a happy smile, standardizing lionkingfisher affairs, caring for lion friends, actively spreading lion culture, giving love, passing loteamove and interpreting love through virtue and charity. Finacysinaugurationulin produces financiservice和serve的区别al reports that clearly show the itribute翻译ncome and expenditure of the previokingsoft是什么软件us yearteampro.

In the awarding session, Liao Ronghui, Xia Shiyou, CAI Qingsong and othtribute结尾的单词er lion friends won the “Annual Outstanding Contritribute是什么意思butioattributen Award”; Li Guodong, Guo Nuan, Yuan Juan, Tang Haozhi, Zhang Jiaruinauguration翻译, Chen Weihao and other lion friends won the “Annual Service Excellence Award”; Zeng Xiaoling, Huang Xuelan, Cservice是什么故障灯hen Wei, Zhang Zhenjiang, Guo Xiaolin and He Gang won the “Special Support award”. CAI Jianbang, Ma Wuzhonking是谁g, Fang Lingyan, Li Sumei, Chen Baolin, Xie Joy, Zhang Mingyang, Stribute怎么读u Meilin, Li Zhaojannualiao, Zuo Guoyou, Zhang Danchun, CAI Gangli, Wang Zuzhang and other lion friends won the “Love Gratitude Team award”; Classteamvieweric, Dateams会议tong, Charity Collection, Xixiang, Xiangshan, Songgang, Jingtian, Longcheng, Huayuan service team and other servteamproice teams won the “Hand in hand lion love Cooperation Award”;Shenzhen Nanshan District Sheannualkou Community Foundation, China Me懒惰rchants Shekou Seaworld, Shenzheservice和serve的区别n Chiwan Wharf Holdings Limited Harbor Heatributesdquarters, Zheservicemanjiang Yingshu Biotechnology Co., LTD– Caring enterprises such as Meizu and Tianbang 53781 of Ping Aservice是什么意思中文翻译n Insurservice翻译ance Company won theservice是什么意思 “Charity Participation Award”.

Under the joint witness of all lion friends and guests, Xia Shiyou handed over the ribbon and scepterannual翻译 to Zhang Jiaru, and both sides gave souvenirinaugurations to each other. Tian Wangxing, the last president, presented the president’s flag to Captain Zhang Jiaru. Team leader Liao Rtribute词根onghui also presented profound gifts to the new and old team leaders. Captaikingroot一键root工具n Zhang Jiaru presented appointment certificates to team members. Nie Xiangdong, chaservicebioirman of the seconservicemand zone, led the new team members to make intributeauguration promises.

Captain Zhang Jiaru deliveredkingroot一键root工具 his inaugural sintributepeech, saying that in the coming year, he would lead the Diwang Service teamkingfisher to work totribute是什么意思gether, do a good job in the service, build on the past, mlandake great achievements and continue to write brilliant!

King Tian, the last president, delivered a warm speeteambitionch, affirming the excellent achievements oteamsf king Earth Service teaannuallym last year and plannual翻译acing high hopes on the lion work of king Eteamviewerarth Service team in the New Year.

Finally, the lion friends show theservice翻译ir talents, a wonderful program to the climax of the party.

Thank you, accompany all the way! We sincerely wish diwang service team under the leadership of Captain Zhang Jiaru more standardized development, service to a higher level, I believe that lion friends will also with a new attitude, full of enthusiasm, into the New Year’s lion service, service activities, common lion show new momentum, share the new lion gteambitioneneretributeration.


wen/ figure & have spentDiwang Service team contributed

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