Another new force in charity service – Lions Club shenzhen went to Hainan and Yunnan to guide the establishment of two domestic lions club service teams

Charity services are gaining momentum
— — Shenzhen Lions club went to Hainan and Yunnan to guideanother怎么读 the establishment of two domestic lions club service teams

            On January 23 and 25, 2015, after several months of preparation, the Coconut City service team and colorful Sservice和serve的区别e深圳地铁线路图rforced怎么读vice team of The Domesticnews Lions Association undlions读音er the guidance of the Lions Club of Shenzhen were established in Haikou and Kunming respectively, adding new strength to the charity service in Hainan and Yunnforce-feedingan provinces.

Shenzhen fully investelions英语怎么读d in guiding the team

              In order to better implement & LDquo; Is helping others and serving the society. “, the domestic Lion Associa问题tion decided to set up a service team in Hainan and Yunnan respectively, to inject new strength into the chaclubmanrity service in the two provinces. Shenzheclubman是什么牌子车n lions as created the first lion on the mainland, after nearly 13 years of development, in terms of service and the organization construction has accumulated rich experielions怎么读nce, therefore, domestic lion fedclubmederation hopecharity翻译 friends with shenzhen lion’s stanother翻译rength, guiding both smooth and service team, and membership develo闻泰科技股票pment, community sercharity形容词vicservice怎么读e, etc. Shenzhen lion attaches great importance to the instruction work, set up by tnewshe district council member问题s, guide the lion regiment, branch, chairman of the committee composed of senior lion friends such as yunnan, hainan and gforceuidance work group,service的名词 and the two teams to create the originatorcharity宽容的爱 yun-gang liu, guo-ming cao respectively held semincharity形容词alions读音rs and related personnel, to discuss preparations for, time schedule, And appointed zhang Hongxiang, chairman of the first member management comclub是什么意思mittee, and Zhang Cheng, chairman of the second member management Committee, as thcharity音标e lnew是什么意思英语eaders of the Yunnan and Hainan pioneering team gulion是什么意思中文翻译idance group respectively, leading and responsible for the pioneering teaanotherm guidaservicenservice的名词ce work. At the same time, arranged the lecturers to go to the local new members to teach, appoinew是什么意思英语nted guide lion for the whole process of guidance. President Lincharity音标 Ziyu held sev深圳大学eral meetings to arrange and implement theservice翻译 preparatory work. Shenzhen lion friends regardless of their own busy work, enthusiasm into the work of guidance. In theforce是什么意思 past two months, Shenzhen guided lion friends to travel between Yunnan, Hainan and Shenzhen, held three opening meetings forforce的用法 the two service teams, and conducted traincharity和love区别ing on lion etiquette rules, financial managemenanother和other的区别t and meeting construction. Shenzhen Lions club will provide free lion supplies such as flags, bells andclubs hamservice和serve的区别mers, ten thousand national flags and administrative funds olions读音f 30,000 yuan each for the two service teams.

Domestic lions association hainan representative office and Hainan Coconut city service team wasforce的用法 esanothertablished

    &nbsp深圳风险等级;     &nbsp深圳疫情;   January 23, the domestic lions association hainan representative offserviceableice andnews hainan Coconut city service team establishment licensing ceremony held in Haikou city. Mr. Wang Naikunlions的音标, member of the Standing Commanother替身ittee of the National People’s Congress, vice chairmalions是什么意思n of China Disabled Persons’lions怎么读 Federation andclubmed官网预订 chairman of闻泰科技 China Lions assocharity形容词ciation, announced the establishment of hainan Representative Office of China Lions Associforce是什么牌子ation and presented the flag and certificate.another翻译 Fu Yong, secretary of the Party groanother是什么意思up and chairman of hainan Disabled Persons’ Federation, chief represshenzhenentative of Hainan Representative Office of Thenew是什么意思 Domestic Lservice是什么故障灯ions association, announced the establishment of the Service team of hainan Coconut City of the Domestic Lions Association, presented the flag and the certificate. The new members of hainan Coconutcharity是什么意思 City Service team took plionsart in the initiation ceremony, and the members of the board of directors made a solemn commitment to take officcharitye. The Coconut City service tforceseam of The National Lion Association donated 100,000 yuan to the Hainan Foundation for the Di深圳疫情最新动态sabled. Chongqing Heart Of The Sea Charity Foundation donated 1new怎么读00,000 yuan to support severely poor disablforce是什么意思ed pforce和power的区别eople in Hainan, and also conducted a charity auction activity, the proceeds of thnews可数吗e auctforcesion will be used for the cocnew balanceonut City servicenewspaper team’s social service work. Chairman Zhang Cheng expressed congratulations on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club. Hainan Disablanother樱花动漫ed Persons’ Federation awarded certificates of honor to the steering group member问题的英文s of Shenzhen Lions C温铁军有多敢说lub hainan Pioneer Team.
In addition, more than 350 people attended the ceremony, including Zlion是什么意思中文翻译hao Dong, vice President of Domestic Lion Association, Su Zerannew怎么读, vice president of Shenzhen Lion Club, more than 20 lion friends, representatives of member management organizations and social caring personage.
The eclubmanstablishment of coconut City Service team began at the end of July 2014 and was completed in just 6 month深圳疫情s. The establishment of the Hainan representative Office of the Domestic Lions Assclub怎么读ociation and the Hainan Coconut City Service team mnew balancearks the birth of a new public welfare andclub是什么意思 charity force in Hainan, injecting new vitality into the charity cause in Hainan, and will certainly promote the continuous development of the charity cause in Hainan. The Hainan Representative Oclubmedfficforcee and coconunewlyt City Servicservice和serve的区别e team will work together with haincharity的内涵意义an Foundation for The Disabled to make grelionsater contributions to the sound anewspapernd rapid development of the cause of the disabled in Hainan.

Do深圳疫情最新消息mestic lion association yunnan representative office and Yunnan colorful service team was established

              January 25th, “ Dream set sail, fly for love. — — The donation ceremony of the Domestic Lion Association to yunnan earthquake disaster area construction project and the establishment of theservice的名词 yunnan Representative ocharityffice of the Domesticforce的用法 Lion Associacharity形容词tforcefulion and yunclub是什么酒nan colclubmed官网预订orful service team was held in Kunming.
              At the ceremony,深圳 the Chinese Lions Association donated 24.55 million yuan and 2 million yuan worth of goods to the yunnan provincial government, whiservice的名词ch wi温庭筠ll be used for thforce是什么意思e reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken areas such as Ludian and Yingjiang, as well as the developlions的音标ment of th问题e disableanother是两者还是三者d after the disaster. It is reported that in Y深圳疫情最新动态unnan Zhaotong Ludian & LDquo; 8• 03” After the earthquake, lion friends from shenzhen, Guangdong and other ten member management organizations of the Domestic Lionforce是什么牌子 Association acted quicklanother怎么读y and rushed to theanother和other的区别 front of the disaster area to actively carry out earthquake relief work. At the same time, they also launched深圳 the national Lion Friends to donate money and materials to the disaster area, and plannedservice的名词 to implemenclub用英语怎么说t post-disaster assistance projects.another怎么读
Wang Naikun, president of the National Lions Association, said that in order to better promote the lions’service怎么读 charity. Fire & throughout; Taking root and germinating in Yunling earth, under the strong support of yunnan Provincial government, provincial Disabled persons’ Federation and other relevant departments, and under the active guidalion是什么意思中文翻译nce of Shenzhen Lions Cclub翻译lub, the Domestic Lion Association formally established coclub用英语怎么说lorfuclub是什么酒l service team in Yunnan Province, practicing for lion fnew是什么意思英语riends & LDquo; We serve ” Our aim isservice翻译 to provanother的用法ide a broader platform for cforceharitable services.
&club是什么意思nbsp;   &nbsservicemanp;         Joseph Bull, President of Lions Club International; Preston presented the Colorfulclubmed Service with its certificate of iforce-feedingncorporation and presentservice的名词ed the servi深证指数ce captain with his sash and flag.
  &nbservice翻译s温铁军有多敢说pservice是什么意思中文翻译;       &nbspservice的名词;   Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club shenzhen, congratulatedlions the establishment of yunnan Representative Office and colorful Servcharity翻译ice team, and donated 30,000 yuan of administrative funds and 500,000 yuan of matericharity翻译als to carrynew的反义词 out service activities on behalfforces of Lions Club Shenzhen.
Official in yunnan province, the provincial discharity翻译abled persons深圳风险等级‘ federation, unit leaders expressed support for domestic lion federation was established in the localservice翻译 service, and thanks to the local disabled persons federation and suppanother翻译ort social philanthropy, hopes to takes root in the local li温铁军有多敢说ons club, to mobilize more social forces poor, compacharity是什么意思sclubsinew的反义词on, and jointly promote the harmonious development of society.
              Among the guests attending the conference were Zhang Zulin, Vice Governor of Yunnan Provincforce和power的区别e, Tan Ronggen, former president of Lions Club International, Wang Xingning, Party Secretary and President of Yunnan Disabled Persons’ Federatianother全集12集on, Zhao Dong, executive Vice President and Su Zeran, vice president of Domestic Lions Association, etc. In addition, leaders of lion clubs from Shenzhen, Gclub是什么意思uangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Sheforce是什么意思nyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sichuan, Hainan and other places, representatives from alservice和serve的区别lcharity的动词 walks of life and members of Yunnan Colorful Ser深圳天气vice team also attended the meeting.

By Ma Huijuan and Su Zhclub用英语怎么说uangbin

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