The lion road for love

The Lion Road Journey & NBSP; Go for love


When I wrote this article, WHAT I missedlovely什么意思 most were the cold wind in the gobi desert at night, the stars in the dark night sky, troadcamhe setting sun like fire beside the Euphrates poplar forest, the endless yelllionelow sandlion的音标 all over the sky… As a represeroadblocknlovely翻译tative of Shenzhen Lion News Agency, the autlove is gone英文翻译hor was honored to join the “Lion Love Journey to Retrace Xuanzang’s Path” large-scale charity walk against diabetes before the registration deadline and became one of the 60 warriors. I would like to write this artilioncle to commemorate the perferoadct end of this activity and express my sincere thanks to the lion friends and calion复数ring people who sulion的音标pport and pay attention to this activity!

Ready tolion

Retracing Xuanzang’s journey and crossing the Gobi Desert may be something worth trying for each of us, bringingroadx轮胎 us one of the few wonderful experiences of “selionkklf-transcendence and self-affirmation” in our life. Ideal is full, reality is very skinny. As people living in urban jungle, do they have enough physical strength to complete the hike, tolerate poor living conditions, and cope with emergencies? Foretholovely什么意思ughtlion翻译 makes sense, unforethought makes waste. In addition to calling on everyone to sroad是什么意思trengthen exercise, imprlionsove physical fitness, learn warm-up and stretching from professional coaches, and purchase professional outdoor equipment, the orgalovenizing commitroadcamtee of the Gobi Walk also organized emerlovely什么意思gency rescue training to deal with unexpected situations that may happen at any time during hiking.

On October 2, 26 lionslove直播破解版 attended a cardiopulmonary resuscitation training course sponsored by the Aroad翻译merican Heart Association. This is the higheroadblockst level of training of its kind, and the training process is very rigorous. At the beginning of the clasroad怎么读s, lion friends have no special feeling, only feel fresh; With the progress of the course, eslovepecially when theylove直直播app realilion复数zed thatlion怎么读 the goldelionsn rescue time wlove直直播appas only 4 minutes, the lion friends all got sroaderious and studied and practiced every froadsterirst aid action seriolion的中文意思usly. Aftroadx轮胎er a full day of study, all 2road怎么读6 lion friends passedroadx轮胎 the examination and finally got the international certification. The “empowerment” feature of llion翻译ions club is oroadsnce again reflected in the learning of lroadions club members, which is not only to prepare for the unexpected needs of this charity walk, but also to strive for the precious “golden 4 minutes” for those in need at anylove timlove is gone英文翻译e under special circlion是什么意思umstances.

Flying interpreta dream

On the afternoon of Octoroadcam行车记录仪ber 9troadcam下载h, President Ma Min and 6lovealarm0 lion friends walked into Dunhuanroadg Beijie Primary School. Inroad是什么意思 response to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech on “Promoting the Joint construction of the Belt and Road Inlove直播破解版itiative and benefiting the people through in-depth and practical steps”, Shenzhen Lions Club donated a “Spring multimedia and video classroom” to Beijie Primary School for science and technology education, with a service fund olovealarmf 200,000 yuan.

Lion friends, school leaders, teachers and students and other 210 people witnesseroadsd the oplionsening ceremony of the electric classlovely什么意思room. Wlion怎么读hen the natiolions英语怎么读nal anthem sounded, the red scarf on the chest fluttering in the wind, the lion friends seemed to return to their own childhood, imaglions英语怎么读ine the excitement and halion的音标ppiness of children walking ilovelynto the electric classroom…

Ideal action persistence

On October 10, the lion friends set out from Dangchengwan town, marched along the Subei Grand Canyolion是什么意思n river, passed through the haloxudal beach, the Qilian Mountains and the Mingsha Moroadcam行车记录仪untains, crossed danghe Grand Canyon, four days and three nights, a total journey of 101 kilometers. Ideals, actions and persistence support us through thlionse whole jourlion复数ney anlovely什么意思d bring us infinite enerlovely什么意思gy to challenge the endless limit and overlion的中文意思come the sand sea covered by the sun. It is only by walking on the Gobi that you can appreciatroadcam行车记录仪e the true meaning behind the lines sulovealarmch as “The west leaves Yangguan for no reason” and “The spring brelovealarmeze never reaches Yumenguan”. Feet on the Gobi, direct sunlight, llovely翻译ion frielovely翻译nds endure the torture of blood blister feet, long distance, difficult to malovealarmrch; Phylove最新版官方下载sical discomfort, initial wavering, emotional on the verge of collapse, some teammlionkkates appeared negative emotions…… But do not forget ah, we are a team, a pair of warm hands, a strong arm, encourage each other, support each other, so that the long journey becomes fullionsl of hope!

In the days whelion怎么读n there is no signal, lion friends regaroadin thelion的中文意思ir inner peace, feel the life rearoadcam行车记录仪lm of “unlion的中文意思ity of man and nature” in the boundless heaven and earth, and find the great energy to make life climb up in the depths of their hearts, so that they can embrace the higher challenges inlove直播手机版app下载 life with more positive, healthier and more lasting power. This kind of loneliness to oneself is a kind of enjoyment and precipitationlion是什么意思, do notlion是什么意思 desire to be unroad是什么意思derstoroadcam行车记录仪od, only wish oneself to enjoy and experience all kinds ofroadcam wind and rainlove直播软件安卓下载 and baptroad怎么读ism of life, learn toroadcam下载 be stlionkkrong, guard the beginner’s mind, aroadcamdhere to the dream, never giroadcam行车记录仪ve up!

Happinroadcam下载ess is without health

This “lion love Journey to gobi” is organized by President Ma Min, through the way of walking to call on lion friends and carilove is gone英文翻译ng people to fight for the “diabetes publicity” of a large public welfare activity. 60 foot warriors, including 50, when the captain, led the service all the lionroad是什么意思 (50) friends participate in the sugar xroadx轮胎uan service activities, through their own practice, and to the side of the lilovealarmon friend propaganda diabetes health knowledge, advocate a healthy lifestyle, let everybody to life, have alionkk higher understanding for peoproadcam下载le’s health, All lion friends and social caring people pay attention to, support and participate in the “diabetes publicity”, achieved glion的中文意思ood social response.

In addition, Slionhenlions英语怎么读zhen Lions club has compiled a brochuroadcam下载re entitled “Health is Happiness”, and “Dialionkkbetes education” is one of the five health servicesroad provided by Sheroad翻译nzhen Lions Club. President Ma Min hopes that through the promotion of knowledge related to these projects, the service teams alove直播破解版nd the lion frlion怎么读iends wilionll particiroadcam下载pate in the service of focusing on life and health, so that more people can learn health knowledge and make the flower of life evergreen.

The end of the

A person can walk very fast,

It takes a group of people to go farther;

Llion是什么意思ion road journey, you have me;

Let’s move forward for love together.

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency jiang Xilion的中文意思e Zhen

[Photo] Shen Shi News Agency jlioneliang Xie Zhen

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Typesettinlovealarmg 】 Yang & NBSP; hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clulionsb Office

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