Shenzhen Lions club has made another success in the 10th Shenzhen Care Action

        Received “Notice on Commendation of the 10th Shenzhen Care Action Advanced Collective, Advaaction翻译nced Individual and Excellent Project” by Shenzhen Caresuccess Action Organizing Committee马德里竞技 in 2013 & Lcareer翻译Dquo; 10th Shenzhen Care Action & RDanother翻译QUO; In the selesuccessionction, Shenzhen Lions Club recommended Shenzhen Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Zhang Baoqinclub用英语怎么说g Family won the top ten caring enterprises and top ten caring families respectively. Once again, the Shenzhen Lions Club won &LDquo; Excellent organizational unit & RDquo; Award, & other; Red lion suit & bulanother樱花动漫l; Red action ” And & other; Red lion suit & bsuccessful是什么意思ull; Assistive standing throughout the &clubmed; , & other Red lion suit & bul马的英文l; Guard the sunset ” — &mdaslions翻译中文h; Projects susuccessivech as Caring for the elderly empty-another翻译nesters, Spring Breeze Library & Spring Multimedia Classroom, Earthquake Relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Zhaotong, Yunnan were awarded & LDquo; 100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Projsuccessorect & RDQUO; In the event, Ma Min shi Jie won the award of advanced Worker.

By Su Zhuangbin

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