Make love to spring

Make love to spring

            On February 22nd, 2013, the February birthday meeting of Hi-tech Service Team was heldspring翻译 in OCT Interc马克华菲ontinental Hotel to celebrate the birthday of sistspring翻译er Cao Lu and Brother Wang Boshi.
     spring   &springmvc的工作原理nbsp;  springboot面试题 During Spring Festival, some lion friends go home for thmakeupe New Year, some stay with their friends and relatives, and some go out to travel and enjoy the pleasure马克龙 of the holiday. On 22nd, the 13th day of the first lunar month, the year is not over yet, but the lion frlovelyiends are looking forward to the reunion, because there is an emotional attachment between the lion friends oflove is gone英文翻译 the high-tech service team, which is not family but family.
Shu’s heart came holding two bouquets of roses and lilies, Apricot orchid calovealarmme with famous calligraphy, Li Dan sent red envelopes to the birthday star, Lin Tao sent gifts to the birthday star, and lion friends good wishmake是什么意思es. Wish llove直播破解版ongevity happy, ankang, bless high-tech service team prosperity!
            The arrivamake的过去式l of Tiger, the son of Cao Lu sister Lion, adds to the fuspringboot面试题n of the regular meeting. The lion sisters’ materlovely什么意思naspring面试题l love makes them jump on Tigmakeer and frighten him into the house. A persomakeupn peeped out of the door until he felt thspring面试题at the mothers would not kiss and break his little face, just a little bit of rspring翻译ubbing into the room to pspring漏洞lay. Tiger was as polite as a little gentleman and sweet-mouthed. He called the lionesses godmother.
            The southeast Asian food arraspringnged by Wang Bo and Cao Lu is also very delicious and unique.
&nlovealarmbsp;           In spring, the lion friends of high-tech service team get tolovegetspringboot面试题her and become full of vigor and vitality. The New Year of high-tspringmvc的工作原理ech Servispring翻译ce team is wlovely什么意思orthlovealarm looking forward to!

By Li Hua

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