Lions Club carries out caring activities (source: Shenzhen Economic Daily B02)

Lions clubs carry out caring activities.

            [Shenzhen Business Daily] (Reporter Zhao Hongfei, reporter Xiao Ke zhu Danhua) Recentlsource命令y, shenzhen Lions Club Hua Han Service team caring dancaringlydelion club warm activity held in luohu Hospital, Shenzhen Lions Club Hua Han seoutstandingrvice te深圳地铁线路图am will carry out losource的中文意思ng-term care and help dandelion club action.

            Shenzhen Dandelion Club is the ficarries翻译rst in our province according to & LDquo; International Club Development Center & RDQsourcetree怎么使用UO; Set up by the latest concept of mental rehabilitation, it provides a free rehabilitation platform for the mentally ill in its jurisdiction. Dandelion Club currently has 160 registered members, with an average attendance of more than 20 members per day. At prelions英语怎么读sent, the dandelion club is supported by luohu Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment Hospital. The prlion是什么意思ofsources是什么文件夹essional background of the staff osourcedf the club involves doctors, nurses, social workers and other fields. All the staff have learned and undlion是什么意思erstood the knowledge of psychological counseling, which can effectively help the rehabilitated to ease their emotactivities有哪些活动ions, establish a heaclub怎么读lthlions怎么读y psychologicsourceal self-adjustment way and a positive and opeconomic的读音tlions英语怎么读imistic attactivities是什么意思itude towards life.

            The reporter learned that in the dandelion club, the patient is no longer the osourcetree怎么使用bject of tresourceatment, but with a high degree of autoutlookonomy. Members & throughout; , their mental outlook and psychological state have changed completely through participating in the work and activities of the club.

    &nbs深圳p;    source的中文意思   Member YU (pscaring英语eudonym) was silent when she first came to the club. She often wore untidy深圳大学 clothes and did not commeconomical怎么读英语ulions读音nicate with others. She needed tactivities是什么意思o be picked up by her mother and did not have enthusiasm and enthusiasm to pasource的中文意思rticipate in the club. With the attention and encouragement from the staff, he gradually becamcaring英语e cheerful and positive. Heoutline was willing to try all kinds of work in the club. He acted as the host of many activities in the club and talked freely. Every Tuesday to Thursday, he would introduce the club to the unenrolled rehabilitatieconomic的读音on staff with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and encouraoutstandingge them to join. At the same time, I also actively participate in the cooking of the cooking department, and the cultivation and managcaring英语ement of the fish pond on the farm.

          &nsourcebsp; When meoutlookmber Ah Xia (pseudcaringlyonym) first came to the club, she had great mood swings, lacking sactivitiesense of security, estranged from others, withdrawn andoutput unsociable, avoiding people around her and being hostile, and her life was irregular. Through the communication and guidance of the staff, we discovered the work and activities she likes and is good at, and helped her find the fun of life again. Gra深圳地铁线路图dually, she learned to be kind to others, and actively participasource的中文意思ted in the深圳疫情最新消息 work and activities of the club. Now she has found a happy palions的音标rtner and stepped into the plionsgatealace of marriage together!

            The Lions Club of Shenzhen Chinese Service team brought consolsourceation products and New Year greetings to the members of the Dandelion club. After understanlionsding theconomical怎么读英语e rehabilitation needs of the members, the Lions Club of Shenzhen Chinese Service team will send mattresses andactivities other materials focarrie是什么意思英语r the dandelion club members’ rehabilitation training.

      &nactivities思维导图bsp;     Related links: Lions Club caclub怎么读routlook邮箱e & NBSP;

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