Beyond the Horizon to create a New Future — Mr. Gudrun, President of Lions Club International, visited Lions Club shenzhen

Beyond the Horizon to create a New Future — Mr. Gudrun, President of Lions Club International, visited Lions Club shenzhen

From November 20 thorizon游戏o 22, 2018, Gudrun Ingdard, Prefuture4200sident of Lions Club International, and hcreateprocesser husband Jon Solstansson, former Director of Lions Club International, Liu Xiaogang, director of Lions Club International, and Luo Xiaohua, assistant to former President tan Ronggen visited Lions Club Shenzhen. With shenzhen lion friends to attend tomorrow’s sun “in the” child care predicament, wetland park plant trees green line, “new stories and new voice always grow about” women afuture是什么牌子nd孤独男头 families grow up the second theme activitnewsies, vihorizon776微博sited shenzhen disabled persons’ fedefuture翻译r美人为馅ation, community service, environmental protection, female,horizon翻译 thenew是什么意思英语 health growth of communion etc. Carried on the thorough exchange, Enjoy the light show celebrating the 40th anniversary of The founding of Shenzhen and share the achievements of the 40th anniversary of shenzhen’s reform and opening-up.

Caring for children in distress

The “Hold up the Sun tomorrow” service activimr是什么意思ty for children in distress was held in the Lion Club School of Shenzhen Evening News Vcare Care Space on the 13th floor, Building B, Shenzhen Children’s Hospital on The 21st. The Lions Club of Shenzhen donclubmedated 20,000 yuancreate to the Special School pcreateprocessroject toclub是什么酒 support the public welfare project for children with brain injury.

During the activity, Gudrun played games with children. The tender voice of children, happy music, solion是什么意思中文翻译 that everyone was infected by the happiness of the childclub是什么意思rbeyond歌曲大全en, their faces filled with happnewgroundsy smile. Percussion fruit cha-cha cha-cha session, everyone together hold instruments, learn percussion skills, under the guidance obeyond反义词f thecreate翻译 teacher, pla鸣人的假期y a happy song, push the atmosphere of the scene to a new level. Gudrun encourages children to study happily, and hopes that Shenzhen Lions Club can promote the activities, so that孤独男头 more lion friends and people from the community can join infuturelearn and serve morecreate的名词和形容词 children together.

Shenzhenhorizon翻译 Lions Club Special School prfuturelearnoject was jointly initiated by Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, Lions Club Miles Service Team and Happy Growth Grou明日之后p of Shenzhen Volunteer Federation in 2011. Fully fundcreate是什么意思ednew的反义词 by Lions Club of Shenzhen, it provides free preschool education and social integration activities for children aged 3-12 with brain injury. In March 2015create, with the strong support of Shenzhen Children’s Hospilion是什么意思tal abeyond成员nd Shenzhen Care Office, the project was settled in the Vcare Space of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital. At phorizon歌曲resent, this project is supported by donations from many service teams. In the past eight years, it has served 1,283 special children ahorizon游戏nd 140,000 children. The children have made great phorizon免费下载rogress in cognition, language and personality after sch末日拼图游戏ool. So far, 168 children have been seamlessly enrolled in regular kindergarten or primary school, and 10 children have been enrolled in special schools.

Wetland Parlionsk tree-planting tour

Later, the executive dilions怎么读rector of Shenzhen Lions club accompanied Gudelobeyond成员ngnewly and his delegation to visit oct Wetlafuture是什么牌子nd Park. Lions club in shenzhen environmental protection committee chairman wang and the staffbeyond成员 under the leadership of, gufuturedrun alnew的反义词ways grow a line of shenzhelions翻译中文n lions in wetland park service, appreciate the spirit of mangrove wetland park vegetation, reeds and other beautiful scenery along the way, a visit to the ecological exhibition hall about wetland ecological protection, popular scienhorizontalce education, personally planted silver leaf tree, gavcreate和invent的区别e nameboards for “shenzhen lions nat古墩路车管所ure education centre”.

At the west gate ofhorizon游戏 the Wetland Park, lions wielding shovels planted three silver leaf trees and waterefuture糖果d the saplings. Wi美人为馅th everyone’s efforts,beyond反义词 silver leaf tree stands talclub是什么酒l and upright, like a lion club propagandist, to show everyone the bea美人为馅uty of lions.

Gudrun spoke highly of the two activities of caring for children in needmr and planting trees anewgroundsnd envlions读音iro鸣人的假期nmental protection in wetland Park, which was one of the bestfuture services among the many activities she part明日之后icipated in during her trip to many countries. She said that the two projects, servicreate和invent的区别ng children and protectinewgroundsng the environment, are for our future and encouragenew是什么意思英语 shenzhen Lions club to look to the future and go beyond the horizon togetbeyond的中文意思her. She hopes that shenzhen Lions club will spread th美人为馅e projefuture是什么意思ct to the world, so that everyone knows the lilion是什么意思o美人鱼n friends around them are doing service.

New voice new story an appointment with the president

On the afternoon of the same day, Presidenbeyondt Gudrun and his denewlegatclub翻译ion attended the second theme activity of “Newhorizons Voices, New Storiehorizon翻译s and Presclubman是什么牌子车ident’s Appointment” in Artron Art Museum, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The event was presided over by Ms. Wan Yiu-li and Mr. Cui Wei-ying as the古墩路车管所电话 chairman.

President Ma Min expressed her gratitudelions的音标 to lion古墩s Club International, Domestic Lionscreate的各种形式 Association, Shenzhhorizon是什么意思en Disabclubsled Persons’ Federation andhorizon游戏 other organizations for their strobeyond歌曲在线听ng support to the development of Shenz古敦hen Lions Club. She toofuturek Gudelong,createwindow President hou Yisha and Vice President Lin Ziyu as excreate的名词和形容词amples. She introduced tbeyond的中文意思he work of shenzhen Lions Clubfuture bass in womenhorizon翻译‘s development and en美人为馅couraged all of you to wnewlyork together and grow up tbeyond是什么意思ogether.

Professor Juan Li of City University of Hong Kong shared the course “Women in the New Era: From Participation tohorizon游戏 Co-creation”. When stnew的反义词udying what kind of team is smarter, she found that the wisdom of female membbeyond翻译ers has a greater impact obeyond经典老歌n孤独男头 team wisdom than that of individuals. Empowering women, she says, is empowering the future.

Gudrun, president of The Lionhorizon下载s Club of Shenzhen, acknowledged the achievements of the club in the growth and development of women. At present, there are still many counlions的音标tries where men and women are not equal and women are not treated fairlyclubs in employment and other areas. Shcreate和invent的区别e hoped that all of us could make joint efforts to give a new voice to the world and jointly promote women’s equality.

Gu Delong, Presidelions英语怎么读nt of The Shenzhenbeyond的中文意思 Lions Club, awarded the “New Voice Lion Sister Award for Outstanding Contribution” to 12 lion sisters who actively contributed this year, including Ma Min, Lin Tao, Lin Ziyu, Xiao Xingping, Sun Yun,club是什么意思 Rong Jing, Cui Weiying, Lian Wei, CAI Min, Zhou Ting,new balance Zhao Xiuzhong and Jiang Xiezhen. Tocreate的名词和形容词 lily, Li Chunchang, good iwslt, li xiacreate是什么意思ng, WenYaoLi, RuKeXin, ming-xia sun, zhang jian, tian, WuYuQiong, LuGuoZhfuture怎么读音i, Zhu Daoying, Tang Quanhui, Huang Shaofang, Zhang Huiqing, xiao-ping Chen, Wen Shu refined, zhao, Wang Yi socreate的名词ldier, Yang Yiyi, Liu Yafu, qicreate是什么意思ng-qing zhu issued by 22 lion elder sister “new voiclions的音标e” award for outstanding contribution to the lion elder sister, Special support awards wnew是什么意思英语ere presented to the 20 service teams and 40 lion friends who had pledged to donnewate the torch.

Lin Ziyu, Vice Pfutureresident of Lionhorizon跑步机s Club Internatihorizontalonal, thanked the presid古敦怪兽ent of Lions Club International for his af慕容雪夜逸尘firmation of the work of the 57th Sohorizon翻译utheast Asia Annual Conference, and expressed heartfelt gbeyond经典老歌ratitude to Shenzhen Lions Club f蛊毒女仙or its active support to the domestnewsic Lions League in preparing for the opening and closing ceremonies and 14 meetings of the 57th Sbeyond反义词outheast Asiclub用英语怎么说a Annual Conference. He expressed his deep respect forhorizon游戏 lions Clubs internationcreatewindowal’s support for the development of lions clubs in China and for the work of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation古墩路车管所电话 in supporting Lions Clubs in Shenzhen. She spoke highly of shenzhen Lions Club’s achievements in lion work this year.

Hou has shared the history of gender dominance since the beginning of human civilization. In modernizlions是什么意思ation, equality, inclusnew是什么意思iveness and comhorizontalmon devel美人鱼opment are古敦 more important for the relationshipcreated between men and women. She said: ‘If successful people had to identify a few categories, lions were the most succlions的音标essful. Because lion friends nothorizon是什么意思 only want to build their own family success, but also their own work to do success, but also take out more time, enernewgroundsgy, money to do pay, bclubeaclubmed官网预订r more responsibility.” She hopes shenzhen Lion Fr古墩怪兽iends will tell better stories a古墩路车管所电话nd make greater contributions under the guidance of the presidenfuture4200t’s annual slogan “Beyond the Horizon”.

Ma Min, presiclub用英语怎么说dent of CCPIT Xiamen presented a certificate of appreciation to Professor Li Juanewspapern and a souvenir to Gudrun, President of CCpit Xiamen. Brotherfuture Cao Yingwang presented an ink painting by himbeyond歌曲大全self to President Gudelong.

A new starting point for disability integratihorizontalon

On 22nd, Chairman Gudrun and his delegation held an exchanbeyond反义词ge forum with Shenzhen Disabled Persclubmedons’ Federation in Shenzhen Comprehensive Service Cenews可数吗nter for the Disabled. The meeting was chaired by President Ma Min.

At the forum, President Hou yisa extended a wlion是什么意思中文翻译arm welcome to the president and his delegaclubmedtion. She reported her work from six aspects, including the basic situation of She鸣人的假期nzhen, the basic situalions的音标tion of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, t明日之后he development of Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Huashi Public Welfare Foundation, shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation’s efforts to build a governance system of “joint contribution, Joint Governance and Sharinfuturelearng” for the disabled, and Shenzhen’s efforts to create a barrier-free cit古敦y. Slion是什么意思he suggested that the “Barfuturerier-free City” project in Shehorizon是什么意思nzhen be regarded as a “new voice” project of Lions International, and shhorizon免费下载enzhen be regarded as a global lionfuture observation point of Lionlion是什么意思s International. She also invited Gudrun, the President of Lions International, to come back to Shenbeyond歌曲在线听zhen for leadership training for lions friends.

Liu Xiaogang, director of Lions International, said that helping the disabled is one of the most impor末日拼图游戏tant work of Lions Club International, which has carried out the “Visiongudrun First” campaign, low vision, hunger relief and other services, whichorizon是什么意思h are closely related to the work of Shenzhen Disabledfuture bass Persons’ Federa慕容雪夜逸尘tion. The Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation has achieved remarkable results in helping the disabled improve their qu鸣人的假期ality of life.

Gudrun said that she came to Shenzhen in 2011 to participate in the “Wonew是什么意思英语rld Vision Day” acfuturetivities, this is the second time to come to Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation. I would like to thank The Shnew是什么意思英语enzhen Disabled Persons’news可数吗 Federation for its contribution to the developmencreatet of lfuture怎么读音ions Club and for its excellent service projects. Lions Club internationclubal has carried out many serlions是什么意思vices for the disabled. Diabete蛊毒女仙s, one of the five service directions, is also a service to help the disabled. The disable慕容雪夜逸尘d are more likely to suffer from diabetes than the heclub是什么酒althy, so it is necess明日方舟ary to help the disabled to prevent and treat diabetes. Lions Inews可数吗nternational signed the fouhorizon游戏rth phase of “Vision First Domestic Action” with the relevant departments in Chi古敦怪兽na, and will continue to carry out vision protection abeyondctivities, such ascreateprocess vision screening for children in poor areas. At the same time, Lions International also welcomes people with disabilities to join in the service.

After the m古墩路车管所eeting, Lin Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Head of the United Front Work Departnewgroundsment, met with Gudelong and his delegation. T古墩怪兽hey visited the early intervention Cenclub用英语怎么说ter for children with special needs, learned about the children’s study and life, playehorizond games with them and gave gifts to them.

The lion friendship forevfuture怎么读音er

The time to get togethbeyond成员er is always very short, three days of time tense and busy, it will be the moment of parting. Ma Min, president of CCPIT Xiamen, Tian Wangxing, president of CCpit Xfuture是什么牌子iamen, and Lu Zhiqiang, vice President of CCpit Xiamen sent Gudrun and her delegatiocreate的名词n to the airport with great regret. I wish her a smooth and successful visit. Gudrun and his delegation were deeply imcreate怎么读音pressed by the prosperity of Shenzhen, the hospitality and special services of Shenzhen Lion Friends. Gudrun always has a kind smile, elegant and intellectual, and will always remain in the memogudrunry of lion friends.

The reception work was highly recognized by gudrun General Association. She expressed her grclubmedatitude to shenzhen Lion frmriends and was very satisfied witlions翻译h shen古墩怪兽zhen’s service projects. She affirmed the efforts of the lion friends and believed that the friendshiclubp of lion friends would last forever. Prhorizon下载esidencreatewindowt Ma Min, last president Tian Wangxing, first vice President Weng Hbeyond怎么读ua, presi末日拼图游戏dent and second vice president Lu Zhiqiang, secretary Generclub是什么意思al Du Hengkun annewgroundsd古墩 office officers participated in the reception work. Shenzhen Lion Friends parti美日联合声明cipated in the activity with modesty and hos美人鱼pitality, showing shenzhen lfuture糖果ion friends better quality and spirit of unity and friendship.

Period, the shenzhen municipal party committee of the standing, minisbeyond翻译ter of united front work department, Lin jie hou shenzhen disabled persons’ federfuture怎么读音ation, chai慕容雪夜逸尘rman of the queehorizon免费下载n and other leadersclub怎么读 to attend the activities related to domestic lion federation supervisor Sulions翻译 Zeran, vice Prlions翻译eside美人鱼nt of Linlion是什么意思中文翻译 Ziyu, deputy secretary-general Chen Hongclub怎么读hong, domestic and deputy head, shenzhen federation of lion lion and Plions读音resident, a district chairman jian-wen xie, Shenzhen lions club Plions读音resident of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last Precreate翻译sident of tian wang, vice President of the firhorizon是什么意思st WengHua, congress Presi蛊毒女仙dent, second dehorizon免费下载puty chairman zhi-qiang lu, President of the advinew balancesory committee chairman, former President of jin-liang wang, a former President of wear wiclubmedth xin, deputy secretary-general Zhang Hongxiang long, secretary-general Du Hengkun, cfuture糖果hief financial officer LuoJinSong, dean of general affair Guo Yongyong, picket Peng Daojian long, Deputy secretary General Rong Jing, Li Fengbeyond经典老歌, rhorizon跑步机egional chairmen Liao Rohorizon是什么意思nghui, Du Peng, regional chairmen Cao Yingwang, Wen Yaoli, Li Zhou, Ru Chunxu, Chen Qunhaofuturelearn, Li Ccreatedhunchang, Lian Wei, Li Xialion是什么意思中文翻译ng, Yang Hankun, Cui Weiying, CAI Min, Luo Junping, Zhao Yfuture bassunpeng, supervisors Gao Ling, He Xinru and more than 170 lio古墩路车管所电话n friends participatedhorizon歌曲 in relevant activities.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Huang Xinran

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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