Riverside Service Team held the regular meeting of September 2013-2014 and the appreciation meeting of the last president

Riverside Service Team held the regular meeting of September 2013-2014 and the appreservice和serve的区别ciation meeting of the last president

            At 6:00 PM onregularly意思中文翻译 September 7th, 2013,meeting是什么意思 lions club riverside Service Team of Shenzhen lions Club gatheregular什么意思red together and successmeeting腾讯会议fully held the regular meeting of September 2013-2014 and the appreciation meeting of the last president in Shenzhen Qiaocheng No.1 Hotel. The meeting was hosted by President Huang Yuru. Zhang Xiaowei, seregular的所有形式cretary General of shenzhen Lioregular是什么意思英语ns Club 2013-2014, Huang Yuru, President omeetingtencentcomf Riversidservicemane Service Team, Sun Xiaowei, president of last yteamworkear, gan Xiangqun, Tian Minservicebiog, Gao Zhou and otheservice翻译r 20 lionseptember是几月 club members attended the meetingseptember缩写.
&nbsteam是什么意思翻译p;   &nregularlybsp; &nbteambitionsp;     From 2012 to 2013, led by sun Xiaowei shi Brother, the last president, riseptember怎么读verside Service team practiced for one year. We serve ” The lion spirit has achieved fruitful results. Sun Xiaowei, President of Shenzhen Lions Club & LDQUO; Outstanding Member Award & RDQUO; And & other; Excellent President Award & RDquo; , riverfront Service team obtained “ Outstanding Service Team Award & RDQUO; , participating “ Spring Multimedia Classroom & RDQUO; Project, & other Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; The project was awarded by Shenzhen Lions Club & LDQUO; Brand Project Innovation Award & RDQUOservice的名词; , and several lion friends won individual awards. Although Chairman Sun spent the most tregular翻译ime and enerregular翻译gy in the service team, he still modestly thanked the whole team lionmeeting腾讯会议 friends for their great support, hence today’s banquet.
 teamviewer           Before the dinner, Mr. Huang Yuru Shi,september翻译 president of 2013-2014, prservice和serve的区别esided over the September regular meeting of the Service Team. The following resolutions were discussed and passed:
          &september的小厨房nbsp; Bulheld是hold的什么形式letin of Brother Shi & Lregular翻译Dquo; Chaozhou Raoping No. 2 Middle School studentucriverside & RDquo; In the inspection report, we decidedseptember怎么读 to provide 100 poor students with a food subsidy of 1000 yuan per person, with a total of 1teamwork00,000 yuan. President Huang Yuru donated 100,000 yuan voluntaregular的所有形式rily. Donated sports equipment worth about 10,000 yuan to Raoping Middle School, including table tennis rackets, badteamprominton rackets, fucriversideootball, baskmeeting腾讯会议etball, etc., from the service funds of riverside service temeetingam; Donated a number of books to Raopinteams手机版g Middle school, the title and the number of books provided by the school,riverside翻译 the number of binhe lion frienheld的意思是什么ds volunteered to donate.
            The Lionsservice是什么意思中文翻译 Club of Shenzhen was launchriverside怎么读ed last year. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing thrheldoughout the &; Service project, riverside service team docking with Huangbei Commteamprounityheld的原型 Occupational health Center. Decided to visit Wong Pei Communityriverside Vocational Health Centre before the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 17 & LDQUO; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Friends wseptember的音标ith disabilities, donate rice, fruit and other daily necessities.
    &nbspseptember缩写形式;september怎么读       Hheld的中文意思uang Yuru, Chairman of the Boheld的中文意思ard of Directors Riverfront Service team changing hands ” Thmeetingse director of the shoteamprow. — Gan presentseptember是什么意思ed a thank-youmeetingtencentcom notmeetinge to the pride, which aired on “Ldquo;september是什么意思 Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 Tribute and 2riverside翻译013-2014 Inaugural Ceremony & RDQregularly意思中文翻译UO; On thteamviewere show riverside service team elegant demeanour, won the shenzhen Lions club lion friends praise; A certificate of appreciation was pseptember怎么读resenriverside怎么读ted to Brother Wang Hongjun shi, whoregular的名词 wasservice怎么读 responsible for the design anservice是什么故障灯d production of the team uniforms this year.
        &nbspseptember缩写形式;   In order to improve the cohesimeetingtencentcomon of the serviheldbackce team, enteamprohance the feelings between the lion friends, strengthen the communication betweenteam是什么意思翻译 the lion friends, the riverside service team formulated team rules, all the lion friends to paservice的名词rticipate in theteam什么意思 regulservicear meeting ameetingnd service activities must attend on time; When attending regular meeteamstings and gatherings, hanregular什么意思d in your mobile phone (if there is a call, you can answer it outside the meeting). The lion friends unanimoservice翻译usly agreed.

  &nheld的中文意思bsp;           &nheldbsp;             &nbsseptember缩写形式p;           &held的中文意思nbsp;           &meeting是什么意思nbsp;                                                               &nbspmeetingyou是什么意思;                           &meetingsnbsp;                               &nbspregular是什么意思英语;                                                   &nbriverside怎么读sp;riverside是哪个城市   &nbspmeetingtencentcom;          held               &nbteam是什么意思翻译sp;   &nbmeeting翻译sp;       &nbsheld中文p;                 &meeting是什么意思中文翻译nbsp;       &nmeeting的音标bsp;          

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