The second working meeting of the Medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019 was held

The second working meeting of the Medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019 was held

On September 11th, the second working conference of The 2018-2019 Medical and Health Com深圳疫情mittee of Shsecondaryenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in Juxiangge Restaurantcommittee翻译, Xinghua Road 1, Bao ‘an District. Tang Quanhui, chairman of the Medical and Health Commission, and Zhou Fuhui, Sheng Baihua, Ren Guihua, Zhang Hua and Liu Liqing, executive chairmen of the Commission, attended tsecondhandhe meetihealthyng. Deng Yi, deputy secretary General, Li Chuncsecondhang, chairman of the 10th District, and Zhao Nianzhen, supervisor of the 20th深圳天气 District of tshenzhenhe Board of Supervisors attended the meetmeetingyou是什么意思ing.

Chairman Chow Fuk-fai inmeeting怎么读英语troduced this year’s Red Action projects. He said that the 9tclubsh Red Actionlion是什么意思 will be launched on December 12, 2018 in the Center book City with the theme of “Donating blood and sharing life”, ameeting腾讯会议nd strive to inspire more people to participate in voluntary bloodmedicalnewstoday donamedical怎么读tion within the year. The Medical and Health Commission will refer to the previous practice oflion是什么意思 red Action to furhealth2海外官网下载ther determine the personnel structure, activity process andlions翻译 award setting, and coordinate relevant work with Shenzhen Blood Center in advance to better promote the devlionselopment of the activity. Chairman Sheng Baihua put forward valuaworkingble suggestions for the smooth development of the 9th Red Campaign based on the successfhealthy是什么意思ul expehealthierrience of the varioumeeting怎么读英语s service teams.

Chairman Zlions怎么读hang Huaclub怎么读 introhealthy的副词duced theclub翻译 diabetes education service project. He shared his experience in developing diabetes awareness activities and suggested that activities should be carried out alongside communlions是什么意思ity servisecond翻译ces such as Red Action to benefit more community resmedicallyidents. Chairman Liu Liqing introduced the cervical cancer screening phealthrogram and suggclubman是什么牌子车estcommitteeed that cervical cancer screenin深圳地铁线路图g activities be carried out in the red Action an深圳风险等级d diabetes education ameeting怎么读英语ctivities to enrich community services.

This yeasecond怎么读r, Shenzhen Lions Cluclubmanb will cooperate wmeeting翻译ith the health bureau of each adminishenzhenstrative district to set up “Lion Love Station” in five different administrative distrihealth2破解版无限cts to promote humanistic care into community hospitals. Chairman Ren Guihua introduclub是什么酒ced that at present, Shenzhen Lions Club has conducted friendly negotiations with Longgang Central Hospsecondaryital, Longhua District People’s Hospital, chilsecond什么意思d深圳疫情最新消息ren’s Hospital and so on, and basically reached the intention of coophealthiereration. At the same time, she put forward new ideas on fund raising, which was unanimously recocommittee翻译gnized and praised by everyone.

Tahealth2下载ng Quanhui, chairman of the comm深证指数ittee, made a summary of the imple深圳地铁线路图mentation of the variousshenzhen projects and expressed that she would asscommittee是单数还是复数ist the committee to promotecommittee和council the developmelions的音标nt of the projects at any time accordihealth2live官网ng to the work needsecond什么意思s of the committee. Li spoke highly of the efficiworkingent an深圳市最新疫情d pragmatic work of the Medical and Healthsecond什么意思 Commission anhealthy的比较级d hocommittee和commission区别ped that all projects could be carried out smoothly. Deng Yi, deputyclub是什么意思 secretary general, conveyed the relevant requirlionsgateements of the district council and encouraged everyone to work together to complete the annual work.

The meeting was concise and effichealth2破解版无限ient. Lionfriends spoke freely andsecondary put forward many constructivemeeting是什么意思 plans, which laid a good foundation for the smooth promotio深证指数n of the annual work of the Medical and Healthmedical翻译 Committee.

Meng Chun zhou Fuhui

Meng Chun and Zhou Fuhui

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

Shenzhen Lions Club

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