Cao Yingwang’s painting “Auspicious Map of China” was collected by lions Club International

Cao Yingwang’s painting “Auspicious Map of China” was collected by lions Club International

       lions的音标     On July 6, 2013, at the 96th annuchina读音al meeting of Lions Club International in Hamburg, Germany, cao Yingwang’s pmap函数ainting “Auspicious Map of China” was designated as a special gift by Lions Club International in China. For this reasonwashed, the painchina翻译ter Cao Yingwang caref鹰网通appully conlion是什么意思中文翻译ceived creation, painting on a nearlpainting软件y 10 meters long scroll of flowers and birds, with domestic pain马匹的拼音ting影王少帅的新娘 technauspiciousnessiques to express the long traditional culture in China. The picture of the work is festive, the compositichina意思on is elegant, the texture of thewash怎么读 line, the gorgeous color shows the endless charm of domestic painting, but also expresses the affection of thousands of domestic lion friends.
          Wang Naikun, presidentpainting音标 of Lions Association of China, and Zhang Guojchinaun, Exelions的音标cutilions的音标ve Vic英王乔治五世e President, jointly presented this painting to Llionsgateions Club International. Tan Ronggen, formemap怎么读r president of Lions Club Internatpaintingional, was delighted to accept this painting and also expressed gratitude to Cao Yingwang on beh英王alf of Lions Club International.
          Cao Yiwasn’tngwang profile: character Yunke, Li Zhi, Yaming, embwashedrace the moon zhai Lord, alone faddish person, contemporary famous calligrapher and painter, poet, skilled ilions怎么读n stone and seal cuttrecollecteding, cultural relics appreciation, art criticism. Qmapleuite a collection. Currently, he is a member of domestic calligrapher’s Associationmap怎么读, standing dipainting怎么读英语rector of Domestic calligrapher’s and Painter’s Association, honorary president of Domestic Changjiang Calligraphy and Painting Academy, president of Chinese Poetry and Painting Research Assoc鹰王iation, director of Domestilions是什么意思c alions英语怎么读rts and Crpainting音标afts Association英王乔治五世, distinguished professor and academician of Orientalion是什么意思l Art Research Institute. Duri蝇王ng the university, he benefited from the guidance of the grandmaster Sha M曹操enghai and Lu Yanshao. After that, he visited Lin Sanzhi and Zha草莽年代o Puchu and got their teachings. The art of painting and calligraphy is famous at home and abroad for its unique spaintingstyle. His works are selected into the “painting软件con马匹的拼音temporary calligrapher dictionary”, “Domestic carecollectedlligraphy anthology”, “cross-century world famous painting and calligraphy ceremony”, “domestic and overseas fine paintiauspicious翻译ng and calligraphylions是什么意思 art”, “Domestic famous painting and callilions翻译grapwas怎么读hy Exhlions是什么意思ibition”, “domestic calligrapher works anthology”, “contempochinarary domestic painting and calligraphy art” and other dozens of classic works. Hpainting翻译as won & other; Lifetime Achiepainting软件vement Aw曹操ardwash怎么读 of Domestic Oriental Pauspiciousness是什么意思oetryinauspicious and Calauspicious翻译ligraphy & RDQUO; , was awarded by the Domcollected怎么读estic Academwashingtony of Painting & LDquo;washed Gold Award Artist & RDQUO; The title.

Shenzhen Lions club delegation in Hamburg, Geyingwangrmany

(from the left is Tan Ropainting是什么意思nggelions英语怎么读n, former president of Lions Internachinational, and from the rlion是什么意思ight is Wang马牌轮胎 Naikun, president of Lions Asswashociation of China)

Cao Yingwang painting presented to the scene

The 96th Annual Convention of lions Club International in Hamburg, Germany


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