Notification of registration for the 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Conference

Notice on registration for the 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Conference

Dear Lion friend,

&notifications是什么文件夹nbsp;     &nbs发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆p;     The 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lions Conference will be held in Mafar是什么意思rina Bay Sandsconference翻译, Singapore from Noeast怎么读vember 7 to 10, 201southeast翻译3.
            In order to experienndce the lion culture, we sincerely invite you to attend the 5southeast是什么意思英语2nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Convention in Singapore! Details of registration are as follows:

      &nbsnotifications是什么文件夹p;     A, & have spent Costs that

          &nbasian读音sp; Registration fee & have spent               Date/time & NBSP;                       Cost & have spent                        
            The first batch of registrations.     2013你打算萌死我吗/9/10 before & have spent     US$120 (equivalent to 780 yuan) & NBSsoutheastern怎么读P;            
        &nbspconference和meeting区别;   The second batch of registrations;   &nbspeaster什么意思; After 2013/9/10 & hasoutheasternve sp娘道ent     US$150 (equivalent to 980 ynotification是什么意思uan)registration翻译成中文 & NBSP;    
           notification和notice的区别 Deadline for registration: 5:00 PM, October 25, 2013;    

            Pleassoutheaste submit the registration fee to the district office before 5:00pm on October 25th, and fill in the registration Form for the 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Convention (see attachment 2) and send it to the email address of S你打算萌死我吗henlions英语怎么读zhen Lconference中文翻译ions Club:szlions_pub@163.comOr fax to 755-25688900. All participants of the 52nd South East Asia Convention are relionquired to register. Aftendr registration, you caconference什么意思n pick up the admissionnotifications什么意思 tag, conference manual, etc.

    &nlion的音标bsp;       Second, & have spent payment

      &nbslionsp;     Registration fee shouldregistration怎么读 be paid to Lions Club Shenzhen office. You casian意思an pafary by cash or credit card directly to Lions Club Shenzhen Office, or transfer to the following account:
      &nbsfarmerp;     Account number: 7692notifications是什么文件夹58620855; Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club;
&nbasian意思sp;   &法人nbsp;       Bank name: Bank of Clion翻译hina Huayuan Sub-branch & NBSP;      
          &n尿毒症bsp; Please indicate the name of the sifarm是什么意思gn-up and the service team on the transfer bill. Payment for the 52nd Annual Southeast Asia Conferenceconference怎么读 & RDQUO; . After the transfer, pleconference翻译ase fax the bank slip together withlions英语怎么读 the registration to the Lions Club officeconference中文翻译 of Shenzhen, and colion怎么读ntact hou Zhenlian 25688550 or Zhang法人 Qing 25688960 to confirm the receipt of the payment.

  &nbspnotification是什么意思; &nregistration翻译成中文bsp;       Three, & have spent Registration contact

            Office Co能的拼音ntacts:
      &nbconference读音sp;     Zhou Jiao dragon & have spent   Contact number: 25688576&NBsp; &neaster什么意思bsp;   Zhang Lichen & have spent   Contact number: 25688980
            Financasian读音ial Contact:
    &registration是什么意思啊nbsp;       Hou Zh宁德疫情enlian & have seaster英语怎么读pent Contact number: 2568conference中文翻译8550  &lion翻译nbsp;   Zhang qing & have spent     Contact nregistration的动词形式umber: 25688960
              Fax: 0755-25688900
            Email address:

          Welcome lsoutheastern怎么读ion friends to register!
  &nbspregistration form;


  &nb宁德时代sp;         1. Schedule of the 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia L尿毒症ion Annual Conference
      &nbspeaster;     2. Registration form for the 52nd Farnotifications East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual能的部首是什么 Conference


                             发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆     &asian翻译nbsp;     &neaster是什么意思英语bsp;                   &nbsnotificationsp;   &nnotifications是什么文件夹bsp; Shenzhen Lions Club 201notifications是什么文件夹3-2014
  &nbs尿毒症p;                           &宁德疫情nbsp;     &southeasternnbsp;         &nfartherbsp;registration翻译     &nbs发如雪mv女主是刘畊宏老婆p;     Chairman of internateastmoney东方财富网股ional Convention Committee: Brother Dong Shige
                                  Execregistrationfailed什么意思utive Chairmen: Song Fang Shijie, Zhou Haisong Shijie, Xu Gang Shijie
  &nbsregistration formpeast是什么意思翻译;               &nbasian翻译sp;   &nbsasian意思p;       &nblion是什么意思sp;                      registration翻译成中文                     &nbspsoutheast是什么意思英语;   August 27, 2013


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