The 2nd China Charity Project Exchange And Charity Exhibition – Notice of solicitation of charity projects

Notice of Shenzhen Lions Club on the solicitation of the 2nd China Charity Project Exchaexhibitionnge And Charity Exhibition

Dear friends and service team,

        &nnotice翻译bsp; &nbspexhibition和display的区别; Domestic public welfare and charity Project Exchange exhibition (hereinafter referred to as & LDQUO; Domestinoticedc charity exhibition ”) It is co-sponsored by th娘道e Ministry of Civil Affairs, State-owned Assets Supexhibition的动词ervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerccharity形容词e, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and Shenzhen Municipalproject People’s Governmentproject翻译. In那的笔顺 July 2012, the first China Charitprojecty Project Exchexchange翻译ange exhibition was successfully helprojectsekai下载d in Shenzhen, which was regarded as a milestone event in the development of China’s charity and public welfare undertakings.
The 2nd China Charity Exhibitioproject中成本分为n will be held in Hall 1charity宽容的爱 of Shenzhen Convention and Exprojectsekai图鉴hibiprojects怎么读tion Center from September 21 to 2exhibition什么意思3, 2013. Approproject翻译ved by the firproject软件使用教程st bproject怎么设置无休息日oard of dexchange服务器怎么填irectors of Lions Club shenexchange服务器怎么填zhen in 2013-2014, Lions Club Shenzhen will participate in this event. The exhibition set up an innovative layout of the exhibition area focusing on hot topics of philaprojectionnthropy, and set up a service areaexchange的名词 for the dockiexchangedng of public welfaprojectsekai初音未来re resources tprojectiono promote the docking of resources and public welfare projects, as well as the effective docking of talents and organizationprojects, so as to promote the full exchange and effective docking of various charitable eleprojectments and encourage the extensive participation of charitable forces from all sectors of the society. Build an open, transparent, efprojectsekai初音未来ficient and convenient bridge beprojectdolltween public welfare projects and social caring resources. We are now soliciting charity projects from all service teams. The announcement is as follows:

          &exhibitionnbsp; 1. Declaration time & NBSP;

            From August 1 to August 12, 2013

            Ii. Scopcharity音标e and requirements of the application project & NBSP;

        &宁德疫情nbsp;   (I) Project scope & NBSP;

            1.  Public welfare projects in public service, social acharity形容词ffainoticeablersnotice过去式, cnoticedulture and sports, charity an能的拼音d rescue of poor peopleexhibition和exhibit区别, and community righprojectts protection;  
            2.&charity-mindednbsp; Projects for the devprojectsekai官方网站elopment of community service construction, social welfare undertakings, pexchange的名词ublic welfare undertakings and social charity undertakings;  
            3.  Modern charitable ansolicitationd public welfarecharity翻译 projects in scinotice过去式ence and technology, culture and environmental protection;charity的动词  
&nprojectsekai初音未来bsp;       &ncharity宽容的爱bsp;   4.  Public welfare projects to strengthen social construction, improve public services and promote social harmony.  

     project       (II) Project requirements & NBSP;

            1.  Universality of social needs. The project plan meets the needs of the society, aexhibitionnd a certain pr牛顿oportion of people in the project implementation area and even in the who那的笔顺le country faprojectsce the same social problems.  
&nbsexhibition和display的区别p;   &charity和love区别nbsp;   &nbspprojects;   2.  Reality demands urgency. The problems sprojectsekai图鉴olved by the project are of obvious urgency and need the intervention of charity projects.  
            3.  The tprojects怎么读arget is public welfare. The project has clear service objectives, accurate beneficiary grproject软件使用教程oups, highlighting the concept of charity, and promoting social harmony.  
   china读音     &牛顿nbsp;   4.  The project concept is in娘道novative. The projeexchange造句ct implementation concept, operation mode and participation mode areprojection obvinotice用法ously innovative.
&project翻译nbsp;           5.  Scientific project planning. Project planning conforms to relevant official policy guidaproject是什么意思nce, accurate budgprojectsekai下载et, reasonable schedule, scientific evaluation cricharity和love区别teria, implementation, sustainabilnotice作文ity and replicability. &nbspprojectdoll;
            6.&nbsexhibition怎么读p; Imple你的名字ment subjectprojectsekai初音未来 professionalism. The principal and core members of the project implementation team have professional skills and work experience related to the project.

      &nbspnotice用法;     Iii. Declaration method & NBSP;

      &nbnotice的形容词sp;     1.  Fill in the form: “The Second Domestic Public Welfare Charity Project Exchangcharity翻译e exhibition娘道 Charity Project Collectiexhibition什么意思on Form” (see the attachment). &nbsexchange造句p;
      &nbsexchange造句p;     2.  Submissioncharity-minded materials: This exhibition is a good opportunity to show the outstanding charitable projects of Lions Club Shenzhen, and also a platformprojection to能的拼音 show the charnotice同义词itable achievementproject怎么设置无休息日s of Lioncharity是什么意思s你的名字 Club Shenzhnotice用法en for many years. All service teams are requested to participateprojectsekai下载 activenotice用法ly and report qualified excellent public service projects.charity和love区别 Aftercharity怎么读 completing the collection form of the 2nd Charity Exhibition – Public Welfare and Charity Projects (see the attachment) and relevant materials, schina意思end the form to the email of Shenzhen Lions Club before 18:00, August 12th:szlion你的名字s_pub@16能的部首是什么, the subject line of the email begins with “ Service team + Project name ” A name.

            4. Contact Information & NBSP;

  &nbspprojects怎么读;         Contact: Zhang Licheng (2568能的部首是什么8980), Su Zhuangbin 25688529.

            Attachment: The second China Charity Project Exchange exhibition – Cexchange账户密码不正确harity Project Collection Form

Shenzhen Lions Club
August 1, 2013

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