The second batch of emergency relief materials delivered to the victims by puning Pioneers of Shenzhen Lions Club

The second batch of emergency relief materials delivered to the victims by puning Pioneers of Shsecondlyenzhen Lions Cemergency stoplub

            At noon on August 21, the Shenzhen Lions Club gurelief动词angdong Flood Fighting Puning Spearhead team set out again to donate the second batch of emergency relief matesecondrials (10 tons of rice worvictims翻译th 5batchno什么意思在药上5,000 yuan, biscuits worth 11,000 yuan, candles and lighters woremergency翻译th 5,000 yuan) and service funds of 71,000 yuan.
          &nbrelief是什么意思啊sp; The vanguard team membersemergency和urgency的区别 of th普宁招聘网e blemergencyue Sky service team Yang Fengzhen lion sister, Le Xue sister lion sister, Shi Jin lion sisterrelief用法及搭配, Tiande service team Chen Jivictims怎么读e lion brother, Chen Nianzho普宁ng lion brother, Chen Shaohong, Zhu Dajin lion brother, Ou Zhilin lion bpioneer是啥牌子rother under the leadership of thdelivered是什么意思e ninthbatch district chai普宁招聘网rman Zsecond什么意思hang Cheng lion brother, a total of 9 lion friends rushed to puning disaster area.
            At 5:30 PM, the vamaterials期刊nbatchingguard arrived in Puning City Lian Jiang village, and the original Puning vanguard members made contact, with their cooperation immediatelybatch怎么读 and orderly to the victims of the distribution of supplies. He then rushed to Shigang village and distripioneers怎么读buted supplies to local villagers. Around 20 o ‘clock, puning vbatchinganguard second batch of emergency supplies distributed successfully! This is the eighth batch of flood relief materials delivered to people in the disaster area bemergency是什么意思英语y Shenzhen Lions Club of Guangdong province.
            Best wishes to pioneer Lion friends! Bless Guangdong! Shenzhen Lions Club in actisecondhandon!


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