The Shenzhen Lions Club pioneers went to Puning for disaster relief

The Shenzhen Lions Club pioneers went to Puning for disaster relief

            Shenzhen Evenin深圳地铁线路图g News (reporter Huang Na Ouyang Meng Su)clubman by & LDquo; Ute & throughout; Influenced by the peripheral circulation of a strong typhoon, chaonan district of Shantou city was hit by heavy rdisaster怎么读ainfall in 50 years since 4pm on August 17. As of yesterday, 705,000 people were affected, two people died, 180 houses collapsed and more than 96,000 people were evacuated闻泰科技.

            The Lions Club of Shenzhen, a non-profit charity in the city, launched two rescue teams in Chaonan and Zijin. Yesterday, the third vanguard team to puning disaster relilionsef hepioneer是啥牌子ld a simple departure ceremony at the Shenzhen headquarters of lions Cludisaster英语b. Seven of the lions club’s 90 service teams and the first two teams have sent $600,000 worth of supplies to the disaster area.

            It is reported that when the vanguard rescue team arrives in the disaster area,clubman是什么牌子车 it普宁 will contact with the local official civil apioneer是什么牌子的音响ffairs agency to collect supplies, including water, dry food, rice, rubber boats, medicine and so o温庭筠n to the victims.

      &nbspioneer是啥牌子p;     At present, the first lions club team to Chdisaster的名词ao问题的英文nan has returned to Shenzhen, and some mem深证指数bers of the second group to Zijin arelief是什么意思啊re still in the disaster areapioneer是什么品牌 to participate in the rlions是什么意思escue operations. Participate in chaonan disaste深圳市最新疫情r relief Mr Lu told reporters: & LDqu深圳地铁线路图o; The most difficult rescue is at night, the sight began to deteriorate, afraid of flashlight or chargelions翻译中文r suddenly out of power. ” The third vanguard team for disaster relief in Puning will return to Shenzhen the day after tomorrrelief形容词ow.

&relief用法及搭配nbsp;           Related link: Shenzhen Lions Club pioneers to Puning dilion是什么意思sclub用英语怎么说aster relief

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