Nangang donates 230,000 YUAN to Love Art School (source: Shenzhen Evening News A12)

Nangang donated 230,000 yuan to the Art school of Love

        &nart怎么读bsp;   Shenzhen Evening News (repo元尊rter Dong Qian correspondent Wu Chan) yesterday afternoon, sponsored by Shenzhen Nangang poweart怎么读r engineering Co., LTD., shenzhen Lions Club Tiande service team underto原来我是修仙大佬ok the charity donation ceremony in the love art school in the main teaching buisourcelding successfully.

      &love直播手机版app下载nbsp;   &donate是什么意思英语nbsp; Located in Buji, love Art School aims to help special young people who love art master oil painting skillovelyls, cultivatesource是什么意思 their creative ability, make圆通快递查询单号 them creative t圆通快递查询单号alents in南岗天气 the art market, esource insightstablish an interactive model between art and public welfare, and promote the development of disabled art in Shenzhenschoolbag. Howevesourcer, due tolove lack of fundssource insight, the school has not officially opene缘之空d.

     元素周期表       Yesterday, Chen Shenghong, general manager of Shenzhen Nangang Power Engineering Co., LTD., handed over 230,000 yuan to the Art school of Love. The money will be used for the school’圆周率s municipal water supply project, dormitory hot water system installation, teaching tools and dormitory matching mout南岗区疫情h, enrollment and publicity expenses.

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